The Nintendo cartoons

This is my list of Cartoons based on Nintendo characters
April 23, 2007
Hello everybody, it’s-a me, blueluigi, and I am going to be talking about Cartoons based on Nintendo games. Personally I liked all the Nintendo cartoons from the Donkey Kong segments on Saturday Supercade to the animes like Kirby and F-zero which are the only few 4kids shows that I DO like because they are based on Nintendo characters. I like all of the Nintendo cartoons and have been getting some of the DVD releases. Now let’s get started on my article.

Saturday Supercade:

Saturday Supercade was the first cartoon that has any Nintendo characters. It features segments based on video games such as: Frogger, Q-bert, and the Nintendo games Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. It also marks Mario and Donkey Kong’s first cartoon appearance who later got they’re own shows later on. Mario had a cartoon 4 years after this show got cancelled and Donkey Kong later appeared in Captain N, 7 years later after Captain N got cancelled, he got his own TV show. This show aired on CBS from 1983-1985.

This show is so hard to find on the internet and tape trading. I have RARELY seen episodes of this show. I have only seen ONE FULL EPISODE so far. But hopefully I’ll find more. All the images were taken from the only episode I could find. I know someone who has like 4-6 episodes recorded from the original airing. I’m trying to make a deal with him but none of the stuff that I really have he is not interested in. And if I did get the tape I want to upload it onto my computer and upload it in a torrent so you guys could watch more episodes of this show. I just need something like a TV capture card or a DVD recorder and upload it on or

But I HOPE that this show one day makes its day on DVD. I mean I am DESTINED to see more episodes of this show and I’m sure you guys do too. It’s a REALLY rare show and I’m sure that you guys enjoyed it.

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show:

Our next cartoon is the Super Mario Bros Super Show. It first aired in syndication in 1989. This show features live action and animated segments.

The live action segments take place before the Mario Brothers were sucked down the drain and into the Mushroom Kingdom and it features special guests like Nicole Eggert, Magic Johnson, and yes even Inspector Gadget played by his voice actor. You know a live action segment that I would like to see, is if they had The Legend of Zelda characters as guest stars, or maybe not live action segment maybe a cartoon segment with the Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda teaming up, now THAT would be something.

As for the cartoon itself, the Mario Brothers get sucked down a warp pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom. King Koopa wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom and is always trying some dirty, rotten to destroy the Mario Brothers. There are all sorts of parodys of stuff in this show, such as Sherlock Holmes, Little Red Riding Hood, Star Wars, The Karate Kid, and more. Also in almost every episode there would be a different song during the chase scenes, such as Born to be Wild, Jingle Bell Rock, and yes even Beat It. Unfortunatly those songs were edited out during the early 90s and haven’t been used since probably because of copyright infringement.

Also in this show there would always be a sound effect from the first 2 Super Mario Brothers video games, like sometimes when they would fall it would make the Flagpole sound effect.

In 2006 Shout Factory released The Complete Series of this show in 2 DVD boxsets. Volume 1 contains 24 episodes while volume 2 contains the remaining episodes. I have both of these DVD boxsets and I cannot wait until The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 is released on DVD.

The Legend of Zelda:

This show aired in syndication in 1989 on Fridays replacing the cartoon segment on The Super Mario Brothers Super Show. It features the adventures of Link and Zelda on some adventure from fighting Gannon. Link and Zelda both have the Triforce of Wisdom in their castle while Gannon has the Triforce of Power. But where’s the Triforce of Courage? The Triforce of Courage was not shown or mentioned in this whole series.

This show got cancelled in 1989 however in Season 2 of Captain N there are 4 episodes that Link and Zelda appeared in. And I’m sure that the people who were sad that the Zelda cartoon was cancelled were excited to see more new adventures of Legend of Zelda in episodes of Captain N. Now looking forward to a new episode of Captain N with Link and Zelda in it must have been a REAL treat for those who liked the Zelda cartoon and would love to see more adventures with them. But it’s too bad that The Legend of Zelda only lasted for 13 short episodes.

But in 2005, Shout Factory released the Complete Series on DVD. I got that DVD the day after it came out. I just wished that there were more extras on the DVD. I’m not exactly sure if $30 is worth a DVD boxset of a show with only 13 short episodes. But still it’s great to have all the episodes of DVD.

Captain N The Game Master:

Our next show I will be talking about is Captain N The Game Master. Out of all the Nintendo cartoons made, this show is like the best one out of all of them. It’s about a kid named Kevin who was playing his NES and he gets sucked inside his TV and into Videoland, the place where the video game characters are real. And with Captain N, now you ARE playing with power. (old Nintendo slogan)

This show aired on NBC in 1989. In 1990, this show aired an hour along with The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3. And then in 1991, it was reduced to 15 minutes and aired along with Super Mario World.

In 2007, Shout Factory released the 26 episodes on a DVD boxset that says it’s The Complete Series. However there are some episodes left out, such as: The Season 2 episode: When Mother Brain Rules. The reason why it was left out is because it was nothing but a clip show and putting it on DVD is completely pointless. They also left out Season 3 because they are not allowed to separate it from Super Mario World. However there is still hope that Shout Factory would release Season 3 of Captain N on DVD, they would have to release it along in the Super Mario World DVD boxset which is unknown if that will happen, and I will explain the reason when we talk about Super Mario World.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3:

Our next cartoon I will be talking about is The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3. Based one of the best selling NES games, this show is the squeal to the Super Mario Bros Super Show. It features the Super Mario Bros battling King Koopa along with his Koopa Kids.

This shows aired on NBC in 1990 along with season 2 of Captain N. When this show was aired outside of NBC they separated Captain N Season 2 and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3.

But this show is set to be released on DVD on June 5, 2007. And that’s a month before Volume 1 of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is set for it’s DVD release so that’s something to look forward to over the summer. And they said that they might put it in it’s NBC order with a few episodes that never went together.

Super Mario World:

Our next cartoon is Super Mario World. This is the final Mario cartoon made so far. It features the adventures of Mario & Luigi along with Princess Toadstool and Yoshi. It takes place in Dinosaur Land instead of The Mushroom Kingdom. It also features King Koopa and his Koopa Kids however some of his Koopa Kids didn’t make a lot of appearances. Like the only episode Wendy O Koopa (Kootie Pie) ever had any speaking role at all in this show is the first episode Fire Sale.

This show aired on NBC in 1991 along with season 3 of Captain N (which is now 15 minutes). It may not be as great as the other two Mario cartoons but this one was OK.

And also like I said when I was talking about Captain N, it is unknown if this show even will get a DVD boxset. And the reason for that is because of one BIG issue: Yoshi. For some reason Yoshi doesn’t seem to be entirely owned by Nintendo. I don’t know why but hopefully Shout will get that issue resolved. But if this show does get released on DVD, then they would put Season 3 of Captain N along with it because they are not allowed to release Captain N season 3 and SMW separately. Because if they did, they would have put Season 3 of Captain N in the recently released boxset.

Donkey Kong Country:

Now it’s time to move on from Mario and Captain N and time to talk about the Donkey Kong Country TV show. This show first aired on Fox Family (ABC Family) in 1998. It features the kongs living on Kongo Bongo Island and King K. Rool is after one thing: The Crystal Coconut. The Crystal Coconut would allow him to be ruler of Kongo Bongo island, but DK is the one who has the Coconut, so K. Rool sends his henchmen Klump and Krusha into stealing the Crystal Coconut.

This show didn’t have much home video releases. The only one in the US is the movie Legend of the Crystal Coconut on VHS. There’s 2 VHS releases in Canada, one DVD release in the UK, and several DVD releases in Australia. But who knows if they will release DVD boxsets of this show. Well I sure hope they do it in the USA.


This show first aired in Japan in 1997. In 1998, it aired in the USA in it’s syndication run. It’s based on the game boy video games where you battle with different Pokemon. In 1999, this show was moved to Kids WB and in 2002, it premired on Cartoon Network but new episodes were shown on the network in 2006.

It may not be that good now but back when it first came out it was AWESOME!!!!! But right now I think they should end this show. I mean especially with May and Max around. But even though it’s crud now, the first season was awesome and I will always love the first season.

Kirby: Right Back At Ya:

In 2002, Kirby Right Back At Ya aired on the Foxbox. It features the adventures of Kirby on the planet Popstar with his friend Tiff and Tuff. He battles King DeDeDe to help save Cappytown from his villagers.

I remembered when I when I was younger I would be thinking to myself: Kirby would make such a good series. And the 4kids version not that good but I still watch that version not to mention that I have some episodes on DVD and VHS. But the Japanese version is a lot better. It uses the style to the video games and everything. However the classic Nintendo cartoons are better than than the ones they make now (except for maybe Pokemon).

F-zero GP Legend:

Now for the last Nintendo cartoon, F-zero GP Legend. This shows aired on the FoxBox on September 2004. It’s based on the F-zero video games. There is also a video game for the GBA called F-zero GP Legend. But it got cancelled after 10 episodes and there is more episodes in Japan.

Well that’s basically all that I could talk about in the Nintendo cartoons. And they were better when they aired Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Hopefully someday we will see a new Mario cartoon but if so, the best thing we could hope is if it's not dubbed by 4kids. And I hope you guys enjoyed my article.
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