Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss
Release: October 26, 2006

Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss is a fully animated feature fantasy about two star crossed seals from warring families that fall in love against their parents' wishes. When Juliet's father gives her hand in marriage to the monstrous elephant seal Prince, Juliet must fake her death in order to be reunited with Romeo. But the plan goes afoul and it's a desperate race to the end. With the help of their friends Friar Lawrence and Kissy, the kissing fish, the day is saved and the young lovers are reunited. Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss is the ageless tale of love and prejudice set in an undersea world. A film that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Kissy the Kissing Fish: "I think of a lovely couple"
Shrimp: "Quiet, you little shrimp!"
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Four-eyed Slug: "I can't believe my eyes."
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Mercutio: "Ha ha! Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!"
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Mercutio: "The prince is so stupid, that if he fell off a cliff, he'd have to stop halfway for directions!"
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Mercutio: "[laughing hysterically, about the Prince] Yo, Blubber Butt! I wonder how deep the ocean is when you're not in it?"
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Kissy the Kissing Fish: "[about the shark] I think he's suffering from Attention Defecit Disorder."
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Mercutio: "[after rolling in white sand] And voila, I am a Capulet!"
Benvolio: "Great, you look just like a Capulet. We're gonna die!"
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Montague: "Mercutio, what do you suppose is the matter with my son?"
Mercutio: "What, young Romeo? I think he swallowed a little sushi and it went down the wrong pipe, y'know what I'm talkin' about?"
Benvolio: "You know, too many sea slugs can be bad for your digestion."
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