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What I miss about WCW
October 01, 2010
I know pro wrestling is not the most popular topic, but I am a huge fan and hell....its my article.

Let me start by saying that I was excited when the WWF (it will always be the WWF to me) purchased WCW. I was not excited because I was rooting for them in the "Monday Night Wars" or anything, in fact I liked being able to watch both. I was excited because I thought I was finally going to see the matches that everyone dreamed of, but alas it was not to be. For many reasons, only a few WCW stars made it to the WWF and they were, for the most part, made to look like fools. Anyway, I wanted to write about the things I missed about the wrestling company that was.... World Championship Wrestling.


In my opinion these two games are still the greatest wrestling games ever made. I loved these games and my buddies and I would play them for hours. I can remember thinking that the graphics were amazing when they came out, but the gameplay is where these two really shined. They were not overly complicated to play (loved the grapple system). I actually bought an N64 about a year back and I made sure that I had these two titles to go with it.


Nitro definitely had its flaws, but it was so important for so many reasons. Nitro was not only great because it was live but it also introduced "pay per view quality" matches on free tv. Pus, it pushed the WWF to make Monday Night Raw better helping start the "Monday Night Wars". Overall, it was an enjoyable show and an even more enjoyable time to be a wrestling fan.

Before there was Nitro, there was WCW Saturday Night. Easily my favorite WCW show. I can remember being so excited every Saturday when 6:05 rolled around (why TBS always had the 05 and 35 start was always a mystery to me)and me and my grandmother would watch it. This show was actually my first introduction to the superstars of WCW and I will always remember how much I enjoyed it.

For those of you wondering if I will write about missing WCW Thunder, the answer is no. That show was an absolute abomination.


Just a few of the wrestlers I enjoyed watching, and these are in no particular order.

Disco Inferno

In my opinion the Disco Inferno is one of the most underrated wrestlers ever (ill give you a minute to laugh). Seriously though I do think Disco deserves more credit than he got. When you heard "Disco Fever, Disco Fever".....you knew you were going to be entertained.

Diamond Dallas Page

Another underrated wrestler. I dont think he ever got the respect he deserved. He came into the business later than most yet he still managed to get over (being buddies with Eric Bischoff im sure didnt hurt). Im a fan.


By NWO, I mean the original 3 members Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hollywood Hulk Hogan....not every other scrub in the company towards the end. This was such an amazing idea and a great original concept (who would have ever thought that Hulk Hogan would turn heel?). These guys ran roughshod over everyone which after awhile would be the undoing of the whole company. Still, when this group first started it was awesome.

Sting is one of my favorites of all time. The guy was just a great wrestler. I do prefer the original Stinger to the "crow" Sting, but he was still great even then. I know he is still in TNA and I still enjoy watching him, but I have to admit that age has caught up to him. Ill always remember the late 80s to mid 90s Sting in his prime though as the best.

Big Van Vader

I am a huge Big Van Vader fan. He was just a monster in WCW. Not only was he powerful, but Vader was without a doubt the most agile big man in the business. I always thought it was a shame that WCW let him go to the WWF and it was even more of a shame that the WWF did so little with him.

There are a few I am missing but I cant write about all of them.

the last category but not least....


WCW had some real unique pay per views but here are the few that I will really miss

Halloween Havoc

Pretty much just a standard ppv, but for me the Halloween Theme made it 1000 times more awesome. Plus it did have some cool matches (Im going to ignore the spin the wheel make the deal coal miners glove match).

World War 3

WCWs answer to the Royal Rumble. Good concept, 3 rings, 60 men, 1 winner. I enjoyed it because it was a different type of battle royal.

Bash At The Beach

I miss this PPV for the sole reason that I loved the fact that it took place on the beach. I just thought it was a cool venue to have a wrestling match. You cant get any gate revenue from this one so this PPV is not comin back.

Fall Brawl War Games

Simply put....a great concept and by far the gimmick I miss most from the WCW days. I love the whole cage aspect of it too. This is definitely the one I miss most. I am hoping the WWF will resurrect this annual PPV.

Well, those are some of the things I miss most about WCW. I try not to reflect on how things are (I do not think that is the retrojunk way). I choose to be glad that I got the opportunity to grow up in the late 80s and 90s and watch wrestling when it was at its peak.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was not too long.....Thanks for reading.
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