Debut: December 01, 1977
Ended: July 31, 1989

The iconic series Pinwheel began its legacy in Columbus, Ohio in 1977 on The Pinwheel Channel, which featured the show five hours a day! Then on April 1st of 1979 The Pinwheel Channel renamed it as Nickelodeon which would go on to become the legendary kids and teens television network that exist to this day, Nick kept Pinwheel as part of the lineup until 1989. The show stars Jake, Kimberly and a whole world full of puppets known to everyone as The Flexitoon Puppets. There's Silas Snail, who was forever heading to the snails' convention but never made it on time. Molly Mole, a elderly creature who can't see. Plus and Minus, two lovable young boys that are always locked in a neverending game of tag. Mr. Ebenezer T. Squint, a short tempered green elf like neighbor but sometimes he can also unleashes his good side as well. Ophelia, a fortune teller that can sense what's next within her crystal ball. Luigi O'Brien, a guy who could talk to vegetables. And last but most certainly not least there's the insect couple known as the Hobo Bugs, hubby Herbert Hobo and his wife Lulu Hobo. The owners of The Pinwheel House Jake and Kimberly had their very own special abilities. Jake stored sounds in boxes and would let them out when the mood struck him. Kimberly was always creating very cool works of art. Alongside with Jake and Kimberly are Smitty Bloodhound and his big brother Sal Bloodhound, two newshounds from the local newspaper whose main mission in life was tracking down the wacky but elusive Admiral Bird. Nickelodeon used to be owned by MTV networks and was a division of the Viacom. VH1 later came into the picture but today Viacom owns all three networks.

Plus and Minus: "Got Ya Last! -Plus and Minus"
Ebeneezer: "Don't worry weedies, daddy's back. -Ebeneezer"
Plus & Minus: "Plus and Minus, Minus and Plus...we care about each other, we care about us. We're Plus and Minus, Minus and Pl-uu-us!! -Plus & Minus"
Orelia: "Lunch is so delicious, we might even eat the dishes!"
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