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Growing up, getting old, getting fat etc
June 12, 2009
I was sitting at work thinking about all the people I've ever known, all the friends that have come and gone as well as all the things we used to do together. The simple fact that the gray box sitting in my closet that we call a Playstation used to be the "new" and "cool" thing. I remember getting home from a long day of skateboarding, sitting down with a 2 liter soda and a fast food burger and playing Tekken 3 for hours on end. I now need to take breaks from staring at the television because my eyesight starts to get blurry during the hour long Worms and Call of Duty 4 sessions. There was a time that the bands NOFX and Rancid were new to me. I really wanted a 32X for my Sega Genesis. Summer vacations were the best, and I'm willing to fight to get those back (who is with me?). I am getting old, it is a fact. I can't believe I am 28 years old. I remember my first part-time job, I worked as a bus-boy at a local bar, it was always exciting at that place. Now work sucks, I sit at a computer day after day bored out of my skull. Worse than work is when you realize you are going bald and getting fat. I can't drink like I used to either, I used to drink close to a case when I went out to parties but now I usually stop at two if that. I'm becoming the people my friends and I used to swear we would never become.... Oh well... at least it gave me inspiration for a comic.
I understand not everyone was into punk rock and skateboarding growing up but you can just replace those specifics with just about anything else you have been passionate about in your life. I hope some of you out there can relate to this. This is more about how I feel at this current moment.
I never planned to post this up on Retrojunk.com, but after I finished it I realized that I was being very nostalgic when I put this together. Although it does not touch on the standard Retrojunk topics I felt this was still relevant. Hope you enjoy it:

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