What if Dreamcast Won?

How consoles would forever change
April 08, 2009
This is the next "What if?" article, in which I invite others to explore how things could be radically different.

Now, I know what you are all thinking, how on Earth could the Dreamcast pull that off?

The answer is quite simple really- In Japan, most people purchased a PS2 because it came with a DVD player. If Dreamcast had been able to play DVD's I believe that it would have been more profitable than the PS2.

Here are some examples of how things would be different if Dreamcast won the console wars-

1. The End of Playstation-

I believe that if the Dreamcast had the ability to play DVD's the situation between the Dreamcast and the PS2 would have been much like the difference in sales between PS2 in XBOX. The PS2, though graphically superior was released later, thus giving Dreamcast time to develop a loyal fan base and time to perfect its software. Not many people know that Microsoft lost money each time it sold an XBOX. If Sony had the same dilemma they would have abandoned making video game consoles.

4. New Sega Games-

After securing a strong foothold, developers would flock to Dreamcast and many new games have been created. Castlevania Resurrection wouldn't have been cancelled and Shenmue II would definitely had made it on the Dreamcast console. Also, Nintendo would not acquire the rights to sega characters i.e. Sonic.

Castlevania Resurrection link-

3. Japanese Market Divided-

Sega, Nintendo, and Sony are all Japanese based companies and their profits would have been split due to competition. This would probably amount to less platform games, and less money to invest in next generation systems.

4. Increase in Online Gaming-

The Dreamcast was the first console to go online, thus its success would create new multiplayer games and more players would play online at an accelerated rate.

5. Golden Age of Video Arcades-

Many of the Dreamcast games were ported from arcade systems. With the boost in Dreamcast sales, arcade game developers would have increased revenue and would hencefore create new titles and arcades themselves would expand and become more popular.

6. Microsoft waits for the time to strike-

With competition between Nintendo, Sega, and Sony running hot, Microsoft decides to making 3rd party games and it expands its PC games lineup. Microsoft rolls in the money and starts research and development on a next gen system.

7. Next Gen Battle Royale-

Sony has dropped out of the console wars leaving only Nintendo and Sega left to duke it out. But wait... a new challenger approaches!

Microsoft finally makes its first console debut and after years of investments, the new system is top notch. Microsoft dominates video game sales in America but Japan remains preoccupied with the new Sega and Nintendo systems. Slowly, Microsoft becomes the world leader in terms of video game sales.


The Dreamcast was one of my favorite consoles. It had a great some great titles, many of which you could play with friends. Although it had its flaws, I just wish that Dreamcast could have hung in there a little longer.

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