Dreamcast Gems: Part 1

Underrated Games
May 06, 2009
I've heard a lot of people say that the Dreamcast only had a handful of good games. I'm here to prove them wrong

First off...

A Tribute to Epic Dreamcast Games-

Crazy Taxi
Jet Grind Radio
Marvel vs Capcom 1+2
Phantasy Star Online
Powerstone 1+2
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Skies of Arcadia
Sonic Adventure 1+2
Soul Caliber
Street Fighter III
Unreal Tournament
Virtua Tennis (I hate tennis but I played this till my thumbs blistered)
and many more

And now for...

My List of Underrated Games for the Dreamcast-

Sega Marine Fishing-

Good:This ain't Uncle Bob's bass fishing! This is fast paced arcade action! This game is like Jaws on Spring break. Hook blue marlins, barracudas, and even sharks as you cast off in tropical paradises. There are hundreds of unlockable customization features. Pimp out your dudes, boat, fishing gear, and even build your own aquarium. Grab a pina colada reel and in the big fish!

Bad: Very addictive

Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage-

Good:This game blew me away. Imagine the action of Devil May Cry with the eerie storyline of a Silent Hill Game. Hack and slash your way through zombies, knights, and the many monstrous incarnations of the undead mandragora. There are even in game button commands (Resident Evil 4 style). Killer boss fights, great cut scenes, and a rage mode makes this game an absolute must have.

Bad: Unclear objectives, your sword can hit the wall and it cancels your attack


Good: Rez is pretty much the ultimate party game. It has an awesome techno soundtrack and anybody can pick it up and play. You fly through the air, collect upgrades, and blow stuff up. The visuals are amazing and the whole game is like a Tron music video. Boss fights are geometric coolness. Invite some friends over and have a blast

Bad: Not very difficult

Evolution (1+2)-

Good: A very overlooked RPG that deserves more attention. It's a very kid friendly and enjoyable game as you go through 3-D environments and make your way as young archaelogists exploring dungeons. It's one of the few RPGS to utilize distance in the combat system. Each character has interesting skills and abilities. Evolution 2 also has one of the coolest characters to ever grace an RPG- A rifle wielding butler with special attacks based on "manners" and "cuisines."

Bad: Storyline is so-so

Zombie Revenge-

Good: What's better than kicking zombie butt?- Bringing a friend along for the ride ofcourse! Yes, Zombie Revenge features violent two player action and you and a fellow zombie hunter take on the hordes of the undead, defending yourself with whatever you can find. Unlike in the movies, you can own a zombie (or the bosses) with your bare hands. The game also has cool combos and finishing moves.

Bad: Unforgiving game clock

Lol, out of bullets

Maken X-

Good: Before Red Steel and Mirror's Edge, you could do front flips and sword fighting in 1st person in a game called Maken X. The game has slick graphics and a great assortment of enemies and bosses. Cut your wasy through ninjas, robots, and mutants in a sci-fi extravaganza. If the game couldn't be cool enough, you can possess people which gives you access to different abilities and weaponry.
Here's some gameplay-

Bad: Slow turning speed, long cut scenes


Good: Not many things are more awesome than hoverboards. TrickStyle has crazy futuristic action, a sweet array of ballin moves and there are 3 different ways to ride your board! It also has a great soundtrack! Grinding is so insane in this game, you attach to a rail and then ride it like a roller coaster. It'll impress any Mountain Dew adrenaline junkie.

Bad: The levels were designed by the devil himself

Honorable Mention-

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Record of Lodoss War

I'll be back soon, I have some serious gameplay testing to do!

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