Wonderful World of the 90s 3

The last of my 90s childhood trilogy
July 09, 2009
Return of the Wonderful World of the 90s

This is it guys, the last of my 3 articles about the 90s. It was great remembering all these great things. Hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. So without further ado, THE 90s!


In the late 90s these shoes were invented. Soaps were shoes made for grinding. These were fun at school or in other public places. I only owned one pair but I had a blast with them. I dont know if they are still being sold today.

Jelly Bracelets

I know these were made in the 80s but they were very big in the 90s. We called them sex bracelets. If you were able to rip one off a girls wrist than you had to do what the color meant. Black meant sex but no one ever followed through with it. I would have been a man-whore if the girls actually took this serious.

Wheres Waldo?

Everyone was looking for this guy in the 90s. He always liked to hang out in a place where red and white were very popular colors. He was the best at blending in. I think he should have been a Navy Seal.

Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were the coolest fighters in the 90s. I know it all started in Japan, but in America, they were every kids heroes. I used to have all their toys, VHS tapes, and I even saw the movie the first day it came out. Believe it or not but this movie was really good. I still watch it every now in then. There were a lot of other shows that tried to copy the Power Rangers like VR Troopers and the Big Bad Beetleborgs. I also believed the show was very stereotypical. The black guy was the black ranger, the Chinese girl was the yellow ranger, and the cute white girl was the pink ranger.

My Pet Monster

This doll was very popular in the late 80s and early 90s. He was every boys best friend. After the cartoon became popular, this plush doll became popular as well. I remember he came in a box that resembled a cage. I took his handcuffs off because I felt bad for him.

Dancing Baby

This little guy appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows in the 90s. Just seeing a dancing baby made us laugh and smile nonstop.


JNCOs helped create a very popular fashion trend in the 90s. They usually came with the ripped bottoms and the 40 oz pockets. These were very popular with the skaters.


FUBU was also another popular brand in the 90s. FUBU were considered the clothing of kids who enjoyed the rap lifestyle. I remember them being called For Us By Us.

The TV Smart Guys

Beakman and Bill Nye were both on TV in the 90s and both were very similar. Everyone argues about what show was better. Im not going to stoop down to that level and argue about the past. Oh and by the way BEAKMAN RULES!

Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton hosted this when I was a child and we watched it in school. Reading Rainbow was full of cool stories and had us entertained from the beginning to the end.


This guy was the man in the 90s! He had like a 100 different movies. My favorite was Ernest Scared Stupid. Seeing him battle trolls was epic!

The Land Before Time

A classic film about a journey of Dinosaurs. These guys were very entertaining and have about 15 movies out now. Little foot was a hero to us all.


This yogurt came with sprinkles which were located in the lid of the container. These were delicous and the sprinkles changed the color of your yogurt. Tasty!


Sour and explosive. This candy was always the most popular in my school. It was always funny to see the kid who couldnt hand the sour-packed candy. They actually looked like their logo.


During the late 90s, commercials for 10-10-321 were being advertised heavily on TV. 10-10-321 was meant to be used for long distance phone calls. I believe it was 10 cents a minute back then. According to Wikipedia a lot of famous people were used in the commercial to help promote it such as Alf, John Lithgow, John Stamos, Tony Danza, Dennis Miller and George Carlin.

The S

This S was drawn by everyone in school when I was a kid. I dont know for sure if it was a 90s thing or not. I heard it was called the Surfer S, the Chinese S, and the Skater S. I dont know if anyone knows for sure. But I am sure you have all drawn this before.

Magic Eye

I was told you could see a hidden picture if you focused and stared at the pictures in this book. I have tried numerous times as a child and have never been able to pull it off. I dont know if it is a giant lie that I am not part of or I just suck at them.

Monster in my Pocket

These guys were pretty lame at home but a ton of fun in school. I had a bunch of these and loved trading them. The original Pokemon!

Bumble Ball

The most useless ball in the 90s. These guys would just vibrate and bounce around the floor. I think dogs got the most enjoyment out of these balls and maybe moms did too.

The Macarena

One of the most popular dances in the 90s was the Macarena. Everyone at all ages knew how to do the Macarena. Now and days people do it as a joke. I hope it comes back because thats the only dance I know the moves to!

Stretch and Fetch Armstrong

These toys are forgotten by many but not by me. Stretch and Fetch seemed like they could stretch for miles. I used to bring these guys to school every week for Show and Tell.

TV Guide
If you had basic cable in the 90s, than you most likely subscribed to the TV Guide. Your other option was watching channel 3 and waiting 15 minutes for the channels to cycle through. The TV Guide was my time portal into the current weeks TV future.


Cookies and Frosting! These were delicious and I loved the chocolate frosting. I dont see them anywhere but I heard they are being sold at wholesale clubs like Costco and BJs.

Koalas March

Another delicious snack that I dont see anymore. Chocolate filled Koalas should come back to all supermarket shelves!

The Pizza Head Show

This was a commercial from Pizza Hut. Basically Pizza Head would always get in awkward situations like Mr. Bill. He was always scared of Steve who was a pizza cutter in disguise. I thought it was hilarious as a kid and its on YouTube, so check it out.

Mr. Freeze

Freeze pops from Mr. Freeze were my favorite. Growing up in Florida, everyday was a hot day and Mr. Freezes freeze pops were the best fix.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark was everywhere in the 90s. From aliens that grew in a bottle to the stars you put on your ceiling. It was an amazing thing and I rarely see it anymore except at Spencers.


No more roller skates for us 90s kids, we had rollerblades! Rollerblades in my opinion were a lot easier to use and a lot faster. Everyone owned a pair. I hated how I would have to literally pull with everything I had just to get the skate off my foot. The plastic straps were so ineffective and would always come undone.


Unlike the Bumble Ball, Madballs were gnarly. Each Madball had their own unique and grotesque face. I tried collecting them all but failed and now I dont have any of them.

Banned Shows

What I mean by banned shows is that I was not allowed to watch these as a kid, but always did. I would stay up late to watch South Park and Beavis and Butt-Head. Ren and Stimpy was on Nickelodeon, so it was easy to sneak that one by. By the time Celebrity Death Match came out I was old enough to watch any TV show I wanted. The reason Celebrity Deathmatch made the list is because along with the other shows it was full of animated violence and became the must see show in the 90s.

Sockem Boppers

More fun than a pillow fight. These were the 90s version of the Hulk Hands you see today. The concept was to beat the crap out of your friends with inflated plastic. We played with these for hours. Of course we got hurt but that was all part of the fun.

The Bulls

I dont care what state you were living in during the 90s, the Chicago Bulls was a team loved by everyone. Looking back at my yearbook from the 90s, I saw that at least 5 kids on every page had a Bulls jersey or shirt on. I always played as the Bulls in NBA Jam! Michael and Pippen were our Gods!

Now Thats What I Call Music

Everyone should know what the NOW CDs are. There are probably at least 2000 NOW CDs today, but the first NOW CD came out in the 90s. This was my way of getting a mix CD before I started using CD burners.

Nickelodeon Magazine

If you watched Nickelodeon in the 90s than you remember the Nickelodeon Magazine commercials. Nickelodeon Magazine was the kid version of People. They were jam-packed with fun articles and activities. I remember looking at this magazine a little bit ago and it just didnt seem the same. Nickelodeon Magazine was the kid magazine of the 90s.

Discovery Zone!

If this doesnt bring back memories, than I dont know what will. Discovery Zone (aka DZ) was the coolest place to go in the 90s. You didnt have a smelly rat that your parents would make you hug for a photo for grandma. Instead DZ was our castle filled with slides, ball pits, tubes, walls to climb, and rolling pipes to slide across. This was our escape from our parents and we never wanted to leave.

Back to School

School was a major part of my life in the 90s. Since I spent a lot of time there, I decided to add this section to my article. These are some of the things that made school in 90s a little special!

Trapper Keeper

The coolest binder in school back in the 90s was the Trapper Keeper. Insane graphics kept them popular for years. Wish I still had my trapper keeper; I would use it in college.

Yikes! Pencils

Speaking about school, who didnt have Yikes! Pencils! Yikes! Were the coolest pencils and always had the most wacky and unique designs and erasers.

Smelly Markers

Who could explain these better than Dane Cook? No one can! He did a skit on these and was exactly right. The Black ones smelt like an asshole. Sitting around and smelling these were good times.


Pencil boxes with bumps. Not really exciting, but everyone had one. We didnt use these to keep our pencils and safety scissors in. These were used to stash our toys and comic cards.

Push Pencils

Push pencils were the mechanical pencils of the 90s. I used to go through all of the tips in one day. I believe you got less lead for your buck!

Lisa Frank

If you went to school in the 90s and you were a girl than you most likely had Lisa Frank school supplies. Lisa Frank was filled with animals and bright colors. You didnt want to borrow a girls pencil if you forgot yours because you would end up with a unicorn on it and that just wasnt cool.

Book It!

I remember Book It! from school in the 90s. Reading books for Pizza Hut pizza!The 90s was truly a time of greatness!

Ok guys. This is the end of the Wonderful World of the 90s trilogy. It was great talking about all of my past memories of the 90s with you. Thank you for reading the last 2 articles in the trilogy. They have been up for less than a week and have already gained a lot of popularity and attention! Hope you guys like my future articles as much as you liked these. See you all next time.
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