My favorite 90's shows

An overview of some shows that kept me inside totally captivated by the television
March 12, 2007
Living in the 90's, I've almost been raised by the television. Some could find that alarming but when I think about some shows I used to watch and about how good they were, I know it's not. So let's stop blabbing and go straight to the point.

This show was the first CGI show to be aired on televison! It told the tales of sprites living in a computer,the Mainframe, which was constantly attacked by viruses: first, Megabyte and later in the story by hexadecimal, his sister. The show centered around Bob,a guardian whose role was to keep viruses at bay, Dot, who was ALMOST Bob's girlfriend and Dot's younger brother, Enzo a young mischievous boy who liked video games very much.

Bob, Frisket (Enzo's dog), Enzo and Dot.

And video games were the point of the show. In each episode, the user of the computer (one of us) would put a game in the mainframe and the guardians had to beat the user or the binomes (the creatures populating the mainframe) would be turned in parasites called ''Nulls''.


The first and second seasons were really funny and light-hearted, but with the third season, the story took a darker tone. Bob was missing, the mainframe was chaotic, and Enzo, now grown-up and called Matrix, was desperatly trying to find Bob and to keep control over the mainframe. That's the season I preferred due to the more mature look of the characters and of the great storyline.

Mature Enzo

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Zeo
Yeah I know you're all asking why did he watch that?! The original was better! Well you're right but I was to young to watch the original.:P And I liked their suits... I never understood anything of it as I live in Qu├ębec and back then I didn't understand English. But the fighting scenes, especially the ones with the giant robots were so cool, it still hypnotized me. I watched the most recent power ranger show and as I understood this time, I told myself: '' Man, it's so stupid''. But I realized it was also when I was watching but I couldn't realize as I was not understanding a single word...

Dragon Ball Z

For the ones who do not already know what Dbz tells, it's the story of a saiyan( an alien) called Goku who defends the Earth against other aliens doing Kung-Fu. Clear enough?
This show was one of the best for any little boy on the planet. I mean who could have refused a show that featured fighting, blood, super powers and giant monkeys?

The only little problem was that the show was really slow going. It could take fifteen episodes just to have Goku throw a punch at his adversary. And worst, my television network had only bought the episodes until Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Earth. So just when they were about to land on Earth, poof! the serie returned to the beginning. Never had a bigger frustration.

The Mysterious cities of gold
This show was a Japanese/French production that told the story of Esteban, nicknamed the son of the sun due to his ability to get the clouds to disappear, that goes on a travel to the New World, where he meets Zia, a young Inca and Tao, an aboriginal from an advanced civilisation. Together, they discover the sercrets of the empire of Heva...

This show was a piece of art. They music was wonderful, the drawings were beautiful and the story was full of rebounds and quite complex. Not the average stupidities that we give to kids. There even was a little documentary at the end of each episode to help understand the matters seen in the episode. An educative and really entertaining show.

Tao, Esteban and Zia

Esteban's flying ship, the Condor

I hope you enjoyed my article and that it helped you out to remember good memories.
Watch out for an another article!
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