Arctic Dogs
Release: November 01, 2019
Release: November 01, 2019

Swifty the fox discovers a devious plan by Otto Von Walrus to drill beneath the Arctic surface to unleash enough gas to melt all the ice. With help from his friends -- an introverted polar bear, a scatterbrained albatross, a crafty fox and two paranoid otters -- Swifty and the gang spring into action to foil Otto's plot and save the day.

Swifty: "The gas! Ugh, that smells like the planet's made of poopy. [Swifty faints from the geyser eruption]"
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Otto Von Walrus: "Drumroll. [the puffins start doing a drumroll sound; annoyed] It's just an expression."
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PB: "[after pulling Swifty out of the snow pile] Swifty? What are you doing here so early?"
Swifty: "I lost... my pound."
PB: "What pound?"
Swifty: "The pound I gained to hit the twenty pound minimum to pull the top dog sled!"
PB: "Well you can't fight your metabolism."
Swifty: "I can and I will put to the test, I'm going to deliver my best, Come on!"
PB: "Swifty, how have I put this repeatably in the past."
Swifty: "Look out!"
PB: "Oh yes, deliveries have only ever been made by dogs, and you are not a dog."
Swifty: "What!"
PB: "You are a small arctic fox who was not meant to pull a giant sled with even giant-er packages on it. Are you hearing me?"
Swifty: "What? Yeah every word, come on buddy we've got a pound of fun. Let's go!"
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