The Top Cop Duos

A look at the cop duos that made it cool to be a cop
By pop
March 27, 2008

Hello everyone, this is my first time here and I must say this is the best site ever created. I love watching fun stuff that takes me back to my childhood. Enough said about me HA HA HA, I'm going to talk about my first article which is about great Cop Duos we all know and love. I was born in 1985 so from the late 80's era through the whole 90's era I watched a couple of good Cop Duos that really took it to the level like no other in Film and Televison.

Here is my list of crime fighting teams that I feel dominated U.S.A and the world in my opinion.

10. Detectives James "Sonny" Crocket and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs-Miami Vice

Watching this show, it was the first time I knew Miami and saw how beautiful it was. These two really cleaned up the streets of Miami as a team and was not going to let anything stop them. Sonny lived in a sailboat guarded by his alligator Elvis. His partner Tubbs was a black New York cop looking for his brother's killer. They worked as deep undercover criminals to bring down the criminal activities of southern Florida. Together they took on the Florida drug world.

9. Officers Alex J. Murphy and Anne Lewis- Robocop

When I this movie, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I always wanted to be like Robocop and I felt nobody could touch him. These two really worked good together and would go against anyone till the fight is done. With all the bad crime happening in Detriot, cops don't have enough support to stop the gangs. Just assigned to the Metro West Precint, officer Murphy is gunned down during a bust by a ruthless gang and his partner Lewis wasn't able to do anything to help him. A private organism Omni Consomer Products (OCP) gains control of the law enforcement to ensure an urban pacification program. A young executive Bob Morton gets the chance to create a crime fighting robot and uses near death Murphy as the subject. With all his memory erased, Murphy is brought back to life as Robocop and him and his partner are back on the streets fighting the vicious crime in detriot. No matter what happens, Lewis would always stick by his side and make sure nobody hurts him.

8. Officers Bob Hodges and Danny Mcgavin- Colors

This was the craziest movie I saw, the song itself sung by Ice-T was even cooler. He kept repeating the word colors and I didn't understand what it meant at the time. Hodges was a veteran cop that patroled the streets of East L.A. and was assigned back to teach his new rookie partner Mcgavin how to patrol these gang infested streets. They come across the vicious gangs known as the Bloods & Crips and plan to stop the violence between them and the violence they cause to other people. Mcgavin had a bad temper with the criminals he dealt with and Hodges had to set him straight at one point to not act so crazy. I liked these two alot because they had courage and would never give up on their job. If one was in danger, they would always come to each others rescue.

7. Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Out of all the Law & Order Shows, this one is my favorite because of these two. These two really solve cases by any means necessary and it gets really personal for them dealing with it. They're detectives who solve sexually based crimes such as rape, torture, pedophilia and child-abuse that happens in New York City. Benson is a good cop that works hard and is a victim herself of rape, and Stabler is a family man trying to protect his family from the horrors of the world. The crimes they deal with are painful, emotional, disturbing, horrific and scarring and it gets worse everyday. They never have personal feelings for each other but they always do right even if they do it the wrong at one point.

6. Detectives Scotty Appleton and Nick Peretti- New Jack City

Me being a fan of Ice-T when I was 3 in '88, it was real cool seeing him play a cop in a movie in '91. It was even the first time I knew Chris Rock playing a good funny role. What had happened was, a gangsta name Nino Brown and his gang called (CMB) the Cash Money Brothers took over an apartment build and got into the crack business making a million every week and even killing rival drug dealers. Out to stop him are detectives Appleton and Peretti. Appleton hires Pookie an ex-drug addict to help bust them at their organization but it all backfired. Appleton definitely wants Nino dead because he finds out Nino killed his mother over a gang initiation. Even though Appleton and Peretti didn't like each other at first, they learned to get along and have each others back if one was in danger.When they work together,they do whatever it takes to stop Nino and his gang.

5. Detectives Eddie Torres and 'J.C.' Williams- New York Undercover

These guys are definitely one of my favorties. Being a resident of New York, it was real hype watching a show about cops who took on New York street life crime and seeing familar places in the process. What was also great about this show was the many guest appearances they had from great actors/actresses and musicians. These two really defined what it was like being a NY detective and never backing down from any situation. Torres & Williams are two detectives from the 4th precinct of New York City. In their job they fight against the worst of the society infiltrated like the bandits who try to stop them. They were a good team and I feel out of all NY Cops their number 1.
4. Detectives Inspector Lee and James Carter- Rush Hour

Now these two are the most funniest & creative pair I ever saw. Whats great about these two is that they have their own personality, they learned alot about each other and they managed to get along even though they still can't understand each other. Being a fan of both Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan, it really blew my mind to see both of them paired together in a movie as detectives. With time running out, these two must join forces to catch criminals that kidnapped a chinese consul's daughter name soo young. Not following the rules from the FBI, they go through many obstacles to find this little girl and protected each other from the criminals that try to stop them. Later on, these two have more cases to solve in rush hour 2 & 3 and always stayed partners and would always come through for one another.

3. Transit Cops John and Charlie- Money Train

As a kid riding the subway everyday, I was glad to see a movie about cops working at the subway. Since White Men Can't Jump, I was glad to see these two work together again as cops instead of ball players. John & Charlie are two foster brothers who work as transit cops pulling sting operations to stop criminals from commiting crime in the subway. While doing their job, a crooked chief Donald Patterson has this Train full of money and a squad to protect it meaning they kill anyone who tries to steal or even gets close to it. John lives a good life while his foster brother Charlie is bad with gambling and always in debt and has to be rescued by his brother to make sure he doesn't get killed. So after losing his job, getting dumped by his brother and getting beat up the umpteenth time by a loan shark he owes money to, Charlie decides to steal the money train that carrys the subways weekly revenue. But when things get out of hand, John comes to his rescue again and together they get through the trouble they're in and manage to not get caught.
These two really deserve alot of props and it shows the great action they have in the subway.

2. Detectives Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett- Bad Boys

What can I say about these two, never saw it coming. I watched both of these guys show and may I say, the best thing to happen was to see both of these two paired together. Mike was a foot-loose mature person who always got the girls and Marcus was a good family man with a loving wife. These two were more than partners they were like brothers and they have one message towards each other, "We ride together, We die together, Bad boys for life". The first case they had to deal with was a close friend of Mike, Maxine getting murdered by a french drug kingpin named Fouchet. Maxine's friend Julie witnesses the murder and gets away to talk to the police but only Mike. With Mike not around, Marcus has to pretend to be Mike to rescue her and when Mike returns, he has to pretend to be Marcus. They truly foil the case as reverse roles and as funny comedians. The second case to me was even cooler, they were assigned to stop the flow of record amounts of ecstacy in the city of Miami where they live. Things get more heated when they face cuban drug kingpin Jonhhy Tapia who kidnaps Marcus's sister Syd who was working as an undercover for DEA and fleds back to Cuba. With no help from the CIA, Miami PD, and anit-castro forces in Cuba, Mike & Marcus takes matters into their own hands with help from Syd's fellow DEA agents and Miami detectives to rescue Syd in Cuba. I liked these two alot because their funny and they always worked hard together.

Even though these two didn't make my list, I'm adding them as a bonus cause I feel they deserve to be in this article.

Officers Jon Baker and Frank "Ponch" Poncherello- "CHIPS"

Now these two really are something else, the best part of watching this show was the theme song. They were real cool highway cops that had their own style even though they always wore the same uniform lol. "Chips," which stood for California Highway Patrol, followed the days of two state motorcycle patrolmen as they patrolled the freeway system in and around Los Angeles. Officer Jon was the straight, serious officer while Frank was the more free-wheeling member of the duo: both reported to Sgt. Joe Getraer, who gave out assignments and advice in handling the cases. They really worked the highway streets together as a duo and had everything under control so if they were driving today, you better watch out and not start nothing when they want you to pull over.

And now the number one duo of the law enforcement, A lot of you might think why they should be number one but this is my personal opinion so don't get mad and shoot me HA HA.

1. Sergeants Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs- Lethal Weapon

I'll tell you why these two are number one in my list. When I was 3, these two were the first I ever knew and I saw what it was like being a cop duo. They were the ones that really showed what it was like working as a team in the law enforcement. Murtaugh just turned 50 and has a few years left before he retires and Riggs has just lost his wife in an accident and doesn't care if he lives or die. When they are paired together, Murtaugh has problems with Riggs suicidal attitude towards work, as they investigate a huge drug smuggling operation. As their success rate grows, so does their friendship. So in the future they solve more cases such as another drug smuggling operation runned by a South African Diplomat which also leads to Rigg's wife killers, chasing after a former crooked cop who is smuggling stolen guns and finally putting a stop to a Chineseman and his gang the Triads who are smuggling families from the country into U.S.A. and making them into slaves. So after of all this, Riggs meets his new girlfriend Lorna who joined the force and they have a baby together and Murtauh who was already a father now becomes a grandfather in which his older daughter Rianne has a child with a young detective whos also on the same force.

Well thats my article I hope you enjoy. Basically I saw repeats of the old shows so thats how I know about them. Hopefully I didn't say too much and I know I missed a couple that didn't make the list so care to mention who I didn't put in and I will agree with you. Maybe in the future I'll talk about them but until then I thank you for reading, God Bless and be safe.
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