Pepsi's Hits and misses

A History Of Fizz
April 05, 2010

I am a collector of Pepsi and Coka-cola memorabilia and as was going through some of my stuff I came to relies just how many products Pepsi has tried through just the years that I have been collecting, I got to thinking about all the different thing they have tried through the years and it is unbelievable how many different drinks have come and gone, some good, some bad, And some of them that should have never seen the light of day. After thinking about it for a while I got online and started to put a list together and now I am writing this article and adding some of my opinions about these drinks.

Lets start with the basics


For as long as I can remember I have always loved Pepsi and far preferred it over coke, I would have to say as far as colas go it is a dead tie with RC cola, I drink both of them by the 2-liter, the reason I love Pepsi is the same reason that most people that don't like it don't, it is much sweeter and far smoother than coke

Diet Pepsi

I'm not much for diet sodas and with that being said while I know they taste different I cant say as I have any love or preference for diet Pepsi over diet coke or any other diet cola for that matter, but if I were to have to drink diet cola it would probably be diet Pepsi

Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

Okay, this is where all soda companies really loose me, even if you start with the best drink, you take out the sugar and it looses its sweetness, if you take out the caffeine its nothing but dirty carbonated water, some people disagree with me on this point, this is what a have to say about that. When I worked at a Wal-Mart super-center some years back, I was throwing 12 packs of caffeine free diet Sams choice cola to a coworker on the top shelf area, he lost one and it came back to the floor, a drop of about 10 feet, four cans that came out of the box burst open and sprayed all over the place for about a 25 foot area (yeah I know long distance) one of the cans rolled close to a pallet of stock and I grabbed it and cover it with my hands, needless to say it got all over me. I threw the can into an empty box and walked away pissed of because I had another 7 hours in my shift, I walked away and started to put more cases on the shelf, a few minutes later another coworker noticed stains on some of the boxes and asked what it was from, I told them and at this point Realized that I was not at all sticky or even tacky from all the soda I got on me, my point in all this is if there is that little left in a soda whats the point? Even my dad who drinks almost nothing but diet cola hates caffeine free.

Mountain dew

The only reason that I drink mountain dew by the 2-liter is because they don't sell it in a 3-liter. This is my favorite soda of all time hands down, if I could only have one drink for the rest of my life there would be no question this would be it, some people say that mellow yellow is better, sorry in my mind its not even close, I like it but sorry it will never be better, end of story.

Diet Mountain Dew

Okay like I said before I'm not big on diet sodas but If I did have to choose one to drink this would be it, because of the flavor of mountain dew you don't loose all the sweetness when the take out the sugar, as far as diet soda gos I would have to say that this is pretty good, I actually drank diet mountain dew about 10 years ago for several months trying to take off some weight but I drank one can of normal dew and the diet was gone

Caffeine Free Pepsi

I have never actually drank any of this but I have never had any soda where the caffeine had been taken out and it still be good, I don't care what anybody says, I you change whats in something you change the taste period so when people tell there is no difference, sorry I think they are all full of it.

Pepsi One

I didn't even know Pepsi still made this stuff until I actually looked for it a few days ago, but they do. It seems to me like this stuff came out sometime in the later half of the 90s, in my opinion this stuff tastes even worse than regular Diet Pepsi, I don't know why, it just does. I don't know if anyone reading this remembers this but diet coke use to have 1 calorie per can not zero, for years they could get all the other calories out but they couldn't get that last little bugger out, I mean how do you know that in a six pack maybe 1 can got all 6, maybe there were millions of cans out there with no calories and just one big fat killer can floating around... sorry that never made since to me, anyways Pepsi claimed that this crap tastes just like regular Pepsi. I have had just about every generic cola there is and they all taste better than this, I actually started paying attention to what people are drinking to try and find someone who drinks this stuff and I truly have not seen a single person, how in the hell Pepsi Died After a few weeks and this stuff is still around is beyond me.

Okay now on to some spin offs

Wild Cherry Pepsi

I love this stuff and again like before, "by the 2-liter" it is far better the cherry coke, I cant say as it being as good or better or not as good and Cherry RC Because you cant get it anywhere near me the last time I had it I was in Atlanta about 9 or 10 years ago, but either way I love this stuff, maybe even more than normal Pepsi.

Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi

Again not big on diet sodas, I'm a fat ass I like my sugar, this stuff tastes really off to me because they have to fake the sweetness of the soda and use different cherry flavoring I would rather just drink water Ill leave it at that.

Mountain Dew Code Red

When this stuff hit the market I really figured it would just fail like most gimmicks, than I bought a 2-liter (go figure) when I sat down in my truck outside the store I popped it open and took a swallow, my house is maybe 10 minutes from the store, by the time I got there the bottle was half gone, I love this stuff, I don't drink it as often as regular dew, but when I do I seem to kill the bottle even faster.

Diet Mountain Dew Code Red

As far as diet sodas go I will have to say that this keeps the closest flavor to the original, I still prefer the regular by far but I have a friend who has to drink the diet so I get it from him a lot, and its pretty good,

Pepsi Blue

...................okay okay wait......................Okay I'm good sorry just about lost it thinking about that stuff...
I would have to say that this is one of, if not the most epic failure in our generation that Pepsi has made
My first and last taste of this foul substance was when my dad and I were hauling an engine back to an airport for someone, we stopped at a shop and go, he grabbed a diet coke and like a moron I grab a 20oz bottle of this crap (thank god I skipped the 2-liter for this one) I did not read the bottle, I thought that this was going to be like the crystal Pepsi my dad told me about and taste like normal Pepsi just be blue, I took a drink thinking this and got a big mouthful of what tasted like melted 3 day old blueberry Slurpee liquid, I just about ralphed it up on my dads dash board.
A few days later I got my full drivers license and when one of my friends and I when into a grocery store to grab some stuff there was a guy from Pepsi with 1-liter bottles of this stuff giving out small sample cups of it, when he offered it to me I said no you can have it, to which he said "not even to save my life", yeah that says great things about it. I guess a few people like it, if your one of them I'm sorry I hated this stuff and just thinking about just about make me ruin my keyboard, I got to move on before I do.

Pepsi Vanilla

Alright, this is one of the few times that I have to say that I preferred cokes version of a soda over Pepsi's. I'm not real big on any vanilla cola or soda of any kind, usually there is no where near enough flavor added to them...this would be the exception to that rule, I always thought this tasted like someone took straight vanilla syrup and stirred in some Pepsi. I can eat or drink almost anything, but this stuff actually gave me indigestion, I was glad to see this disappear of the market where I'm at.

Diet Pepsi Vanilla

I literally had one swallow of this crap, it was in the middle of summer in the sweltering Florida heat and it still tasted terrible, I threw the rest of the can away and tried my best not to throw up from the awful taste...nuff said

Mountain Dew Livewire

Okay as is quite clear from the picture this is an orange soda, unlike code red this is orange soda rather that orange flavored mountain dew, this stuff comes out a few months every summer. Its pretty good as far as orange soda gos, anything that can compete with Fanta or Sunkist is pretty good, I think it is a little more carbonated than most orange sodas, so that kind of sets it apart. Like I said its a pretty good drink but I would not go out of my way for.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

This was Pepsi's grape soda, and it was good enough for me to kill a 12-pack of it, I think it was a little stronger that some other grape sodas. I would have to say I think Fanta grape is better than this was but still it was a pretty good soda for being a short lived gimmick

Mountain Dew Pitch Black Part II

BACK WITH A SOUR BITE...yuck, if it were not for Pepsi blue this would be the worst soda I have ever had, I have bit into lemons that were less sour than this stuff was. I bought two 2-liters of this stuff when it came out in like 2005, I still have one of them in the bottom of my pantry, I'm afraid if I were to open it to pour it out it would be like venom out of Spider-man and start attacking people , thank god they never brought it back, good reddens.

Pepsi Lime

Okay again a single 2-liter bottle,I think if i printed the picture and at it, it would probably taste better. this stuff did not taste like lime, it tasted like watered down cola, not even Pepsi, I don't have a whole lot to say about this stuff it was just another short lived gimmick...thankfully.
Diet Pepsi Lime

Okay I couldn't stomach the normal version of this stuff i turned down the only offer of the diet that i was ever given and even though it is apparently still available i will never try it, it doesn't even sound good

Pepsi Lemon----twist----kickoff so on and so on

Okay at the same time that lime was on the market they had Pepsi lemon, I can find no pictures to prove it but I remember that it and Pepsi twist were not the same thing. Even though they probably tasted the same, I have never had any of them but no lemon cola I have ever had tasted right, I like to put lemon juice in my cola sometimes and I know a lot of people that do, but the soda companies just can seem to get it right, it always tastes like chemicals.

Diet Pepsi Lemon

Somebody told me that this stuff was floating around to this day so i got online and started looking, the picture you see is the only one i found. like i said before, I'm not really into lemon colas unless its real lemon, through in the diet factor and you have lost me for sure. I remember the diet coke with lemon and they are just about as bad as each other in my opinion

Pepsi-cola Holiday Spice

Again One 2-liter bottle, if memory serves, I poured most of it out, this should have been called cinnamon Pepsi, it tasted like someone just poured cinnamon into a bottle of Pepsi and shock it up, and I think this stuff had a red glow to it if you held it up to light but I cant remember. I have only ever heard 1 person say they even liked this stuff. All and all I'm glad it never came back.

Pepsi Edge

This was kind of an oddball idea from Pepsi that I actually liked. The idea was that they would take half the sugar out so that it would still have the sweat taste, but instead of having 140 calories per can it had 70, I thought this stuff was pretty good, however I must have been in the minority because it was only on the shelves a couple of weeks where I live, I had one six pack of this stuff and it was gone, it tasted a lot like regular Pepsi, I wish this stuff would have lasted

Pepsi Summer Mix

Okay this is another idea from Pepsi that I just think wasn't thought about enough, basically this is what I think. Everybody, I think has grabbed a cup and poured there drink into it and when they take a drink from it they relies that the cup or glass wasn't clean or empty and there not sure what was in before they used it. I am under the genuine opinion that Pepsi had a bunch of Pepsi lime, Pepsi lemon and holiday spice syrup leftover and the just mixed them and added some co2 in the middle of summer and BAM summer mix, this is another one that I'm glad stayed gone, Ive never heard anyone say "damn I wish they still made summer mix".

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

This Is the first version of game fuel, most people I talked to loved this stuff, personally I thought it tasted like a mix of code red and livewire that had just canceled each other out. I didn't really love or hate this stuff it was just kind if generic in my opinion.

Diet Pepsi Max

Okay once again I have a buddy who drank this stuff. It wasn't bad, but its diet cola so I never really liked it to speak of. I'm sorry but at the end of the day, diet soda just tastes like diet soda.

Mountain Dew Baja Blast

If you never go to taco bell you have never seen this stuff, if you do you probably have tried it. This is a special flavor of mountain dew that as far as I know can only be gotten at taco bell fountain stands. It pretty good it has kind of a fruit taste to it that is hard to describe. The color is a bit disconcerting, as it is bright sea-foam green, I remember Pepsi had Sierra Mist at taco bell for a long time before you could buy it in the stores so hopefully this will hit cans and bottle soon, and I hope it comes in 2-liters

Warning Triple Failure

Diet Pepsi Jazz Black Cherry - French Vanilla

Diet Pepsi Jazz Strawberries & Cream

Okay after Pepsi Blue, Pitch Black II, Summer Mix, Lemon, Lime, Holiday Spice, I would think Pepsi would kind of get the idea that they just were way of the mark...but I guess not, I bought 1 2-liter bottle of each of these when they first went on sale, the artwork was so fancy that I didn't even relies that they were diet until I got them home.
I opened the bottle of black cherry and tried a swallow of it... that was enough for me, my room mate tried my mom and my dad also tried it, and all of them made the kind of face I expect from someone who just took a drink of sour milk, I never opened the bottle of strawberries and cream after how bad the other one was, I wanted to keep the bottle, so after a couple of months I drilled a couple of small holes in the bottom of the bottle to drain it, I did this in the back of my dads shop where he washed off engine parts, the smell from this stuff was so strong that I almost gagged from it. The whole back room of his shop smelled like strawberries for several days afterwords, I think it needless to say that I hated both of these.

Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream

This is the only Pepsi product that I have ever seen hit the shelves that made me just go, "nope I'm not buying it no way in hell" this flavor came out just a short time after the other two and they were still on the store shelves. I don't know what made Pepsi make a third flavor but they did, like I said I never tried it but I have never heard anyone say they liked it or that they miss it.

Mountain Dew Voltage, Supernova, and Revolution

These were the 3 different versions of new mountain dew during there "dewmocracy" contest. When these hit the store shelves I bought 1 20oz bottle of each, none of them were very memorable. They all tasted pretty similar with just slightly different fruit flavors. in the end voltage would when out over the others and is now available in my favorite size as well as all other sizes. I believe that the only real deciding factor in the vote was that that voltage had a stronger taste than the other two, the one sting I know for sure is when the drink isle is almost empty there is almost always voltage leftover so it cant be all that popular.

Pepsi-Cola Throwback

Okay the basic idea behind this is retro is the new thing, I have not read the ingredient list, but the whole idea is that this is made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, and it supposed to be the original recipe, I don't know for sure but this is what I think of it, this stuff tastes way too much like there holiday spice which I was very clear about my feelings towards. I bought one 8-pack of these when the came out and it will be the last one I buy.

Mountain Dew Throwback

This is the same idea as above just applied to my favorite soda, this stuff is not bad at all, but all I could think when I drank it was... I'm drinking 7-up, without the corn syrup for the overly sweet taste this stuff is a sweet citrus soda, its 7-up in a mountain dew can. The main reason I don't drink this stuff more than I do is because they don't sell it in 2-liters, just cans and 20oz bottles. If they would make my favorite size I might buy it.

Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet

Long story short this stuff came and went so fast I never even got to try it; I hope someone reading can give an opinion on it

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Citrus Cherry Flavor

I only got to try this one time, and by the time
I did the bottle was long out of date (gotta love gas stations strict standards).I have had out of date soda before and his stuff didn't taste like it was something i would have liked even if it was in date, it tasted far to syrupy and not nearly carbonated enough, but i cant say for sure seeing as its like eight months out of date

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Wild Fruit Flavor

I had 1 20oz bottle of this stuff, as I like to try all the non-diet flavors even though i miss a few here and there. this stuff was pretty good but not so good that i would go out of my way to but it. it was just king of another fruit flavored soda that didn't really have anything to set it apart from the rest.

Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew

............................................................................I don't know what little moronic, pencil neck, stupid inbred son of a @#$%^ said hey, lets take the greatest soda ever that was already reduced quality because its diet, and lets take the caffeine out of it, all that's left is carbonated citrus water. This person should be drug into the street and publicly shot, that's my opinion on this blasphemy.

Diet Pepsi Max Cease Fire

If you like lime colas, and you like pepsi max, you will most likely like this but I cant say that it is anything that I even want to try, I welcome others opinions

Dewmocracy Part II
Mountain Dew Typhoon
Mountain Dew Distortion
Mountain Dew White Out

As far as I can tell the general public cant get these yet but I am really looking forward to trying these, I think the White Out sounds the best, but we will have to see.

In closing this article, I just want to remind everyone that these are only my opinions, I do not print them as being fact, just my personal thoughts. Also i am sure I missed some stuff, I know that there has been other products in other parts of the country that we never got here, not to mention the rest of the world, i welcome comments and opinions on anything that i never got to try or might have missed(and before anyone says it, I didn't forget or miss crystal Pepsi.

It was just gone long before I ever knew about it).So I didn't see the point in writing about something that I missed when i was 6 or 7 years old.

So, thank you for reading,grab yourself a drink of your choice and enjoy the rest of your day[/color][/align]
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