Top 10 Arcade Games

Personal opinion of my favorite arcade games.
September 29, 2008
I have been gone for awhile but felt it was time to write a new article. I have decided to write a top 10 list of arcade games that are fondest in my memories. This is by no means a list of the best but merely a list of my most fondly remembered games.

#10. My Hero - This game was made by Sega in 1985. You play the main character Steven and must rescue your girlfriend Remy. You go through the level and fight an end boss. You had the chance to save a bystander and if you did they would fight with you until they died. The game was simple but did offer some challenge to me back when I played this. I was bout 8 or 9 at the time. Regardless I have fond memories of it.

#9. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja - This game was made by Data East in 1986. You play the hero Kid Niki and as usual during this time you must rescue your kidnapped girlfriend, Princess Margo, who has been kidnapped by the evil Stone Wizard. Your main attack was with a spinning sword. This was a typical side scroller but was a lot of fun.The art style is what really made this game stand out to me as a kid.

#8. Double Dragon - This game was made by Technos Japan in 1987. This time you play as either Billy or Jimmy Lee. Since this was the 80's your girlfriend is kidnapped and it is your job to save her. This was a side scrolling beat-em-up. You would fight guys and girls with your fists, feet, and even weapons that you could find. This game was best played with a friend. I can't even begin to think how many quarters I pumped into this machine.

#7. Street Fighter 2 - This game was made by Capcom and came out in 1991. This game is a fighting game and pitted you against the computer or another player. This game really put fighting games on the map. When it first came out it would not be unusual to see a dozen kids lined up to play. The characters were well done and the sense of fighting was top notch. The original is what I remember playing more than all the semi sequels they put out later.

#6. Killer Instinct 2 - This game was made by Rare and came out in 1996. The was another fighting game that had decent graphics and decent characters. The thing I loved most about this was the combos and combo breakers. This game had some fatality like moves you could do also. My friends and I would play this all the time trying to out do each other for combo numbers.

#5. The Simpsons - This game was made by Konami and came out in 1991. This was a 4 player beat-em-up that featured characters from the Simpons tv show. You could play as Homer, Marger, Bart, or Lisa. In the game Maggie is kidnapped by Smithers because she has a diamond that Mr. Burns wants. The Simpsons set out to rescue her. This game was great to play with 3 other friends and the graphics were spot on the cartoon. The levels and enemies came straight from the show. That was one of the best parts of the game. It was like playing an episode of the Simpsons.

#4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - This game was also made by Konami but came out earlier than the Simpson in 1989. This was based off the TV series that I loved. Just like the Simpsons it was a 4 player beat-em-up that let you play as any of the 4 turtles. The enemies where your standard foot soldiers along with bosses that were main bad guys. I remember playing this every day after school with 3 other friends. We would skip eating lunch so we could spend that money on this game. It was just that much more fun than eating school lunch.

#3. Punch-Out!! - This was a boxing game made by Nintendo in 1984. You were a green haired character who when displayed on the screen was a green wire frame. You had your standard punches and what was called a Knock Out punch. This game had very memorable cartoon like fighter to square off against. It was so much fun learning how to dodge and tell the signs of the other fighters. My friends and I would play to see who could get the farthest. I usually did pretty well but had a friend who could practically beat it on one quarter.

#2. Out Run - This game was made by Sega in 1986. This was not so much a racing game as it was a driving game. You did not race other cars just the time. At this time it was as close as I could get to driving a car. It had a steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake pedal. You drove a Ferrari and could choose your path that you drove at the many forks in the road you could take. I remember the music from the game the most. It just had a way of sticking with you. Too this day I never made it to the end of this. I always seemed to run out of quarters.

#1. Super Mario Bros. - This was made by Nintendo and released in 1985. I won't go into detail about this one because I am sure everyone know what this game is. I will just talk about why I loved it so much. This game was just so addictive. It was challenging but could be mastered. I was only 7 or 8 when I first saw this and from the moment I set my eyes on it I knew I had to play it. This was another game that my friends and I would take turns seeing who could get the farthest. This one I usually did the best.

So there you have some of my fondest remembered arcade games. If there is some feedback I may do another batch of 10 games that I liked. I hope this brought back some memories for some of you or at least shined a light on something you may have missed. Thanks for reading.
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