Weird merchandizing pt.1

Here's a list of a few licensed products that are way too weird...
April 09, 2007
I think that my first article lacked originality, so I decided to come back with an article on originality itself! I'll show you a list of weird products inspired from a few licenses that are really...special. So, good reading!

Harry Potter

With the millions of readers and with even more people who have seen the movie, it's no wonder that Warner Bros. wants to make profit from such a license. Even though J.K. Rowling hates it...

Harry Potter plates-

I know they're not the first one to do that but I still find the idea a little weird. You know eating in the face of Harry Potter or Ron never attracted me so much. But if you dream of seeing Hermione full of sauce, then this is for you.

Floating pen

It is really a gadget, but I swear you'll be the coolest guy at work with that pen. Or they'll burn you for sorcellery.

DVD + ties pack

Oh my god! Who would wear that!? Harry Potter ties! Can you imagine yourself meeting someone for a job wearing that! Me neither.

Harry Potter Ice Pumpkin Slushie maker
What?! I woudn't even want to know how it must smell!

Moaning Myrtle lavatory seat alarm

I know you won't believe me so here's a link taht proves that this does exist:

This seat will start screaming when you sit on it.I know, this is totally ridiculous. Except if you dream of sitting on Moaning Myrtle's face of course.


We all know that japanese are champions in weird ideas and in America, a kid's been directing the merchandizing for a while. So you can expect a lot of weirdness...

Mudkip poncho

Wow! Avoid getting wet with style. And get rocks thrown at you by kids at school. This is really too stupid, even the kid looks stupid!
Pikachu Bop Bag

Now, that's a good idea! All this time I dreamed of hitting Pikachu in the face! I'll buy one!

Pokemon perfume

For those who want to smell like a Pokemon. But can I remember you that they're animals that spend their days fighting each other in the dirt? Do you really want to smell like that?

Pokémon planes!
American version

Japanese version

This flight was proposed by the company ANA flights. The company still exist but I'm not too sure for this flight. These planes were Boeing 747 decorated to theme of Pokémon. But it doesn't stop here. Inside, the seat were also decorated:

Even the hostesses were specially dressed!

And they made you play a pokemon game:

They served you water in pokemon glasses:


Every boy on the Earth has dreamed to be Spider-Man one day or another. And that, the companies understood that.

Spider-man Remotely controlled UFO

I give ten points to the first one who will explain the link between Spider-man and an UFO!

Spiderman Head Lil' Sipper

Sip Spidey's brain kids! Yay!

Spider-man dog costume

Wow! Now the canine fans of Spider-man can disguise into their hero! But wait, do you know a dog that can read a comic book?!

Spider-man infant costume

Of course babies can read comic books! The dog taught them!

So that's all for today I hope you enjoyed and stay alert for more weird merchandizing!
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