Those great shows II

More memory lane trips with me.
March 20, 2007
In my last article I realized that I might have omitted some cartoons that others thought should have been on the list. Who am I to disagree with my faithful readers? Here, without further hesitation, is part two to my list.

Reaching way back into my cartoon archive in my mind, I find Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines. Basically, Yank Justice, Bigfoot’s driver, and his friends, fight crime with their monster trucks.

Next we have the Bionic Six. In the Bionic Six, you have the multi cultural Bennett family who fight Dr. Scarab and his minions. With the help of Professor Sharpe’s bionic attachment

Blackstar was another Saturday morning favorite. It seems John Blackstar was an astronaut who was transported to a distant planet ,Sagar, by the Power stone. The he battles evil in the form of the Overlord of the Underworld. The coolest part is both their swords are from the Power stone. The Overlord has the Power sword, and Blackstar has the Star sword. Interesting side not, Blackstar was supposed to be African American, but at the last minute he was portrayed as white.

The Centurions were great toys that went with a good cartoon. Probably a marketing expert invented these. I mean the add-ons are limitless. The Centurions are a group of specialists lead by one of the first leading female cartoon characters, Crystal Kane. Their arch enemy, Dr. Terror, was designed exactly like them.

C.O.P.S. was a late 80’s ensemble cartoon. In the tradition of G.I. Joe, there were more than one or two central characters. Basically, it is the police dept. of Empire City. All of the police officers have special abilities. There enemy is Big Boss and his gang.

Ulysses 31, a Japanese import, was also a fondly remembered show form the 80’s. It is the 31st Century and Ulysses is a famous explorer and pilot in space but he desires to go home to Earth to his wife. He takes his son Telemachus and Telemachus's new robot gift Nono with him and takes the space-ship Odyssey with computer Shyrka and his crew. Ulysses destroys the Cyclops and as well as rescuing Telemachus takes Numenor and Yumi, two children from the planet Zotra with them. However this enrages the ancient gods of Olympus, still existing after all this time, and in revenge, puts the crew and Numenor into a deep sleep, wipe the location of Earth from Shyrka's memory, and put the Odyssey in the universe of Olympus. The only way out is for Ulysses to find the "Kingdom Of Hades", but Ulysses, Telemachus, Yumi, Nono and Shyrka have to defend against the Trident - the forces of the gods and the dubious community of the Universe in a desperate search for finding a cure for the crew and to find the Kingdom Of Hades and find a way home to Earth. A version of the infamous Greek trials of Ulysses set in space.

One of my favorite toy lines was Starcom. I had no idea it was a cartoon until years later. It was never broadcast where I live. Starcom was there to fight Shadow Force, led by Emperor Dark. Especially pfc. Reed!

There are many more ‘toons out there. Fufur, The Littles, even Chuck Norris: Karate Komandos. These all make you think about your past in some way.

I even thought of one program that is not a cartoon, but I had to mention it. You Can’t Do That On Television. Not a ‘toon, true, but I bet almost every one of you watched it growing up. The sad part is, to my knowledge, it doesn’t exist on DVD at all. Too bad. I would love for my daughter to watch it when she gets older. Well, I hope you like part two to the trip down memory lane. If my vote is high enough and my comments are good enough, I might write part three. Thank You

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