What the 80's are to me

Remember saturday mornings, birthdays, christmas in the 80's?
February 26, 2007
What did it mean to grow up in the 80's? The 80's was not just a decade. No, it was a lifestyle. I remember waking up on saturday mornings, like it was Christmas. The great shows that you could not see on weekdays. I grew up watching Saturday supercade on CBS, Kissyfur on NBC, and of course, Buggs Bunny on ABC. this was before the days when FOX was around, so saturday mornings revolved around the big three networks. Today, you can turn your t.v. on saturday mornings and you can watch the news, infomercials, or some anime cartoon that is just like all the others. That is the main problem with cartoons today. Every cartoon that comes on is basically the same as the one that went off thirty minutes before. Sorry, i did not mean to go off on a rant, but if there are so many people like us in the world, why isn't there a channel on t.v. that shows nothing but cartoons (and some live action) shows from the 80's.

When you turned seven, where did you have your birthday? Did you go to Chuck E. Cheese?
Did you go to Mc. Donalds? Maybe you went to the skating rink? Where do children have there birthday parties today? I go to Mc. Donalds all the time, no birthdays there. The only Chuck E. Cheese near my house is in the worst part of town, and there are very few skating rinks around my house.

Where do children have their birthday parites at. When i was growing up, Mc. Donalds was THE PLACE to have your birthday party. I was never much of a skater, but a lot of my friends had their party at the skating rink. My neice had her birthday party at a place called Libby Loues ( i think thats how it is spelled). I went to this, it was at a department store, little girls only. They take them in this little shop, cover thier faces with makeup, put on some little outfits, then they have a fake music video shoot, then its over. Plus, all the little girls want you to spend tons of money on all the accesories that go with thier new little look. I don't think I would want my five year old daughter go to something like this.

I guess my final thoughts are on Christmas presents now. Toys to be more exact. When I was growing up, Christmas was a time of year that you got new toys,, oh sure, you got a few during the year, and for your birthday, but Christmas was the time to get all your big toys. Toys today are very crappy. Where are the Omega Supremes, the G.I.Joe aircraft carriers? where are all the cool big toys?

Now i see that the big toys are some kind of guy with huge hair, who plays with trading cards. Sounds like fun to me, yippy!!!!

I can see why kids grow up so fast now, there is no reason to be a kid anymore. Where are all the fun things that we had as children? they did not follow a natural progression. They were totally blown off the map and replaced by things that no one could possibly care about. It is a sad time we live in, truely sad.
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