Captain N: The Game Master
Debut: September 09, 1989
Ended: October 26, 1991

An young teenage boy named Kevin Keene was chosen to become the mighty champion of Videoland under his new name, Captain Nintendo The Video Game Master. Picked for his unequaled skill at playing video games, he is transport into a video game universe filled with classic Nintendo characters such as Link, Princess Zelda, & Donkey Kong. Together with the help of his pet dog Duke, the princess of Videoland Lana, his talking mobile video gaming system GameBoy, & his famous iconic Nintendo heroes like Kid Icarus, Simon Belmont, & the legendary super fighting robot himself, MegaMan. He & The N Team must protect Videoland as well the whole entire Nintendo realm and defend it from the evil plots of Mother Brain! 33 episodes produced (2 13x22' seasons + clipshow and 1 7x11' season). Season 2 shared with 'The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3' in a hour-long block. Season 3 shared with 'Super Mario World' in a half-hour slot. Nintendo of America and DiC Enterprises for NBC (season 1 also produced by Saban Entertainment).

Simon Belmont: "At least I'm going out with a bang and not a whimper. (whimper)"
King Hippo: "Why I oughta."
Simon Belmont: "Looks like the ultimate warp zone brought us the ultimate wimp!"
Mother Brain: "It won't be long before I, beautiful goddess that I am, become Queen of Videoland! Ah-ha ha ha ha!"
The Ultimate Warp Zone: "Behold, the Ultimate Warp Zone!"
Simon Belmont: "When The Going gets Tough, Simon Belmont gets Out His Whip!"
Captain N: "What Can I Say? I'm hooked."
Game Boy: "I am Game Boy. I am programmed to play games."
Cut Man: "(encountering Duke) Get away from me, you are!"
Eggplant Wizard: "(using his magic on King Hippo) I'll SQUASH you! I'll BEET you! And I'll put you in an ARTICHOKE hold!"
Mega Man: "You get a low score for this game."
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