Battle Beasts

One of my favorite toys from the 80's.
April 13, 2007

Battle Beasts came out in 1986 from the Hasbo company. They were 1" figures that came with a weapon and had a heat sensitive holographic sticker on their chest. The sticker could be either wood, fire, or water. Depending on the sticker that would let you know who could beat who. Wood beat water, fire beat wood, and water beat fire. Simple but oh how much fun I had with them.

Each figure was a mix between a man and an animal. They were sold in 2 packs and 8 packs.

In addition to the figures they also released chariots for each element. These were like vehicles and you could pull them back and they would zip away. I usually just made them crash into one another.

They also released playsets for each one too. Each playset when collapsed was like a large vehicle. You could open them up and it was like a base for the figures. Man did I love these.

Some of my favorite figures were the lion, bat, crab, and cobra. I always made them beat everyone up. They released 3 series of figures in all. Four if you count the laser beast but I don't really remember them.

They did have some very rare 4th element figures that were randomly packed into packages. The element was known as Sun Burst. This beat all the other 3 elements. I remember that I acutally got one. It was on my birthday and I got an 8 pack and one of the figures was a sun burst. Best birthday ever. I hope you enjoyed my article and I really hope these will get brought back much like other toys from my child hood.

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