90's Boy Bands!

I can hear the 13 year old girls screaming now...
June 06, 2011

Look at this picture.....what do you see?

We've all seen them; hyperactive girls screaming their heads off with cameras and autograph books, waiting to see their favorite boy in the popular band. Since the 50s boy bands have been a huge thing from The Heartbeats, The Monkeys to The Beetles. We had the illustrious New Kids on the Block in the late 80s

But even that didn't stop the rage of young girls around the world jumping on stage trying to clobber the lead boy singer and cover him with sloppy kisses and sweat from jumping up and down.
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the boy bands of the 90s!!

*screaming girls*

Oh my! I'm going to start this off by saying, I was apart of the screaming pre-teens who wore out tapes and CDs, knowing every single lyric from every song that was produced. I would freak everytime I heard a song in the car and turn the radio blasting high until my mom turned off the radio from me freaking out (Thanks mom). I didn't have the clothing merchandise but I did have the Teen-Beat and Tiger Beat magazines

OMG remember JTT!?! What was the deal with him because I never found him cute, for some odd reason

I would rummage through those pages tearing out the posters that would be apart of my bedroom collection of hundreds of teens and young guys sporting their muscles and pretty eyes. I would actually just get the magazines just for the posters (even though that's what they were for in the first place). I didn't save the articles; didn't really care about reading, just looking a the boys when I would go to sleep to have awesome dreams.


known as the "3 girls". Now I am older, they did sound like girls.

These blonde tweens were huge in '96 and '97, releasing several albums including their known "Middle of Nowhere" including singles like "Man from Milwaukee", "Yearbook", "Where's the Love?" and "MMbop". Admit it; whenever that song came on and no matter how much you hated it, you will be singing or humming to the beat of it. I was so into these guys (especially Zac, the drummer) that I made my club house a Hanson-Fan Club; no boys allowed of course. I dubbed corners with their names in different colors of sharpie; posting their faces and album covers on the ceiling; acting out like they were going to marry us. I even went as far as getting 2 other Hanson fans to make a fan-video of "Where's the Love". I was drumming on buckets with chopsticks; Laura was on guitar, a broken play guitar that was blue and black; and Candice was on keyboard with a tiny useless keyboard with a broken blanket rack as the keyboard stand. We sung along with the tape that was in the radio and my father video-taped it. I was such a loser!


Lance Bass = Love. Before he came out of the closet.

The boys of "It's Gonna Be Me", "Tearin' Up My Heart," and "Pop", these boys were blazing fire when they came onto MTV and VH1. With the lead boys Justin and JC, they made girls scream until their voices were softer than a whisper. These guys were all about it in the late 90s. Ever single thing you heard on the radio was "*Nsync!!" They produced several albums including Celebrity and No Strings Attatched and even a special Christmas album with other singers like Gloria Estafan and others. The one boy I couldn't get enough of was Lance. Everything was Lance, Lance, Lance. Found out later that he didn't prefer girls but the googly eyes of boys. I was shocked; I really wanted him to be my husband.
But oh well...I also found another man that would soon take the place of Mr. Lance Bass; Mr. Kevin of Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys
Let the Pandamonium (Panda) begin!!! These 5 boys who were absolutley gorgeous in the old days of the mid 90s, rocked my socks off with their songs like "Quit Playing Games With My Heart", "Backstreet's Back (Alright!)" and "Larger that Life". We knew their full names, what they like to do in their spare time, fave color, EVERYTHING! We would blast BSB all over our lockers, backpacks, clothes, whatever we could get our hands on! From their self titled album to Millenium, these were the days of getting ronchy and yet serious with our boyfriends with BSB in the background. I was obessed with Kevin and AJ but after Kevin quit the band (sad), my love doubled for AJ. After years passed they broke up, AJ went into Rehab, Brian got married and found God, regrouped and formed again. They are still producing albums, singing their hearts out, and touring around the world. When I was around 9 or 10, I would make sure if BSB was going to be on MTV to tape it or record the audio on my TalkBoy (remember Kevin having one of these in Home Alone 2? They also didn't come out with TalkGirls yet.) I would listen to it over and over, running through batteries like candy just so I could hear the boys lull me to sleep as I drempt of marrying all of the boys except Nick (for some odd reason I didn't like him). Wow.....I'm scary.

Anyways. This next band which wasn't so much about girls, but was including guys to sing and slow dance at prom to "Truly, Madly, Deeply." you guess it...

Savage Garden

Darian had the prettiest voice in the world; calm, sensual and sometimes very erotic. Back in the late 90's we would skim through our radios and hear the faint sounds of "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy.." being played with a guitar accompany. We would be drawn into the song like a moth to the flame and fall in love with him. My friend Holly was super-obessed (you thought me, BSB and Hanson was bad) with Savage Garden. T-shirts, bedsheets, posters, hand drawn collages, computer wallpaper and sounds were nothing but Savage Garden. Savage Garden I think had one or maybe two albums but after "I want you" and "truly madly deeply" was over-played they faded away; as well as their relationship. Yep! The two boys in the band were lovers; Darian would sing him songs that described his emotions and feelings on his relationship. They did break up and Darian went solo for a time, releasing "Insaciable" (shudder, erotic stuff there). I don't know what happened to his ex and Darian pretty much stays out of the limelight now.

These next two bands, I was not a fan of them AT ALL. I didn't like their music, lyrics or the guys in general but the reason I put them on here is that someone may like them and still do.


These guys out of California sung about Abercrombie and Fitch and "summer girls". These guys were more of a one-hit wonder in my honest opinion. Girls still like to listen to him to get a hit of nostalgia as they were trying to convience their parents to by them A&F at 12 years old. At that time the year 2000 was close at hand, and the turn of a new age was bubbling (riiight). I didn't like the singing; the lyrics were dry; yet I do give them credit for trying something different with more of a hip-hop style; rhyming about "When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet; Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets;Call me Willy Whistle cause I can't speak baby
Something in your eyes went and drove me crazy". We listened to it; we sung along; and then we got over it. Just like any other summer.


These guys sung about wet dreams about Janet Jackson. What the hell? We didn't know it at the time; ok, some of us didn't. We were too transfixed on the boys putting on their smiles for the camera during their raunchy video with a liquid women dancing around them and being on MTV's Making the Band. These guys were formed in '99 but debut on MTV in the early 2000s. "Be the star of my liquid dream. My liquid dream." When I listened to the song, I'll say it was catchy; good driven beat; nice flow of different tones and pitches from the 5 boys. When I read the lyrics though for a school project, I was glad that I looked them up. It's all about a guy having a wet dream and describing how the girl should look like. Holy Shit!! I chose another song which was so much more appropriate for me. Girls fell in love with them, and later they released "All or Nothing" and the ever more chaos from young girls around the globe increased with Ashley's young face. But..the group fell apart and tried for solo albums. Rumor has it they want to get back together but Mr. Parker does not want to be apart of it after his failed attempt at a reality show. Go Figure!

Boys II Men

I LOVE THESE GUYS!! They were the fall of NKOTB (my opinion) with their smooth stylings of R&B and acapella. From "I'll Make Love to You" "One Sweet Day" "Mama" "On-Bended Knee" "Motownphilly", I can keep going on forever. This is the music for the serious couples of 14 or 15 in the 90s who wanted to have that something special to show their girlfriend/boyfriend that they were wanting to have a serious relationship with the other, ending the song with the perfect kiss. Well, I thought it was that way, but found it wasn't. These guys made your heart melt with their voices. My husband loves these guys with "Yesterday" and "It's so hard to say good-bye". Those songs were played at funerals of friends that were lost during school years. We knew who they were and the songs only bring up the memory of them (hopefully they are good memories). My husband and his brother use to sing together and use Boys II Men songs when they sung at the local talent show. My husband still sings Boys II Men in his car; they are great performers and wonderful singers. "Mama" was what I wanted to play at my wedding for my mother but found it that it was already used so much. These guys came out with several albums including "Evolution", "Motown: A Journey through Hitsville, USA" "Legacy" and their self-titled albums. Man these guys were so cute!!

And there you have it, some of the known popular boy bands from the 90's and very very VERY early 00's. I know I am missing a ton, like Blackstreet, No Authority, 98 Degrees, Five, 2Gether. Girls; who was your favorite boy band and tell me, what did you have to be apart of the mayhem of boy-loving fans??

Guys; did any of your sisters or friends love boy bands to? if, so what annoyed you so much about them with their infatuation?

I've taken you down the road to Nostalgia; now it's your turn.
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