Classic Simpsons Halloween Episodes

Favorite Simpsons Halloween Episodes
April 27, 2015
Hello everyone. This is the second installment of my favorite Simpsons episodes but this will one will be about my favorite Halloween episodes from the past. As I had mentioned in my previous article "" the Simpsons were at their best in their earlier years and that also goes for their "Tree House Of Horror" Halloween episodes. I looked forward to these special episodes every year and some of them actually scared me bit when I was young. Thanks and please enjoy.

Bad Dream House

This episode was pretty freaky if you think about it. It was sort of a spoof on the the movie "Poltergeist". The pictures above do look pretty scary, especially when your a little kid.

You see the Simpsons kids and Homer walking around with knives and chanting wanting to stab each other. Also pretty freaky when Marge walks in with the groceries and sees the walls bleeding. The music was pretty creepy too.

Nightmare Cafeteria

Now this episode was scary because when I was little, I thought this could be true. The thought of being eaten at school for lunch is crazy. When I saw Lunch Lady Doris come out of the back room with blood covered all over the place, I knew the Simpsons were taking the Halloween episodes to a whole new level.

Martin caged up in the little jail cell to get fattened up and the one part of the episode that always stuck with me was when Milhouse fell into that huge blender. Man oh man.

Bart Simpson's Dracula
This episode wasn't as scary as it was cool to me. I always thought it would have been cool to be a vampire. Especially if all your friends were vampires too. You could just go around doing vampire things all night. Of course it was a spoof of "Bram Stokers Dracula" with Mr.Burns being Dracula. I liked in the ending when Lisa and Homer had to go and hunt Burns down and drive a stake through his heart. Homer missed the first time and put it through his crotch.

The Shinning

This one of probably one of my favorites. Obviously its a parody of "The Shining" but at the time, I did not know that. This one was truly one of the scariest episodes.

Homer going crazy "no TV and no beer make Homer go crazy". Imagine your dad freaking out and trying to kill you. The scene where the blood flows out of the elevator and the music starts playing, super freaky. I liked the ending where they all freeze and Homer starts to feel crazy again. One of the best episodes of all time.

Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace

I saved the best one for last. This episode actually hit me hard as I was actually afraid of Freddy Kruger as a child. I remember watching those movies as a little kid and having nightmares about it.

So when the Simpsons made a parody of the "Nightmare On Elm" street, I had to watch it even though it was a cartoon it still scared me as much.

Picking Grounds Keeper Willy to be Freddy was genius. I was also freaked out by the picture of Martin and how he looked after he died. In the end though, Maggie came and saved the day.

Well thank you everyone for reading, hope these episodes brought back some childhood memories for yourself and please let me know what your favorite Simpsons Halloween episodes were as I am sure I have missed out some other classic ones.

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