How cool were you?

Tight rolled pants, rebok high tops, friendship bracelets. When fasion was fun.
March 02, 2007
How cool could you have been growing up in the 80's or even early 90's? Do you remember tight rolling your jeans? I can!!!! I had a pair of levis (just about the coolest pair of jeans you could own!) with on knee worn out, acid washed. We would tight roll them before we went to hangout at the skating rink.

I also seem to remember the big muscle pants craze. Everyone just had to have a pair. I think that is why M.C. Hammer became so popular.

In fact, remember Cyndi Lauper? Just imagine what would have became of 90's fashion if we had continued down that road. Wouldn't it be great? I think so. I mean who didn't have a boyhood crush on Andie Walsh ( Molly Ringwald from Pretty In Pink)? Or if you were really into wayout fashion and/or liked older women, your crush might have been on Iona. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
It still amazes me to think what was in style when i was growing up. I still see some of these looks and think "Wow that is soo cool". I can just imagine how cool they will still look in 50 years!

I also remeber what shoes were in style when i was growing up. In the mid 80's Reebok hightops were king.

Of course some people who were kinda on the lower rungs of our social ladder wore L.A. Gear, the ones with two different laces.

Now what would an article about 80's fashion be without talking about friendship bracelets?

Do you remember these? I bet you had so many you couldn't eaven bend your wrist. Of couse the more you had, the more popular you were. There was alway the problem about them betting dirty or faded. But you just couldn't throw them away, could you?
Fashion sure have changed alot since the time we grew up. I find myself now wearing things that would have labled me a nerd when I was a child.
We should start a revolt. They cant change the way we all dress. Big hair, acid washed jeans, tight-rolled of course, Reebok hightops, with our friendship bracelets all up our arms, taking Molly Ringwald to the big dance. Eat your heart out Ducky
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