Top Ten He-Man Figures

List of my favorite He-Man figures from when I was a kid.
December 03, 2008
I recently had to clean out some storage and ran across my old He-Man figures. I feel it is time I did a personal top ten list on my favorite figures and why they are held in high regard. This list will be in no particular order.

10. Trap-Jaw - He was my 1st He-Man figure I ever got. I know most people probably got He-Man first. Well not me. I saw him and thought he was totally cool. I mean he had a mechanical arm that you could put a claw, hook, or laser cannon on. Also just look at his face. He was menacing and to me was the coolest. I remember him being my strongest figure and he beat up all my other figures all the time. He soon had other He-Man figures to tend with but held his own in my world of He-Man.

9. Tri-Klops - I remember the day I got him. My mom brought him home from one of her shopping sprees and I loved this guy. He had a ring on his head that had 3 different sets of eyes and you could make him look different. The thing that really set him off was his sword. It was by far the biggest sword and I liked it so much more than even He-Man's sword. I think that at one time I made it more powerful that all the other weapons and He-Man used it.

8. Clawful - This was a big lobster/crab guy. You just had to love that he had a huge pincher to torture the good guys. As you can see I had a love for the bad guys. They were always the coolest. Anyways Clawful never was all that powerful in my world but he always paired up with another guy to get info out of my good guys. I had him use his big claw to clamp down on their heads to get the info out.

7. Thunder Punch He-Man - This was my favorite He-Man figures. I loved that he used caps and you could pull back his arm to get him to punch. Each punch set off the caps that were stored in his back. When I got this figure he was top dog and no one could stand up to him. That was how powerful his punch was. I rarely had him use a sword. He just punched everyone.I must have went through a ton of caps because of this figure.

6. Roboto - This guy was a robot and at the time robots to me were all the rage. It was essentially a remake of Trap-Jaw but you know how I feel about that figure. He had a had that you could change weapons on. His weapons were an ax, laser, and claw. The thing that made him stand out was his clear body. You could see his robotics and that was just cool to me. He was always second string to my Thunder Punch He-Man though.

5. Modulok - This character was from the Evil Horde figures. The thing about him is how he was a lot of different parts that you could make him how ever you wanted. More of a puzzle than a figure. I saw him in the store and had to have him. I had to beg for hours while my mom shopped just to get him. When I got him home I rearranged him for hours. I had different set up for him depending on what he was doing. This was a great figure.

4. King Hiss - We were on vacation when I got this guy. From the picture he doesn't look that great. Well that is just his shell. You take it off and under neath is a guy that is made up of just snakes. Talk about evil and a perfect bad guy. He would pretend to be a good guy and would always shed his skin and try to kill He-Man. I think I even had him kill Skeletor in my world.

3. Ninjor - This guy was a ninja. It was like they knew I wanted a ninja figure. He was supposed to be an evil ninja but I made him a good guy. He worked with He-Man to take over Snake Mountain. He would be all sneaky and would take bad guys out with no problem.He came out near the end of my days playing with He-Man so I never played with him as much as my other figures. It is a shame he had to come out so late.

2. Scare Glow - Like Ninjor he came out near the end for me so I didn't get to play with him as much. He was supposed to be the ghost of Skeletor. This worked out since I had King Hiss kill Skeletor. Just look at this guy and you know he was not to be messed with. I loved that he glowed in the dark and and was all skeleton like. I had him take over as leader once I got him. He had no problem killing King Hiss since nothing could hurt him except for a Thunder Punch.

1. Skeletor - I think he was the 3rd or 4th figure I ever got and probably played with the most. I mean he was leader of the bad guys until I had King Hiss kill him off. I always loved the fact that he had a skull for a face. I guess it just made him that much more cool. I also like that his sword could attach to He-Man's and I always made that the ultra sword that no one could defend against. I remember drawing him in my school books when I was in school. That is how much I dug him.

Well that is it. I hope I brought back some memories. He-Man toys were the 1st toys I can remember really getting into as a kid. I think I may pass these figures off to my kid someday. Well maybe I will.
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