Animated films part 2

Some more of my favorite animated films
November 12, 2009
I did put allot of films in the last animated films article but I managed to forget some that I really liked as a kid. Hopefully some of you have seen some of these films so you know how good they are.

This is a low budget and dated version of Aladdin. I saw this before the Disney Aladdin came out. Its ok but nothing special. It seems like one of those old Mickey Mouse cartoon's where all the expression's are exaggerated and loud.

Water babies was an ok film. Starting in live action then as soon as the kids jump into the river it turns into a cartoon. I watched this a few times as a kid a found it a fun little film.

I remember watching this film with all my family. It wasn't too bad just your average kids tale. Looking at the front cover it does make me wonder what Ralph Bakshi would have done with it.

This was a really old animated film I saw but since the Beetles had an anniversary of one there best album's I had to put this in. I enjoyed this until it got to the singing parts then I got bored not realising its more for music fans rather than kids at the time.

My Grandad would always put this on for me when I went round my grandparents house. I think its the best version of the story. Rik Mayall does Toads voice and Michael Palin as Rat. His voice was really funny in this and suited the character quite well. Michael Palin also does Rat's voice.

I have been wanting to watch this film for quite a while and manged to find it. I didn't realise it was directed by Chuck Jones again. Its quite a good version in my opinion. It might not stand out as much as the Disney film but its still good in its own way. I like Chuck Jones style so I can enjoy the film all the same.

This film is a little gem. Its not very well known and I'm not sure if they put this on at Christmas anymore. As a kid it really got me in the mood for Christmas.

This was another animated film I would watch every Christmas. As a kid I found it quite scary when it got to the ghost of Christmas future but then I suppose in every adaption he was quite creepy.

I watched this film not to long ago and quite liked it. I didn't manage to see all of it becuase I was busy but hopefully Ill get to watch all of it soon. It seems like a good fairytale story and kept me watching when I thought it was gonna be some low budget animated film.

Studio Ghibli films

Studio Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki have made some of the greatest animation films ever. There basically the Japanese version of Disney and even made them jealous on what they archived on screen. There sweeping epic adventures with great stories. The artwork is beautifully drawn and they created some really likable character's. The first Studio Ghibli film I saw was Castle In the Sky which I still think is the best film they done. They've made loads of great films but these are my favorites.

I did miss this film out in the Manga article. I only saw parts of it but since it was directed by Hayao Miyazaki I thought I would add it under the Studio Ghibli films. I think it gets quite good reviews so I'll have to watch it all soon.
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