Another 10 Arcade Games

Another look at some favorite arcade games.
October 24, 2008
Thanks to all for the comments on my last article. It has inspired me to do another 10 arcade games that are near and dear to me. This list is not of the best games but a look at ones that I liked. So without further ado here is the list

10. X-Men - When this came out I was a huge X-Men fan and this was like one of the best beat-em-ups that had ever been made. If you found the right cabinet you and up to 5 other people could battle it out with The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The 6 characters you could fight as were Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler. You could also build up your mutant powers and unleash them on enimies. This game was so great when it came out. The graphics were spot on and the story of Professor X and Kitty Pryde being kidnapped topped if off. If you have a chance to play this I suggest you do.

9. WWF Wrestlefest - I was huge into wrestling in the late 80's and early 90's. This game gave me what I wanted. The chance to be some of WWF greatest stars and to beat up on other wrestlers. Here is the list of wrestlers you could be in the game. Hulk Hogan,Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect,Earthquake,Ted DiBiase,Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Big Boss Man,Sgt. Slaughter,Smash and Crush of Demolition, and Hawk and Animal of Legion of Doom. The graphics were a bit cartoony but looked good. This game was so much fun to play against friends. There were other wrestling games but this one always got my money because of the WWF license.

8. Golden Axe - This was another beat-em-up, only this time with weapons. You could also summon magic to put a hurt on your enemies. You could play as male barbarian who wielded a broad sword, a dwarf who wielded an battle axe, or a female amazon who wielded a long sword. You could also find dragons and chicken like creatures to ride on and battle with. This game had great stage designs and even better bosses. I remember beating this several times but always coming back for more.

7. Strider - This was a side scrolling action game that featured a ninja like guy named Strider Hiryu who had a huge sword. You could grapple onto ledges and pick up power ups that helped you fight the enemies. There were some large bosses and a very soviet theme throughout the game. I remember being blow away by how well this game controlled and the graphics. The music was even very memorable.

6. Splatter House - This was another side scrolling action game. This did not have as much action as Strider but made up for it with gore. This was one of the 1st games that I can remember that came off with a horror movie vibe. Needless to say, this was right up my alley. You played Rick who visits a house with his girlfriend Jennifer for a school project. Inside they run into some baddies and during the fight Rick is knocked out and Jennifer is kidnapped. When Rick wakes up he has a mask on (that makes him look a lot like Jason) and you must rescue Jennifer. You fight all kinds of zombies, ghosts, and other nasty creatures. This game was so much fun that I actually own the cabinet now.

5. Bad Dudes - This came out in 1988 from Data East. This game could not have a more generic plot but was a lot of fun to play. The story of the game is that president Ronnie is kidnapped by ninjas and it is up to the two Bad Dudes to save him. This is a side scrolling beat em up that made beating up bad guys a lot of fun. Karnov from the Data East game even made an appearance as one of the Bosses. I remember pumping quarters into this game with friends and I can still remember the sounds of this one. So much fun.

4. Mortal Kombat II - This is a fighting game from Midway that came out in 1993. This game was such an improvement over the first that I was hooked from the 1st time I looked at it. This introduced many new characters and fatalities. Now instead of just 1 fatality you could do 2 different ones for each character. They also added a few new moves too. I loved the acid pit stage and hitting my friends into it once I beat them. Nothing says HA HA like knocking someone into acid only to see their skeleton float back up.

3. Paper Boy - This game came out in 1984 from Atari Games. The object was to deliver papers to subscribers and avoid obstacles. The game had a handle bar control that was just awesome for its time. Nothing like the thrill of getting the high score on this. The game really ramped up it's difficulty as you got further into it. You could break out windows and hit people with papers while you delivered on your daily route.

2. Daytona USA - This was a racing game released in 1993 from Sega. If you were lucky you would be able to find the cabinets that were linked together. I remember playing with 8 of them linked at our county fair. This was the ultimate game to see who was the best with a large group of friends. The game was simple but oh so addictive. Your car could take damage and as a result would control worse or not go as fast. You could change how your view was. You could race from the driver's seat or behind the car. Just writing about this makes me want to go race some friends.

1. Chase HQ - This was a racing game that came out in 1988 from Taito. This game did have a bit of a difference. You play a cop and are chasing a different criminal each stage. I think this was so much fun because it was different at the time from other racers. Also being a cop that drove a Porsche 928 was pretty cool. The cabinet was a stand up with a stearing wheel, brake and gas pedal. It was a lot like outrun only you got to crash into the criminals cars. I had a lot of good times with this.

Well that is the conclusion of another 10 arcade games that I fondly remember. I hope you enjoyed it and once again it the demand is there I could do another 10.
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