Garbage Pail Kids
Debut: June 07, 1988
Ended: July 19, 1988

Based on the wildly popular Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, the main segments of the series followed five of the GPK's: half-punker/half-yuppie Split Kit, dripping, oozing Clogged Duane, Elliot Mess, whose body parts were rearranged carelessly, faceless Teri Cloth, and the elastic, body stretching Patty Putty. Each episode also featured a movie spoof featuring other well known GPK's such as Nat Nerd, Savage Stewart, Green Dean, and others, as well as lots of filler segments, including "Garbage Pail Awards," "Would We Lie to You?," bad jokes in "Garbage Pail Groaners" and silly commercials for products like Anti-Kissing Cream and Cootie Detectors. Produced by CBS and scheduled to air in the fall of 1987, the show was ultimately pulled off of the schedule in the USA, however, it did air elsewhere around the world, including the UK. American audiences (who hadn't bought bootlegs of the show) finally got their first exposure to the series when it landed on DVD in 2006.

Elliot Mess: "Monsters yikes more.... I mean, yikes, more monsters!"
Elliot Mess: "We need to warm him up. Quick, light the place on fire!"
Cutesy: "I can take a pie in the face with the best of them!"
Captain: "Nothing can sink the Gigantic!"
Father: "Well, what did you expect to find in the ocean, a train? Of course there's a ship in the ocean!"
Richard Dryfish: "No time for that icky, gooey hero stuff now; I've gotta fix the engine!"
Waitress: "Listen, if you eat this whole cake, I'm afraid you'll explode!"
Clogged Duane: "If you want a real scare, you should try spending all night in the house that dripped crud!"
Narrator: "In a time of ancient kingdoms, there lived two monarchs: King Trashola, the good guy; and Lord Pondscum, the bad guy."
Savage Stuart: "I am Savage Stuart, the garbage pail barbarian. I fear nothing!"
Corn Dog: "I tell ya, this Princess Ugh has gotta be uuuugly!"
Little Girl: "Now everyone's making a big fuss about the Garbage Pail Kiss. I'm only 3 and I know enough not to kiss a garbage pail!"
Hot Doug: "You just try an' eat me!"
Patty Putty: "Never trust an adult who isn't grossed out by a Garbage Pailer!"
Santa Claus: "According to my database, you've all been naughty; not nice."
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