Wonderful World of the 90s 2

Part 2 to my 90s childhood
June 25, 2009
The Wonderful World of the 90s STRIKES BACK!

Thank you for all the great comments on my last article. Here is another chapter to my life in the 90s.

Micro Machines

These tiny cars were fun. You could buy a bunch of unique sets for them. I also remember that Nintendo came out with video games based on these microscopic cars. Believe it or not, those games were really fun to play.

Colored Camo

Growing up in South Florida, another fad appeared. Colored Camo became extremely popular. I don't know if it was just Florida, but colored camo sold like hotcakes. The most popular color seemed to bee the baby blue camo. Baby blue seemed to be very popular back in the 90s.

LA Lights

Shoes that light up? What a strange concept to comprehend as a child. But a gnarly pair of shoes to wear at night. Only downfall was playing manhunt with these on.

Crash Dummies

Their commercials may have been popular in the 80s, but they lived on with kids during the 90s. Crash dummy toys and video games hit the shelves and kids were hooked. Making a dummy break into different pieces was pure entertainment.


This guy was probably the worst toy I ever had. My grandmother bought him for me. I thought it looked cool when I opened the gift wrap. I soon discovered just because it looked like a robot version of Teddy Ruxpin didn't mean it was. This little thing was a teacher disguised as a robot. You can just tell by the way he stands with his arms to his side. That's a teacher stance, not a robot stance!

101 Dalmatians

Dalmatians were one of the most popular dogs in the 90s. I never knew what a pit-bull was or what a Rottweiler was. I only knew the 3 main dogs of 90s, which were the popular Chihuahua (Taco Bell), Golden Retriever (Air Bud), and the most popular Dalmatians (101 Dalmatians). I loved the animated movie. I really thought I was part Dalmatian because of my freckles. My favorite was Lucky because he seemed like a leader to me. The live action movie was made in the 90s along with the animated series. Toys were made and they too became very popular. The 101 Dalmatians McDonald toys were also extremely popular back then.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag was the best tag to play in the 90s. It was even better than freeze tag. We used to go on field trips to skating rinks, arcades, and a place called Boomers. These places had the huge dark room where you would spend 10-15 minutes playing laser tag. A lot of laser tag toys were made in the 90s but they couldn't compare to the experience you had during those field trips.

Talking Badass Animals

Something about talking badass animals made them very popular in the 90s. After the talking Ninja Turtles, we were given such legends as the Street Sharks and Biker Mice from Mars. Do I remember what these shows were about, NO! I only remember how badass the characters were.


This commercial was played all throughout the 90s. Did anyone ever order this? I never had it and neither did my friends. Why the hell was it played on TV so much? Screw you Muzzy.

Mr. Bucket

Apparently this guy loves to spit out balls. Was a fun game for its time.

Jim Carrey

Jim made the 90s funny. Movies like Dumb & Dumber, The Mask, Ace Ventura, Batman Forever, Liar Liar paved the way for a lot of comedians. Every kid knew who Jim Carrey was.


Along with Muzzy, this was another commercial I remember watching a lot. I still see it from time to time, but not as much. My question is, do they ever update these things or are they still selling the same ones?

Mighty Max

The boy version of Polly Pocket. Funny story. I was playing with my Mighty Max at the kitchen table. I was annoying my sister with Max and she grabbed him and threw him on the ground near my dog while he was eating. I couldn't find Max so I was sure he was swallowed by my dog. I was so upset and my mom punished my sister by making her look for Max in the dog poop (she wore gloves) the following week. No luck. `Then I was feeding my dog one day and Max was behind his dog bowl. I never told anyone I found him.

One Saturday Morning

Best Saturday morning line-up. I miss it.

Koosh Balls

Koosh balls were so fun back in the day. Do these still exist?

Girl Power

I grew up with 2 sisters so I am familiar with the toys and fashion they grew up with. This next section is for the girls of the 90s.

Mall Madness

I used to play this game with my sisters. Believe it or not, it was fun. You move around a mall and try to buy stuff.

Sky Dancers

These were pretty cool. My sisters had a ton of these. When my friends and I got our hands on them we would see who can go the highest and when that got bored we would shoot each other with them.

Curly Shoelaces

These were very popular with girls during the 90s. Girls didn't have to tie their shoes anymore. It was a great concept.

Butterfly Hair Clips

My sisters had to have these when they came out. These butterfly hair clips were very popular for some time in the 90s.

Boy and Girl Bands

Boy and girl bands were the obsession of all the girls in the 90s. Girls went crazy for their cds, concert tickets, clothes, dolls, etc. The Backstreet Boys, N Sync, and Spice Girls were the top 3 most popular of the genre during the 90s.


A lot of girls, including my sisters, loved Sanrio. I remember having to wait for them to shop there at the mall. All I wanted to do was look at video games. My sisters probably spent more money in Sanrio than I ever did at a game store.

Dream Phone

Dream Phone was another game my sisters owned. This was one game I stayed away from. Calling guys and waiting for them to ask you out was not a priority for me.

Dear Diary

I hated this thing. My sisters would write in these things and they were hard to access. I had to figure out a password. The old school diaries were much easier because that lock was the easiest thing to pick. I will never know what they said about me!

Some Technology of the 90s

Technology played a major role in the 90s. This is dedicated to the technology lovers out there.


If you were important you had one of these. My stepdad used to wear one and I thought he was so professional. Little did I know that AC repair wasn't that professional. My mom got me a beeper during the late 90s. With a beeper on my side she didn't have to scream across the neighborhood to find me.

The Nokia Cell Phone

Nokia was the most popular cell phone in the 90s. Everyone that had a cell phone had a Nokia. There were no iPhones, Sidekicks, or Blackberrys. No one compared cell phones and bragged about how expensive their phone was because if you had a phone you had those bragging rights.


Speaking of Nokias, the one game Nokia had became a very popular one. Snake was the coolest game to have on a cell phone.

Windows 95

This operating system was legendary. No more Windows 3.1. We were able to surf the internet and play cooler games and use floppy disks.

Floppy Disk

The floppy disk was the 90s version of today's flash drive. Anything could fit on a floppy back then. Can you imagine how many floppys it would take to hold a DVD.

America Online

100 FREE HOURS! OMG that's like forever. It seemed like everyone you knew had an AOL account back in the 90s. When you asked someone for their email it usually ended with AOL.com, now its mostly yahoo.com. The internet was so cool! You could play games and talk to friends. You didn't have to spend your time at the library to do school research. Everything was possible at home. 56K dial-up was so fast because there was nothing to compare it to. YOU'VE GOT MAIL!

Chat Rooms

Back in the 90s chat rooms were extremely popular. People would sit for hours in cyber conversation. The most common chat room line was A/S/L?

The Black Box (V Chip)

Black boxes were used in the 90s to descramble pay channels. If you wanted to watch Pay Per View or HBO for free, you needed a black box. I remember I was watching tv and scrolled by the Playboy channel. That black box became my best friend.

CD Players

Before iPods and Zunes we had CD Players. These SUCKED! Try to carry one of the things around in your pocket, almost impossible. CD Players loved to skip so I decided my cassette player was a lot better. Thank god for MP3 players.


Napster was free in the 90s. Downloading a song took about 20 minutes but it was so worth it. I was shocked when I learned I could get music for free. Napster refurbished pirating in the 90s!

CD Burner

OMG now we can burn our MUSIC?! CD burners were introduced in the 90s. My brothers girlfriend was talking about burning a CD. I didn't understand what she was talking about. I couldn't comprehend the concept. I thought she literally melted a CD on to another one. CD Burners were defiantly revolutionary.

I hope you this article kept you guys entertained. Again, there is a lot more where this came from. Should there be a part 3? If you guys have any ideas, concepts, dislikes, or something you want me to add, LET ME KNOW! I enjoy the feedback. Thanks

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