Dreamcast Gems: Part 2

More underrated games
May 15, 2009
Welcome to Part 2 of Dreamcast's most underappreciated games!

Presented by Echidna64

In Part 1, I left you guys with a teaser picture-

This is a screenshot from the game Outtrigger. From the youtube videos, this game looked like it would be a heavy hitting twin brother of unreal tournamant.

But when I got a chance to play it myself, I was disappointed. Even though you could switch to first and third person views, the control scheme was aggravating to say the least. Sorry guys!

One more thing before we get started...

I found about this insane survival/horror game for Dreamcast called D2. It looks very intense but unfortunately I wasn't able to play it myself so I can't review it. However, here is a gameplay video...


For mature viewers only


Cue the underrated games!


Armada smoothly combines rpg elements and a space shooter. It has full weapon customization and the entire universe is free roaming. It's a simplified rpg that you can just pickup and start blowing stuff up. Also, the explosions look cool.

Repetitive gameplay

Toy Commander-

This game totally exceeded my expectations. This game is great and it flaunts it brilliantly. You have a vast number of different vehicles- tanks, cars, airplanes, helicopters etc. at your disposal. Tear it up in huge 3-D environments. I was really impressed with the levels. To give land vehicles an edge over aircraft, they let you drive up walls and upside down on ceilings. Your house is the warzone.

Limited weapon selection

Gundam Side Story-

This is everything that a mech game should be. It has epic customization, slick graphics, free roaming through vast cityscapes, a versatile combat system, and intelligent teammates. Dueling it out with a sword and shield is also amazing!

Poor peripherals, tricky movement

Space Channel 5-

Aliens have invaded and they are forcing people to dance! Space Channel 5 is wildly original and it has some killer beats which makes this game all the more addicting. You play as Ulala, a futuristic reporter who dances her way to victory over the brain warping U.F.O's. The graphics are solid and the dance moves are well choreographed. There is also a cameo by space Michael Jackson!
Confused target audience, sometimes hard to hear what moves you need to do


Ikaruga is one of those games that you try to beat to earn street cred. You love it because it is so challenging! Ikaruga is different from other games in its genre because you switch between red and blue energies which cause you either to absorb or get totaled by projectiles. Expect to be blown up a lot!

The difficulty makes this game not for your casual gamer

Psychic Force 2012-

I enjoyed Psychic Force, being able to "fly" around in a fighting game and executing high level psychic attacks is pretty sweet. The characters are typical Japanese badasses. It's a cool change of pace and the combat system is kinda like the DBZ games today.

Controls could be better

As a bonus, I'm including a Special Requests Section...


A couple games have been asked for in my first Dreamcast Gems article. I actually have played both of these games beforehand. Here's what I have to say about them...

Elemental Gimmick Gear-

E.G.G. is a very unique game. It has an in depth sci-fi storyline. It truly creates it's own world. The environments are artistic and well conceived. One of its biggest strengths is it's 3-D combat system which boosts the gameplay of any RPG. I can't praise E.G.G. enough for its originality, try it yourself and get lost in it.

Bad:Heavily storyline based which could turnoff some people

Yes the game is in English, I just liked this screenshot


You play as Capcom characters as you blast your way through arcade style with one or two players. The action is nonstop and the enemies are satisfying. My favorite is the zombie gorilla from the haunted house level. Being able to play as Megaman totally makes this game.

I really don't like the targetting system and camera angles

In Conclusion

Dreamcast had a excellent lineup of game titles. I blame it on poor advertising for why these great games fell into obscurity. I'm not lying when I say that there are many more fun Dreamcast games. I haven't even touched upon racing, puzzle, or sports games.

Hopefully, I have increased your curiosity about the system and perhaps inspired you to give Dreamcast a second chance. Cheers!
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