The Cramp Twins
Debut: January 01, 2002
Ended: January 01, 2005

cramp twins is a frickin mediore show lucien is the dev of half life 3 and wayne is a fucking douche why would you do that to such a child

Wayne: "Lucien. -Wayne"
Mom: "What are you doing in here. You know your not allowed in moms laundry laboratory. -Mom"
Wayne: "Wayne: (to Lucien) GIRL-PANTS! -Wayne"
Lucien Cramp: "My mom uses poison, my dad sells poison, and Wayne... Well Wayne is poison. -Lucien Cramp"
Horace Cramp: "Our own wayne, blowing up a whole swamp... I'm sick with joy -Horace Cramp"
Lucien Cramp Horace Cramp: "Guess what, I have psychic powers!' 'That's nice, son. -Lucien Cramp Horace Cramp"
Mr. Winkle: "Okay, naked people. Party's over, get out of my house. -Mr. Winkle"
Wayne Lucien: "Wayne: Go get mom. I may have brain damage. Lucien: A minor injury in your case. -Wayne Lucien"
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