Top 10 SNES Games

These are some of the best SNES games out there, if you remember these, you win.
October 03, 2007
10 SNES Games That Rocked Faces Off:

10: The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings was a phenomenal puzzle/action/platformer that had hilarious dialog, and great puzzle gameplay. If you can manage to find a cartridge for this one, pick it up!

9: Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II was one of my first RPG addictions, I played through this game 6 times in a month, because that friggin' robot of Babil is so annoying! My characters were practically maxed out for that time in the game and he used that friggin 9999 damage attack, GAH!! Thanks Cure 3! Get this one if you can, another great game under Squaresoft.

8: Super Metroid

Super Metroid is one of the best side-scrolling shooters of all time, hands down. This game had me on the edge of my seat whenever I was fighting the bosses, Phantoom being the most annoying, the storyline in this game is phenomenal, even though it is implied throughout the actual gameplay, rather than described, it is still an amazing game that any SNES owner should have, if you don't have this game for your SNES, either buy it or throw your SNES out.

7: Terranigma

Ahh, Terranigma, an amazing action RPG, much in the styles of Secret of Mana, but a little bit more advanced. This game takes fruitful advantage of Mode 7 for the Overworld and some of the cutscenes, which instantly makes this game badass, without even having the mention the extraordinary gameplay and character systems, with a vast array of spells and items to use to kill the numerous monsters in all of the teeming dungeons with gigantic awesome bosses!
6: Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore is the Secret of Mana game that NEVER got enough attention as a child. Although the game sold fairly well in USA, everywhere else it bombed. Why? Because people didn't know what a good game was at that time, and for their ignorance they missed out on another excellent action RPG. You get followed by a dog, that you can name Mittens if you wanted to, that will help you fight enemies, sniff out items, and die at the worst possible times! Pick this one up, eBay it if you can't find a still functioning Funcoland hanging on to it's last breath.

5: Secret of Mana

The "Secret" game that DID get some good attention and was still amazing. The music is so cheerful and the sprites are bright and colorful, which had me addicted for hours upon hours at a time. This game, being one of the best Action RPG's out there, definitely deserves your money if you can find it, the parties and combat system were so cool and unique that I couldn't stop until I realized that it had been 6 or so hours of playing.

4: Contra III: The Alien Wars

Ahh, good old Contra games. Konami at it's best. Contra III is another great SNES game that made excellent use of Mode 7 with the top down action sequences. Contra III had variable routes you could take throughout the game, making you choose which level you wanted to go to. The bosses of course were huge, vile, and disgusting, and the levels were packed full of enemies. Contra is great because this game requires REAL skill, because when you die with one hit, you need to know how to move, when to shoot, and where to aim. Definitely get this one, but only if you are ready for hours of frustration before you reach the ultimate satisfaction.

3: Act Raiser

If you can remember Nickelodeon Arcade, then you can remember Act Raiser. Act Raiser is an amazing combination of Simulation and Action Platformer. There's one part where you protect your new town from enemies while guiding their development by using your Angel. Afterwards, you will find where the main demon is and you will have to enter his lair as "The Master" and take out the evil demon causing the plight throughout your land. Eventually you have all of your prosperous town and you must face the final challenge of ALL the bosses over again and the final boss. Grab it if you can find it, and play it until you beat it. The nostalgia is almost too much to handle.

2: Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 3... If I were a child, still using AIMSpeak, I would have to say "OMGLOL!!!11! dis gAme OwNzzzZZzzZz!!!1!!11one", but since I'm not, I'm 18 years old as hell, I'll have to say "HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS FARKING AMAZING!" But to be more specific, EXCELLENT use of Mode 7 on the overworld, the music is amazing, the storyline is even better, and the last boss music is so good you will have to slap yourself to keep fighting instead of listening. Kefka is one tough cookie if you don't use the whole "dual wield Atma Weapons, Offering, and Genji Glove" trick. There isn't much more I can say about this game because you have to just PLAY IT! Don't bother with the Nintendo DS FF3 game, its horrible and makes Crystal Chronicles look half-playable.

1: Chrono Trigger

By far the best SNES game you could ever own. This is the best RPG out of Squaresoft ever, and nothing will ever compare to it. The storyline is so in depth and shocking that you will literally have "WTF?" moments as you're playing. There are 10 different endings, including a developers' ending which lets you talk to the creators of the game! The characters are all interactive, with the Dual Techs and Triple Techs, each character can learn new moves to do with OTHER characters to really deal some damage! The music in this game is so good, you will sell your Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack so you can buy this one! The different endings and phenomenal gameplay tied in with eargasmic music and an overall solid combat system, this game gets a 10000/10. Buy it now. If you have an extra 100 or so dollars.
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