Moving Violations
Release: January 01, 1985
Release: January 01, 1985

Moving Violations is a 1985 comedy film starring John Murray, Jennifer Tilly, Brian Backer, Sally Kellerman, Nedra Volz, Clara Peller, Wendie Jo Sperber and Fred Willard. It was directed by Neal Israel and was the film debut of Don Cheadle. The film follows a group of people in Birch County, California, a fictionalized city/county which is very similar to real-life Los Angeles, who after being ticketed for numerous traffic violations and as a result lose their licenses and driving privileges (and their vehicles impounded), are ordered by Judge Nedra Henderson to attend a driving course program in order to get their licenses and their vehicles back. However, the assigned teacher for this course, Deputy Henry "Hank" Halik, is also conspiring with the judge in a plan to make sure these offenders fail miserably, and at any cost, so they can sell their impounded vehicles. Their actions make one of the offended individuals, landscaper Dana Cannon, very suspicious of their scheme and he enlists his fellow students to expose the plot.

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