Rolie Polie Olie
Debut: January 01, 1998
Ended: January 01, 2004
Debut: January 01, 1998
Ended: January 01, 2004

A young robot lives with his wacky robot family in a robotic world and learns many valuable lessons.

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Zoe: "Daddy go waaaaaaaaaah"
Percy: "I did not go waaaaaaaaaaah! Well, maybe a little."
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Olie: "Zoe, you're going too slow."
Zoe: "No, Olie go too fast!"
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7 years, 10 months ago
1998? I thought it started around 2000. Oh well.
    10 years, 7 months ago
    This was one of my favorites. Does anyone remember the episode where Olie gets sick? Or the episode where his parents go on their honeymoon and his sis is upset about it?
      10 years, 7 months ago
      And the episode where he attempts to hop around the house on one foot?
        11 years, 11 months ago
        AWWW goodtimes watching this all morning with a big bowl of cereal
          12 years ago
          I remember when his little sister collected the family...hehe
            13 years, 5 months ago
            hes right you know. Tree house Tv is also on Rogers Cable channel 65.
              13 years, 10 months ago
              Olie is on everday day on Treehouse 7am and 3pm (553 Bell Expressview, Ontario Canada), ...I watch it with my daughter, it's her favourite show!
                13 years, 11 months ago
                this was the show. i luved the way his lil sister talked. she was so cute. y they take it off.
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