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TV Shows of Our Youth
July 24, 2009
TV Shows

This collaboration has been a long time coming. My wife Kelly and I (regretfully), have compiled a list of some unforgettable TV shows from our youth.

Halloween 2008
70's Gym Coach - 80's Fitness Instructor

This is a departure from my usual article style but I wanted to have her thoughts and memories out there for the site to harass.....instead of mine for a change. We each went back and forth and narrowed it down to these shows. I realize this topic seems very cliche and overdone, but I don't care because I want her to stop bugging me about submitting so I can go surf!


Before "TMNT II" and "Surf Ninjas" there was this classic action packed TV show. Starring Ernie Reyes Jr. and Gil Gerard from "Buck Rogers", this show was a cop and karate kid mash up. He was a cop who takes a karate inclined kid under his wing; who is part of a clan of "electric knights" (ass kicking asians), and they solve crimes and assorted situations. It came on the Disney channel for a bit only to disappear a year later.

Silver Spoons

Speaking of "Buck Rogers"........grrrrrrrrr! Hello Ms. Erin Gray. This show was about privilage and being a white boy with "Carlton" from the "Fresh Prince" as a neighbor. Just like real life...right?

My Two Dads

If my dads looked like pop musics "George Micheal" and "Larry Appleton" from "Perfect Strangers" I think I would rather live in a homeless shelter. Just kidding, I loved this show. Jason thinks Staci Keanan was a "smoking hottie"! I think my husband is going to sleep on the couch!!

The A-Team

A group of ex United States Special Forces ops who now work as mercenaries for the greater good. Mr. T was always great with his one liners and "bad attitude" persona. I hear they are remaking the show as a movie staring Ice Cube as Mr. T's, "B.A. Baracus". Lame!

Magnum P.I.

Hawaii, Women, Adventures, Ferrari 308 GTB,.......Mustache???? What's not to love about Magnum PI? Nuff' said.

Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster was a short lived show I loved growing up! She had a funny fashion sense but the show was great. I recall they even made a cartoon spin off but I can't be sure. I had a dog that looked just like hers too until it got hit by a car. Wow, I sure sound like a "Debbie Downer".

Miami Vice

This dark cop series showed the seedy underbelly of Miami from the eyes of two sockless, sport coat wearing, undercover detectives. This show oozes 80's pop culture and style. The movie remake wasn't horrible........just unnecessary. Some things are better left to their original source material.

Who's the Boss?

"Growing Pains", "The Facts of Life" and"Family Ties" were awesome shows but "Who's the Boss?" was my favorite and most memorable. Tony Danza as the maid was a great concept. Jason agrees, mainly because of Alissa Milano. Doesn't bother me at all, I think she's hot too! Megan Fox on the other hand makes me an enraged jealous bitch!

Kids Incorporated

It's hard to believe that this show that I watched on the Disney channel as a young girl would later produce an ex methhead, turn reformed pop music superstar. Funny how life works. This show was about a bunch of kids who would get into life situations while singing current pop hits at their local "club". Stacy "Fergie" Fergusen was on the show for most of its life span. Now she sucks the tit of corporate american music while looking like a leather-faced tranny. No offense to any real trannys. I don't want to offend.

The Wonder Years

I want this on DVD so bad....yet I haven't found it anywhere. "Kevin" was so cute with "Winnie". I swear there was a rumor going around that Marilyn Manson played the best friend of "Kevin". I know it's not true.....I but every time I think of him I think of Manson and his creepy attire.

Head of the Class

Smart kids, cool teacher, great show! I can't say anything bad about "Head of the Class". This show could work nowadays instead of the current crap sitcoms that are on TV.


If there is one thing I remember from this show it is that "Gordon Shumway" is the greatest name EVER! I hate cats too, so I wished he would have ate theirs. Alf had a cartoon later on and I even had the stuffed doll. I was a geeky girl.

Just the Ten of Us

A really funny spin-off show from "Growing Pains" about a bunch of damn sibs and a bald coach dad who loves to procreate. I bet his wifes vajayjay looks like hell! Poor girl! Stop making babies damnit! Jason said "the girls are hot". I hope he wasn't talking about the annoying younger one. I wanted to fight her......that little bitch!

Beverly Hills 90210
What can I say? I was a teen in the 90's who loved stupid drama. Brian Austin Green was an embarrassment to white people all over the world.

My So Called Life

Jason knows I love Jared Leto........sorry hun. Claire Danes "Angela" could have been any girl in high school. This ended way too soon before its time. Jason feels the same way about "Arrested Development".


The show was horrible......but the got me through some tough times. God Bless America..... I'm a pervert!

Saved By the Bell

When "Zack" and "Kelly" broke up....a part me died inside. Just kidding "Kelly" was a dumb whore who was poor! "Team Zack" forever!


"Not the mama" was funny for about a week....then the "Baby" got annoying. Even to this day I have his song stuck in my head. I need a drink!

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

This was a very underrated show. Check out the DVD or watch the old episodes online. I promise you will love it!

Step By Step

"Cody" was so hot. I'm sure Jason feels the same way about the girls. Suzanne Somers looks damn good for her age.....well she used too. Patrick Duffy was a douche.

Clarissa Explains it all

I watched the shit outta this show and "Hey Dude"! I can't lie, I had a crush on her......and "Alex Mack". Uh oh, my excited imagination is running wild.....must, Janet Reno, cold shower.........

21 Jump Street

Speaking of maintaining.......Johnny Depp! I would do.....well.......Jason would be mad if I said. What?! I'm a lady.

Wild and Crazy Kids

I like the ones where they have obstacle courses in the mall or it's at a water park. To be truthful this show was like "Double Dare" and probably inspired 'G.U.T.S." in my opinion. The host Donnie Jeffcoat was a tool.

Salute Your Shorts

"Budnick" was a dirty ginger! "Dina" was my imaginary girlfriend. I'd like to share a bunk with her. That's right, I said it.

In Living Color

Better than SNL during that time. Let the ranting begin. I love SNL don't get me wrong......I just prefer the unapologetic comedy of the Wayans. The "Fly Girls" don't hurt either.

The Nanny

I watched this show because, well......I can't remember. Her voice was annoying, the plot was far fetched and the butler was the only funny character. "Nanny Fine" did nothing all day and got paid. My hero.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This show came on last at 9:30 pm EST during the "SNICK" run of the 90's. It had good stories and could be at times somewhat creepy. I give this show credit for trying to appeal to kids in a way that wasn't slapstick cartoon bullshit. I tried to create a "midnight society" but the only members were me, my dog, his pet stuffed monkey and his pet stuffed monkeys imaginary girlfriend. I know right.......too many members.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I can't lie I watched the show. The "pink ranger" made it easier to tune in consistently. I stopped watching after the movie came out and the "green ranger" turned "white". There are so many variations from the original show I couldn't even tell you how many. They now probably even have a "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Super Neo Pro-Choice Bigot Space Squad X". I could be wrong though.......they might not be in "space".

Thanks for reading!
Kelly and I are going on vacation.
Have a good summer.

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