1990s TOP 3: Movies

My top 3 movies of the 1990s.
May 09, 2011
Well, I lay here in bed filled with nostalgia. My college graduation is in a few hours and I can't sleep. Usually when I hit a major milestone in my life, I reminisce on the events that led me to where I am now. Usually, most of those thoughts are of my childhood. I remember wishing to grow up as fast as I could and now it's the complete opposite. What I would do to have one more day in the 90s. So I present to you. One more trip to the wonderful world of the 90s... A 1990's TOP 3 series.


Effects in cinematography were advancing a lot in the 90s. Some movies were over the top with their effects and coincidentally my top 3 favorite movies of the 90s really shined in this category.

3. Independence Day (1996)

What better combination than Will Smith and aliens. As a kid the only alien film I was exposed to was E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.

E.T. was amazing but it kind of bored me after a while. Then I saw the preview for Independence Day. All I remember was my jaw dropping. U.F.O.s, people screaming, buildings exploding, and fighter jets! This was the type of alien movie I wanted to see. I was so happy when I finally got the chance to see it. There was a perfect combination of action, drama, sci-fi, and comedy in that film. It was actually the first VHS movie I personally bought for myself with my allowance.

The one thing everyone wants to see in an alien film is THE ALIENS! This movie did a perfect job of doing so. The aliens looked so creepy and the best part was watching Will Smith knock one out. (My favorite scene in the movie)

So will there ever be a sequel to this epic movie? According to IMDB, prepare for one in 2013.[/size]

2. Jurassic Park (1993)

Independence Day showed me the violent side of aliens unlike the aliens I was accustomed to from watching E.T.. Jurassic Park did the same thing for me with dinosaurs.

I grew up in a time where the dancing, singing, purple dinosaur ruled the children's television channel. Dinosaurs aren't supposed to hug kids and teach them to put away their toys. They're supposed to eat people when they are on the toilet! (I loved that scene)
Jurassic Park broke all boundaries. This movie was seen by everyone. The dinosaurs looked so real. Even the sound effects sound dead on, but then again who know what dinosaurs really sounded like. I was 6 when this movie hit theaters and yes I remember the day I saw it too! Jurassic Park kind of took over my life. I had the action figures, video games, and even the cereal. (Even though the cereal came after the second movie)
I still think this is one of Steven Spielberg's greatest films ever.Jeff Goldblum was in Jurassic Park and Independence Day and the funny thing is people tell me I have an odd resemblance to him. I don't see it.

1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

They say "sequels are never better than the original". Terminator 2 terminated that saying. Terminator 2 is the most commonly used comeback when someone breaks out that line. This movie is just one of those movies that I can never get tired of watching. It could be playing on my T.V. every night before I fall asleep and I would be satisfied. Like the other movies listed above Terminator 2 had the best effects seen at the time. I still think the effects in this 20 year old movie are a lot better than some of the movies that come out today. The storyline is epic and gives you a strong understanding of the whole human resistance vs. cyborg future that they are trying to prevent. Even if you didn't see the first Terminator you would be able to understand everything completely. I think they did an amazing job with this film but kind of ruined the franchise with the third and fourth installment.

My favorite scene of this whole movie was the chase scene with Arnold and John Connor on the motorcycle. Watching the T-1000 walk out as a liquid metal robot made me realize the rest of the movie was going to be INTENSE!!!

Extra: It's epic to see Budnick (Danny Cooksey) from Salute Your Shorts on the back of John Connor's dirt bike. Two teenage badasses from the 1990's! [/size]

Thanks for reading guys. It feels good to be writing on this site again after two years. Stay tuned.
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