Wayne's World
Release: February 14, 1992
Release: February 14, 1992

Wayne's World starring Mike Myers(who plays Wayne Campbell) and Dana Carvey( who plays Garth Algar) was originally a skit on SNL during the late 80's and early 90's. It was about two dudes who hosted a public access TV show, which is mainly about Rock,Babes( Shwing), and people who live in the area. One day Wayne and Garth go to a rock concert and falls in love with a bass guitarist named Cassandra Wong(Tia Carrere). The rest of the movie is about Wayne getting Casandra to fall in love with him and the stuggles he has with his show when a network executive wants to buy the rights. Great for laughs and is just a good movie in general.

Noah: "Come bust a move where the games are played. It's dope, it's fresh, it's Noah's Arcade!"
Wayne: "Where did you learn English?"
Cassandra: "College...And the 'Police Academy' movies"
Wayne: "(Interrupting Glen's rant) "Ho-woh! What do you think you're doing? Only me and Garth get to talk to the camera.""
Glen: "Why is it, that if a man kills another man in battle it's called heroic, yet if he kills a man in the heat of passion, it's called murder?"
Glen: "I'd never done a crazy thing in my life before that night."
Wayne: "(When discussing "Bewitched")"
Garth: "Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before, but I'll probably stay in Aurora."
Wayne: "(While discussing "Bewitched") Dick Sargent...Dick York...'Sergeant York'."
Wayne: "(To Garth) You kiss your mother with that mouth?"
Garth: "(Finishing his rant) ...'Til the handle breaks off and you have to get a doctor to pull it out again."
Garth: "(To Wayne) Well, you know what you can do with your show? You can take a flying... (Words are obscured by a loud plane)"
Wayne: "(To Garth) "You know what you can do with your pop quiz?""
Wayne: "(To Garth) "Okay, how about F? You're a gimp?""
Garth: "(About Benjamin) "E. Does not live with PARENTS!""
Garth: "(About Benjamin) "D. Has no visible scars"."
Garth: "(About Benjamin) "C. Has lots of cash.""
Garth: "(About Benjamin) "B. Has cool car.""
Garth: "(About Benjamin) "A. Chicks think he's handsome"."
Garth: "Okay, pop quiz. Cassandra is not interested in Benjamin because..."
Garth: "Ah-ha! What's this? "How to pick up chicks." "How to meet women." He's smooth."
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