Most Sinister Movie Villains

Top 10 list of Ultimate Evil
June 03, 2009
The Most Sinister Villains

"Reader beware, you are in for a scare!"-R.L. Stein

Before I begin, I would like to explain my thinking process in which I sorted out the most evil villains ever. I had to set some basic rules-

Rule #1- The Villain must be rotten to the core with evil

This first ground rule knocked out two of the most iconic movie villains of all time. Darth Vader, started off as the amibitious Anakin Skywalker; a tragic hero. In his last moments, Darth Vader redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to save his son Luke.

SinceT-1000 is a machine just following his programming, his actions cannot be considered to be the product of an evil mind.

Rule #2- Mental Illness would be grounds for disqualification

Although this is a delicate subject, I wanted villains who were "sane" while making their decisions to commit evil and to do harm to others. This rule eliminated Norman Bates, Hannibal Lector, and Jack Torrance.

OKAY, that's my criteria. Now I shall unveil my choices for the top ten movie characters who are the embodiement of villainy.


10. Silas Barnaby March of the Wooden Soldiers

So what if it's a kid's movie, Silas Barnaby, "the meanest man in town," is one evil fellow. The selfish tax collector commits extortion, kidnapping, and sets up a framing scheme all to force Little Bo Peep to marry him. When his plans fall through, he heads to Bogeyland to raise an army of monsters. Silas Barnaby then leads the boogeyman back to toyland to burn it to the ground.

9. Shredder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

An unlikely choice? I don't think so. Oroku Saki is hell bent on getting revenge on Splinter for causing the scars on his face. Although the fight scenes are goofy, Shredder is trying to kill the Ninja Turtles. Besides operating an organized crime ring, what makes Shredder an important addition to this list is that he intentionally tries to corrupt the youth of New York City. Remember in the first movie, when they are handing out cartons of cigarettes?

8. *TIE* Two Tim Curry Characters

Pennywise the Clown Stephen King's IT

A sewer dwelling monstrosity who eats little kids. Pennywise single handedly created an entire generation of children who are afraid of clowns.

Lord of Darkness Legend

They are not screwing around here, Darkness is a legit demon! He plots to destroy the good world and cover it in eternal darkness.If that weren't enough, he also tries to snag Tom Cruise's girlfriend using all kinds of magical trickery.

7.The Reaper Jeepers Creepers

"I'm a PC!!!"

The Reaper almost didn't make this list because he kills out of necessity to fulfill his hunger. He craves individual's organ's based on scent. But the true indicator of his evil is when he had stitched the dead bodies together along his basement walls. Not cool.

6. Freddy Krueger A Nightmare on Elm Street

He had to be on here somewhere. The former child killer turned burn victim/dream manipulator is a real maniac. Not only does he kill the innocent inhabitants of Elm Street, but he usually toys with them first.

... The next three are all doctors!

5. Dr. Satan House of 1,000 Corpses

Dr. Satan hangs out in his underground emergency room where he gruesomely "operates" on unsuspecting people; enough said.

4. Dr. Carl Hill Re-Animator

The fraud of a professor is a real creep from the very beginning, when he develops an obsession with one of his female students. His obsession intensifies and it becomes downright awful when he turns into a decapitated zombie who has to carry his own head around with him. There is this one scene which made me cringe. I won't go into detail, but let's just say he his obsession does not go unfulfilled :(

3. Dr. Weir Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a spooky movie with nightmarish images including a suicide scene. Sam Neil trades in his cargo shorts and jumps onboard a spaceship as a scientist. Soon Dr. Weir becomes the manifestation of the evil that has ravaged the ship and he goes on to commit the acts of violence himself

... And now for the Top 2 most evil movie villains of all time!

2. Alex Delarge A Clockwork Orange

A truly sickening movie all together, Alex's principal interests are violence, rape, and Beethoven. He knows better and is given numerous chances to turn his life around but that's not who he is. He IS evil and he gets too much satisfaction out of doing wrong, he's like addicted to sin.

And now for who I consider to be the most evil movie villain of all!

1. Jack Nicholson as the Joker Batman

Before I get dozens of complaints from Heath Ledger fans (note-Heath Ledger is one of my favorite actors) let me refresh your memory of how evil the Jack Nicholson Joker is...

Killing the Innocent
He unleashes toxic gas on Gotham City after luring people out into the streets with free money

Killing his own crew
Example- the infamous hand buzzer scene

He shoots Bruce Wayne

His twisted infatuation with Kim Basinger
It just gives me the creeps when he holds her hostage and tries to make moves on her

He commits evil because it is funny to him
The anarchist Heath Ledger Joker is trying to prove a point, that people are dangerous. The Jack Nicholson Joker has no such ambition. He just finds pleasure out of committing crime like when he smashes the art gallery.

The reason why the Joker is #1 is because he finds humor in committing evil and has no regard for human life. It is all a game to him.

Honorable Mention- The Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz

From an early age, I learned that women would kill for shoes. Just kidding, the Wicked Witch of the West, as the name implies, is true evil covered in green. She'd kill puppies, little girls, and anyone else who would get in the way of her plans to takeover. Anyone else disturbed that she knocks out Dorothy with opium based poppies?

She also plays with her victims, "How about a little fire scarecrow?"

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