Wonderful World of the 90s

My childhood growing up in the 1990s
June 22, 2009
The 90s was a time of pure AWESOMENESS! I dont know if it was because I was kid, but the world seemed to have a lot less drama. Today you have the pressure of terrorists, war, global warming, bad economy, swine flu, etc. Back then the only problem seemed to be our president scoring some dome in the White House. I miss the carefree days I had in the 90s. Growing up in South Florida, I experienced a ton of things. Lets see if I can spark some of your memories with this article.
P.S. This is my first article so bear with me.

Velcro Wall

I have always seen these growing up and never got a chance to do it. Where the heck did they go??? I never see the Velcro Walls anymore.

Human Gyroscope

The human Gyroscope was one of the most interesting things I saw as a child at all of the carnivals, beaches, and fairs. I never go to ride one of these but always have wanted to. The Human Gyroscope also seemed to disappear with the Velcro walls.


The best juice ever created! Kool-aid bursts was just a knock off to this! Check out the commercial!

Treasure Trolls

Rub the jewel to make a wish. These were collected by everyone and they came in different colors and outfits.

Easy Bake oven for boys. Instead of tasting or creations, we were supposed to scare people with these bugs. Too bad people know the difference between a real spider and a lime green spider with pink legs.

Talkboy and Talkgirl

What is the difference between these 2 devices other than the name? No idea. Thanks to Kevin in Home Alone, we were able to come up with our own wacky recordings and test them out on friends and family.

Yak Bak

Talking about recording devices, the YaK bAk was the toy to have. It only recorded maybe 10 seconds of audio. Some yak baks like the one above had sound fx. AMAZING!!!

Board Games

Games like Crossfire, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Ker Plunk, Mouse Trap, Splat, etc. kept us entertained. Rolling dice didnt cut it for us. We needed more action to keep us playing!


Back in the 90s there were a ton of fads and toys kids HAD TO HAVE. They always sold out and were always sold everywhere. If you didnt have it, you werent considered cool!

Laser Pointers

These were one of the coolest things to come out in the 90s. Laser pointers were fun and never got old. Shine them in windows, at the board in class, and even at the movie screen. Everyone had their pets chasing the laser through the house, up walls, and even into walls. They had different caps with different designs. The designs were typically a skull, happy face, hand throwing up a peace sign. All the boys loved to shine the naked lady. I still have my laser today and use it from time to time.

The Razor

First razor I ever owned was a scooter. These were everyones obsession. I didnt know the Sharper Image was a store until the Razor became popular. I think everyone got injured once or twice because of these bad boys.

Crocodile Mile

Hey Mate, what do you do when you see a crocodile? You run, you slide, you hit the bump and take a dive! Crocodile Mile was the best Slip N Slide made in the 90s. I think it was the best one ever made, but thats just my opinion. We spent hours on this doing tricks and flips. Who would have guessed a piece of plastic and water could keep you entertained for so long.

Skip It

Skip It was pretty cool until it hit you other foot and you busted your face on the sidewalk.

Bop It

Bop It was a more advanced Simon. It was always about who can go the longest. Bop It was the toy to have for a while.


Who doesnt remember the commercial for Surge. This was the drink of the 90s for me. The commercial were intense and now they are extinct.

Tiger Handheld Games

These sucked but they wont be forgotten. If you couldnt afford a GameBoy than you were stuck with one of these. They kept me entertained for 2 minutes.

Nickelodeon Gak
Gak was the silly putty of the 90s. I made too many messes with this. I remember they had a pizza flavored gak, but it smelled so raunchy. I wonder why they stopped making this.


Little plastic building blocks. I could build for hours nonstop. Legos were the best. Other companies tried to compete (MegaBlocks). But everyone knew you cant replace legos.


I never had KNex but my friends did. They built some cool things but never anything as cool as the picture posted above.

Moon Shoes

These did not work. I did not get any air with these shoes. They weighed me down a lot, but they were a pretty cool concept and I had to have them.

Fish Tail Skateboards

The first skate board I ever owned was a fish tail skateboard. They may not be as popular as they were back in the 90s, but they did go a hell of a lot faster than skateboards today.


Back in the 90s there were 4 types of BMX bikes that were extremely popular when I grew up in the 90s. The top 2 was the Dyno and the GT. The next 2 were the mongoose and Schwinn.

Tech Decks

Tech Decks were the best for keeping yourself occupied during class. There were hundreds of different designs and kids always loved trading them. If you sucked at skateboarding than you still had a chance to be pro with a Tech Deck. Tech Deck also had some wicked skate parks you could buy and tear up at home with friends. The good thing about tech decks was that they never caused you any injury.

Goosebumps and Animorphs
Before Harry Potter and Twilight, Goosebumps and Animorphs ruled the shelves. They were extremely popular and were always the top seller at the school book fair. Television shows were made for both series and was also a popular thing to watch.

Kid Cuisine

If you had parents that like to be lazy every now and then, then you most likely enjoyed a Kid Cuisine. Growing up I enjoyed them. When I ate them there was a different mascot. BJ and the Chef! Now they have some little punk penguin that tries to fit in with every trend.

Taco Bell Dog

Who doesnt remember this fucker? This dog has been in numerous commercials. He even tried to catch Godzilla in a box. Bold little guy.

Wonder Ball

I used to love this candy. It was a ball of chocolate with a toy inside. One of the greatest combinations ever!

Super Soaker

What an invention! The super soaker is the king of all water guns. The gun in the picture above is what I remember being my first super soaker and possibly the first model. I looked this model up on eBay about a year ago and they were going for about 100 dollars. It was brought back recently for an anniversary special. I saw it at Toys R Us about a week ago.


Yo-yos have been around forever, but they got big back in the 90s when I was growing up. Everyone had one and everyone knew how to pull of some pretty cool tricks. I still have mine.

Vortex Football

Vortex Footballs were the coolest footballs growing up. They went so freaking far. The whistle Vortex was probably the best one I owned.

Space Jam

Who didnt love this movie? Second best combination next to the wonder ball. Looney Tunes, Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and the fat guy from Jurassic Park. What not to love?


What would Jesus Do? Or if backwards... Devil Just Wont Win. These were very popular in school when I was growing up.

Rubber Poppers

Another piece of plastic that would entertain us in class. I heard the man that invented these is a millionaire. Lucky SOB.


Nerf was the kid version of Smith and Wesson. Shooting your friends with foam bullets or shooting a foam basketball in your room, Nerf was there for your childhood needs.

Well thats all I got for you this time. If you guys like what you read than I will post more because this is just a fraction of my childhood and what I remember. Thanks for reading and hopefully you had a good time running down Memory Lane with me.

To be continued?
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