Spice Girls - The Videos

Over 10 years ago they appeared on the scene. A look back at the videos.
February 27, 2007
I was roughly thirteen when I first heard about this group. Now being male, into pro-wrestling, Toxic Avenger, Ghostbusters, and media like that it was odd that the following group had such a pull on me.

Spice Girls... a group that broke sales charts, gravitated female liberation and... wait, who am I kidding? They were five girls slapped together to simply make money. The thing was that it became much more than that. They went on to achieve success that artists can only dream of. They were the "fab five" and today I'm sitting through every music video the group did together. Sounds like fun, right? RIGHT?

Do you see that? The video collection of the Spice Girls? I know I'm in for a treat now. Not only do we have all the videos from the CD's "Spice", "Spiceworld", and "Forever", but extra videos and commercials are to be had which brings me to the first video on the DVD.

Pepsi. Spice Girls. What a taste. Obviously the girls are plugging the "Generation Next" tagline that the cola company had made famous. I especially love the tattoo of the Pepsi logo on Baby's hand as well Geri's large boots which once again sports the same logo. It's quick, to the point, and IMO one of the best "musical" commercials Pepsi did.

It's time for the video that burst the girls onto the music scene. "Wannabe" is the name and to this day has that addictive hook that at the time eiter you loved or hated. I personally endorsed this song back to the fullest in 1997 while others would rather drill 2 inches into their brain instead of listening to this.

The video has the girls running around and crashing a "posh" (hehe) party. Some are dressed like hookers while others are just there to have a good time (ok, majority appear like hookers).

Katrina Highkick! Trixie Firecracker! Kung Fu Candy! Midnight Miss Suki! Blazin' Bad Zula! The girls have all fake names and seem to be some type of weird segret agent types that live out in the desert and fight for girl power and to get this tie men up to hoods of cars and drive away. Alright, I understand the girl power message but seriously... tieing a man to the dessert ground or the hood of a car and blindfolding him have to do with what? Oh I get it... dirty, dirty girls.

The first slow song came from the girls with 2 Become 1. Well written, performed, and in all honesty and nicely done video. Pretty much it's all the girls standing infront of a blue screen with New York City added in. I really enjoy this video as the girls are the only people in the video that are actually moving at a regular framerate (while the backgrounds have been sped up). It works well with the song as you are given the sence that when you are in love and you and your partner are going to "Become 1" (damn, I feel dirty now) they are the only one that matters. Aww, no longer tieing men up are you girls?

We are given a concert style image of the girls as they are sitting around a circle joined by the legion of female fans that they had as well early shorts of the girls. Eventhoe I feel like one of the Designer Guys when I say this but this song is actually a great track. Great message and liviing up to the whole "girl power" message. The mothers of all five Spice Girls are shown holding up pictures of all group members and even appear in the video with them.

Alright now, what the hell is this crap? Seriously now the "Who Do You Think You Are?" song was one of my favourites from the "Spice" CD but this video... I think we realised by now that all the members of the Spice Girls are different. Do we seriously need them in all seperate rooms just singing? Decent concept but I can see why it was only really played in good ol' England. A second video was also made starring the girls and five of the members from a british comedy show that just had them added in.

New CD and new sound? Kind of. The first single from "Spiceworld" was released and it was "Spice Up Your Life". I will go on record saying this could be the most impressive Spice Girls video out there.

It stars the girls inside a space ship (no, I'm not making this up) as well flying boards that Marty from Back to the Future would be proud of. Also plent of the things we know have been altered as the girls are pretty much everywhere including movies (Spice Wars), burger restaurants, and even your coffee (from the logo in the video they now own Starbucks). Get it? Spiceworld?

STOP! No seriously, the next video had little girls learning a new dance and performing it everywhere... *sighs* everywhere. To be honest I never really liked this video all that much. I mean the girls look good but having little kids jumping around and angry neighbors just don't do it for me. It does have one of those cool "test your strength" things you hit with a mallet like you can do a carnivals so that's alright. Let's also not forget that it shows Ginger's underwear in one scene.

What happens in the end? Everybody in the town learn to love them and start singing and clapping to the music. Hey, atleast they were happy with this video.

"Too Much" was the theme to the girls britishly comedic film known as Spiceworld. The video once again highlighted the girls but this time in each of their own movies. Let's break it down:

Sport Spice: Kung-Fu movie
Scary Spice: Renegade commando with cat ears and bullet clips around her chest.
Posh Spice: Reminds me of a Bond girl. Only covered in leather with a cats head piece on.
Ginger Spice: Classic black and white style movie much like Marlyn Monroe.
Baby Spice: We got lightning and objects flying around the room. If she starts vomiting soup we have the excorsist.

Two versions were made one with movie clips and one without.

This would be known as the last Spice Girls video Geri would have a part in before leaving the group. Well I use the term "have a part in" loosely as all the girls were animated.

Now the video for "Viva Forever" makes no sense. I'm sorry I just don't get it. I love this group so someone please explain it to me. I like the idea behind the video but what does it mean? A kid goes into a rubix cube and his friend just walks away?

The song on the otherhand went on to get acclaim and was recognised as the most "well-written" Spice Girls track.

Geri Halliwell is gone. The fab five has now become four. What to do? Well release a song that tries to cash in over her loss (eventhoe Geri helped write this song when she was with the group).

Say what you will, but this song and video is my favourite out of all of them. It captures the girls entering a frozen mansion with all of it's accupents also embedded with ice. Eventually the ice melts and everyone is happy except the fans who are still left one Spice Girl short.

Now this was a new sound. By this time the Spice Girls were starting to wear thin in the public eye. With Geri gone and the girl power movement becoming stail it's time to talk about sex and being slutty.

"Holler" features the classic line "nothing comes for free". Yes Emma, we know what you mean. The video features Sporty Spice and Baby Spice with drastic looks (Sporty not really appearing... umm, Sporty).

The highlight of the videos shows the girls sitting around a large square as they think of men that all of a sudden appear. Girl Power right?

The Spice Girls dynasty is here for one last song. "Let Love Lead the Way" was not supposed to be the final single from the girls but it was. Fans to this day feel kind of saddended as it just kind of ended with no actual "goodbye" (ok, maybe I'm the only one).

The videos focuses on each girl supporting some type of natural element. Sporty Spice being water, Posh Spice being water, etc. A much better video and song when compared to "Hollar" (IMO) but you can tell that all four just weren't happy anymore with the Spice Girls anymore.

Also on the DVD we are treated to the "How Does It Feel" by England United which included the Spice Girls. The was actually the final video all five appeared in together but since it wasn't an actual Spice Girls video it isn't really remembered as that.

Will the Spice Girls ever come back for another try at the music industry? Rumours have been going on for years but only time will tell especially with some becoming mothers while others still have great success in their homeland.
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