Teeny Boppin' In The 90's

A Brief Look Back At My Favorite Shows, Celebs, and Crushes
July 28, 2014
Let me begin by saying that for whatever reason, I decided to cancel my previous retro-junk account. I quickly came to regret that. Although not my first article, this is my first one under my new username. Feel free to read my other submissions under the username of ray229. Now that that's out of the way, allow me to begin my latest piece.

I realize that the 90's had so many fads and trends. Too numerous to count. Anyone who has read any of my previous articles may notice that I leave out certain things. I do this because I want my articles to be a little more personal. I choose to write about the things I personally liked, used, wore, watched, listened to, or remembered best as opposed to just naming and listing off things that happened to be popular at the time.

For this article I wanted to take a look back at some of the shows and celebs that I was more or less obsessed with during the 90's. So here we go!

Christina Ricci used to be my absolute most favorite actress. I wanted to be Christina Ricci. I saw nearly every single movie she made during the 90's. I have to say Now and Then is my favorite. I remember Bop Magazine used to have a couple pages in the back with addresses of celebrities you could write to. I wrote to Christina Ricci and weeks later received the "autographed" photo below.

The signature on my photo was there but not very clear, I remember writing over it so it was more visible. And although I highly doubt it was authentic, I know my rewrite just ruined it.

I did this one other time and it was for The Spice Girls.

Being a redhead myself, I naturally took to Ginger Spice. At one point I had exactly 100 pictures of the Spice Girls on my wall. I owned the movie and both albums. I was a woman obsessed! I was also the only person I knew who openly liked the Spice Girls. My friends never really took to them the way I had. Just like I had done with Christina Ricci, I had sent a letter to the Spice Girls. By the time I got a response, Ginger had left the group and I was of course devastated. Not to mention a little ticked off when this is the picture I received back in the mail:

No Ginger Spice. What's the point?!

Like I said above I was a frequent reader of Bop Magazine. As well as Tiger Beat.

I used to spend what seemed like hours in the magazine aisle in my local Stater Bros. just reading and drooling. There were times when we couldn't afford the latest issues, but lucky for me the library at my Jr. High used to have them. I'm slightly ashamed to admit it now, but I used to very carefully and quietly rip out the posters and centerfolds, take 'em home and hang up on my wall. Desperate times called for desperate measures. How else was I supposed to keep up with all the latest on J.T.T and Devon Sawa?!

I loved Christina Ricci, but I couldn't help but be irrationally ticked that she got to kiss Devon in not one, but two movies!

I also had (and still do) a fondness for Melissa Joan Hart. I watched her explain it all on Nickelodeon and then I saw her work her magic on TFIG.

"Na na na na na...way cool!"

I love that I can watch these shows with my daughter and she loves them just as much as I do. We were even able to get our favorite season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch autographed:

Along with my Little Mermaid lunchbox, this is one of my favorite things that I own.
Another Nickelodeon show that deserves an honorable mention: The Secret World Of Alex Mack

This show did a good job of making me tense every week. I was always worried that Alex's secret would be exposed.

When I was a teen, there two shows that had me glued to the WB every week. The first (and I'm embarrassed to admit) is Dawson's Creek.

I recently watched the entire series again on Netflix and I can't believe how bad it is. The writing, the acting, the lame theme song. Oh my goodness. But back then I was in such awe. I loved how they used big words and I loved Pacey. Now when I look back all I can see is this horrible cry face:

The other show was Felicity.

Felicity had all the makings of a really good teen/young adult drama. Good acting, good score and music choices and an overall near perfect first season. Later on unfortunately it also shared the same lameness of Dawson's Creek. Round and round with the love interests and basically zero character development (with the exception of Megan) and don't get me started on her haircut or the whole time travel storyline. At least Ben and Noel were nice to look at.

My article would not be complete if I left out my biggest crush during the 90's. For as obsessed as I was with the Spice Girls, it was even worse with The Backstreet Boys. Or more specifically Brian Littrell:

I cried when I found out he was getting married

I made my Mom drive me all over town looking for this Rolling Stone. I had to have it!

At the end of all my articles I'm always amazed at how blessed I was to grow up in that time. It may be a little embarrassing, but I can honestly say that I appreciate it all more now than I ever did before. I can't imagine being kid or teenager these days. I can barely stomach all the celebrities teens today have to look up to. But don't get me started on all that. Anyway, that's all from me. Hope you enjoyed this.

Oh and honorable mention to Saved By The Bell. I always thought Kelly (Tiffany Thiessen) was the prettiest girl in the whole world. Like her I had a hard time choosing between Zack and Slater. Also like Kelly I too eventually fell victim to the Zack Attack. But kudos to Slater for co-starring in only the best fictional commercial ever made!

"Buddy Bands. Hey, they work!"
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