Memorable 90s Advertising

Commercials from my childhood that will never be forgotten
February 07, 2013
As I child, I watched a ton of television. During the week, I would come home from school, plant my butt on my bean bag chair and watch Fox Kids. Friday nights were dedicated to watching TGIF on ABC with my sister’s. The following morning before going outside to play, I would watch ABC’s One Saturday Morning. Saturday nights were my favorite nights. A typical Saturday would be me having a friend or two sleep over and play Super Nintendo until our thumbs ignited on fire from all our Mortal Kombat button mashing. While letting our thumbs cool down, we would watch Nickelodeon’s SNICK. Television was so entertaining to me back then. I could sit down and watch a rerun of Rocko’s Modern Life that I have seen 16 times before, but it didn’t matter… IT WAS ROCKO!

With every good there is a bad. Commercials were seriously my arch-nemesis in the 90s. I can handle commercials now because it gives me time to use the restroom, talk to a roommate, cook something up real quick, respond to a text, etc. This wasn’t the case back then, because commercials just got in the way of my cartoon magic and back then commercials seemed to be sooooooooooooooooo long. Seriously, I feel like commercial breaks now are so much shorter. Anyways, there are commercials that I have seen 1000s of times and are now part of me. What I mean by this is that I remember every word, every gesture, every smile, and every jingle. These are the commercials I loved. Most of them don’t air on television anymore and now live the rest of their days on YouTube. When I watch these commercials, I feel like I just saw them even though most of them haven’t aired on television for quite some time. Now I know that some of these advertisements may have went on before or maybe after the 90s, but this is the best I could remember and the best I could find. So he we go…

Pure Moods CD

There were many CDs and cassettes being sold on television in the 90s. There was the premiere of the "NOW" cds, "The Buzz Collection", and various of other types of mixes. This CD stuck out in my mind the most because I have seen this commercial numerous times. It wasn't my type of music back then and it still isn't, but the commercial was very soothing.

Sear's Air Conditioner

This commercial sticks out to a lot of people. This was a Sear's advertisement that was used for many years. My favorite line from this was when the guy says "Another Scorcher" followed by his cheesy smile.


I think I mentioned this iconic commercial in a previous article. Muzzy was the 90s version of Rosetta Stone, but for kids! This advertisement still airs today, but I believe it has been updated.


Who can forget those awesome Mentos ads? I mean seriously, I thought these guys were geniuses because of the clever ways they handled a shitty situation. I don't see Mentos commercials like these anymore and I think they were copied by Twix's "Need a moment?" commercials that air now...
Mentos the Freshmaker

Miss Cleo

Ok, please tell me this was a nationwide commercial. This came on TV all the time in the 90s and all the kids at school would always say "Call me now" in a horrible Jamaican accent. The last I heard about Miss Cleo was she had some legal troubles, but I don't know if that rumor was true.
Call me now for your free tarot reading!

Taco Bell Dog

This little guy was so popular back in the day. I don't know if it was because it was a dog who could talk or a dog who could speak Spanish. Or maybe it was because it was a chihuahua with a deep voice who could speak Spanish. Anyways, this commercial help broaden my foreign language skills. Not only could I say hola or gracias, but I could now say a full sentence! Yo quiero Taco Bell!
¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!

The Popsicle Dude

Ok I may have been young when I saw this commercial, but I knew this kid had to be on some sort of drugs. Actually, a lot of teens in 90s commercials had that vibe or look.
The colors Duke, THE COLORS! I'm colorblind kid.

Corn Pops

Speaking of drugs... look who it is! Jesse Pinkman back when Mr. White was his chemistry teacher. Corn Pops had a great line of commercials in the 90s. The message was that us kids needed our sugary, corn cereal and we would panic if someone got in the way of that. Come to think about it, the teens in these commercials treated corn pops like meth.
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)
Gotta have my Pops!

Surge was a soft drink made for the 90s. I believe that was also the only time it existed. I know you can get it from other countries, but who has time for all of that? Surge had some pretty cool commercials. This commercial had so many elements that screamed out 90s and thats what made it so memorable to me. You got the fat ginger kid from The Sandlot, Fatboy Slim blasting on the stereo, and to top it off you have the cool black guy with awesome dreads. Perfection!

Double-Mint Gum

This commercial was just neat because it had so many twins in it. But the part that stuck with me is that jingle. Sometimes I catch myself humming it for no reason. Brainwashing seemed to be very effective on me!
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

got milk?

got milk? was a big thing in the 90s. I remember seeing celebrities in magazines with milk mustaches all the time. There was always two of these commercials that stood out the most. The first one is obvious... Mario coming out of his Nintendo 64 game to drink some milk. The second was just my favorite because it made me laugh every time I watched it.

M&M minis

M&M minis... what a bullshit thing that was and still is. I never understood what the point was to make an already small candy even smaller. I feel like I got way more for my buck when I bought the normal sized M&Ms. But the commercial was cool and a classic. These M&M minis were some cracked out characters compared to the normal M&M guys we know today.
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)


Yeah, I know Folger's has had commercials around for decades and I'm not even sure of this one in particular was from the 90s, but it came on television when I was a kid. The jingle was so catchy and I always wanted a cup of coffee when I watched it, but I was always too young. I now realize how disgusting Folger's is. I was lied to my whole life... that is really not the best thing about waking up.

Slim Jim

There were two mascots that I remember for Slim Jim. This teenage guy with the Slim Jim head and Macho Man. I preferred the teenage guy. He was a lot more animated, but him and Macho both liked to yell in your face.

Wonder Ball

This jingle was mesmerizing. I still hear it sung in my head at times. There was really nothing special about a Wonder Ball. It was an overpriced ball of thin chocolate. Inside the ball was a few pieces of candy. I used to love the Wonder Ball because the ones I had came with a toy inside. Well maybe it was more like a little statue of a Disney character, but it was still better than candy or stickers. I think the reason they switched to candy was because of legal issues and safety concerns.
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Baby Bottle Pop

This was another advertisement that had a hypnotizing jingle. As for the candy itself, I wasn't a big fan of sucking on a bottle shaped lollipop. I always considered it the girl version of a Fun Dip.
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Casper's Pepsi

I was a huge fan of the movie Casper and that is why I loved this commercial. The thing that was so memorable to me was how dumb it was. I mean I just kept wondering why Casper didn't drink the Pepsi inside of the fridge. Also, if he could lift the damn thing then why couldn't he open the fridge? That always got to me and sparked up a silly debate with anyone who was in the room watching TV with me.
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Bonus: Just for Laughs

This is a YouTube video I watched a few years ago. It's a parody but it's pretty funny. It's supposed to be a commercial for Lunchables that got banned for being so... well you'll see.
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Well that's all folks. This was just a small fragment of commercials that I remember. If you would like to see another article like this, let me know in the comments. Also, what commercials do you remember the most from when you were a kid? Thanks for letting me be nostalgic tonight.
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