Classic Simpsons Episodes

The best Simpsons Episodes from my younger years
April 13, 2015
I have been a hard core Simpsons fan for a long time. I remember people always talking about it when I was in grade 4 or so back in 1994. My teachers would hate on it because it was not a good show for the kids to watch. This made me want to watch it even more. I started watching it and I was hooked! The characters were awesome, the jokes (some of which I did not understand until I got older) were so funny and it was something I could come home to after school and just for 30 min. have a good laugh.

I was such a fan of this show that my brother and I had made a game up called "Simpsons Trivia". We shared a room when I used to live at home and every night we would play. We would ask such random questions as we would watch a episode and pick out the smallest detail about something to try to stump one another. Questions such as :

"What is the name of the bowling ball shining machine in the bowing ally?"

As the show progressed and went into the year 2000, it did loose some of its charm. I kinda weened off of it and almost completely stopped watching it as it did not have the same feel as it used to.

Recently MTV started airing the episodes but they were from the early 90's and I started watching them again. I forgot just how awesome the older episodes were. I know so many lines and can talk along with the show (which really annoys my fiancee) as I say what the characters will say before that say it.

So I figured I would write an article about a few of my favorite episodes from back in the day when the Simpsons were at their best.

1. Lemon Of Troy
Who could forget this episode. This reminded me of me and my friends that always fought with the "other kids" We always thought we were better. Its awesome how Bart and the crew has to sneak into Shelbyvelle to get their lemon tree back. So many epic jokes in this episode. I always hated Bart's rival as he was the "other" Bart. I always knew Bart was a better skateboarder than him.

This picture is a classic. The rivrely of Springfield Vs. Shelbyvelle.

It was awesome when the "crew" disguised themselves as citizens of Shelbyvelle. Barts wig is hilarious.

So funny how the tree lost half its side because Homer ran it over.
2. Lisa on Ice
Lisa better than Bart at sports!!! No way! This was so epic in so many ways.

This image is so funny. After Milhouse gets knocked out, they tie him up. There were so many funny parts such as how Lisa wears "Mr.Funny Bunny's" head around her neck or when Marge carries around Milhouses's teeth.

A pun on the "Mighty Ducks" I also liked how Wiggium was the coach.

But after all the heated arguments and the fighting in the background, Lisa and Bart make peace as the game ends in a tie.

3. Bart Of Darkness
This episode was my favorite ones of all time. The classic remake of the Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window". I actually believed that Flanders did kill his wife.

Again, so many funny moments. Like when Nelson said "Bart your epidermis is showing" and he falls and breaks his leg. What got me in this pick is a concerned look on Milhouses face.

I also thought it was funny how Milhouse wrote "Milpool" on Barts cast. This still makes me laugh so hard.

I would have to say the best image of this episode would be the end of the episode when Martin is standing in his broken pool and Nelson pants him. Just too much!

4. Cape Feare
This episode made me a little worried. Even though it was funny, the fact that Side Show Bob wanted to kill Bart was a bit freaky.

In my opinion, this episode is my all time favorite as it scared me also made me laugh the most as it had so many funny moments. The rake that kept hitting Bobs face, the part where the elephant walks over Bobs face (how did he survive this) and where they relocate the Simpsons and they try to make Homer think he's "Mr.Thompson"

Well that's all the episodes I would like to share. I could write about so many episodes such as "Marge Vs The Monorail" or "Dead Space Homer" the epic "Whacking Day" but then I would be writing forever.

Thank you all for reading as The Simpsons is one of my best memories from my early childhood and I hope it brought back some of your early Simpsons memories.

To those that are like me, I hope after reading this article, you will go back and watch some of the classic episodes :)

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