The Many Times Homer Simpson Should Have Died

Times Homer Should Have Died
August 12, 2016
Hello everyone. Continuing on my Simpsons articles, this one is about the many times Homer Simpson should have died. I know its a cartoon but still, other people in the Simpsons have died with lesser injuries like Mod Flanders falling off the bleachers or a bit more farfetched, Frank Grimes getting electrocuted.

So here are some examples of the times Homer should have died.

1. Homer falling down the Springfield Gorge.

The guy falls down like a 1000 foot gorge while hitting sharp rocks and he should have broken basically everyone bone in his body and received severe head trauma. There is no way he should have survived. What makes it even worse is that he falls again the 2nd time. If the first one didn't finish him off, the 2nd fall should have.

2. A Bridge Closes On His Head
Ok if he could have survived the fall, there is no way he could have survived this. The bridge should have completely crushed his head. Its not like his head is made of steel and could have stopped the bridge from completely closing. Also a car runs over his head after too. It is so funny but again, he should have died.

3.Puffer Fish

OK this one he could have gotten lucky as the inexperienced chef could have cut the puffer fish properly. I still think that he could/should have died in this one as well. He ate poison from one of the most poisonous fishes in the world and lived to tell about it.

4. Hammer In The Eye
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

This one is pretty brutal. He got the back side of the hammer stuck in his eye socket. That would not only blind him in that eye but also cause brain damage. He would go into a coma and probably die.

Before everyone starts saying this is just a cartoon, I just wrote this article for the fun of it and its true if you look at it in a serious way but its all for fun so hopefully you guys liked it and laughed at the clips because they are hilarious.
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