The Stupids
Release: August 30, 1996
Release: August 30, 1996

This film is based on The Stupids series of children's books by Harry Allard and James Marshall, which are about a family that takes things very, very literally. In this film, the Stupids attempt to discover what happens to the garbage that disappears from their lawn every week (they think it has been stolen) and accidentally save the world. The father, Stanley (Tom Arnold), goes undercover posing as a tree and unknowingly stumbles into an international arms-smuggling scheme. He believes that the garbage theft is perpetrated by his old enemy from the Post Office, "Sender" (Christopher Lee). His absence worries his equally befuddled children, who go looking for him. Meanwhile he is chased by both the weapons smugglers and beings from outer space. Directed by John Landis, known for his hit films Trading Places and The Blues Brothers.

Gas Station Attendant Stanley Stupid: "'Sir, did you know there's a hole in your gas tank.' 'That's how you get the gas in there.' -Gas Station Attendant Stanley Stupid"
Evil Sender: "'If you still love me, Sally, tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree'. I'm afraid the only thing that's going to be hanging from that tree is you, Bob! -Evil Sender"
Stanley Stupid: "Now that's a well-made shoe. -Stanley Stupid"
Joan Stupid: "Oh dear I left the garbage out over night. -Joan Stupid"
Stanley and Buster Stupid: "S: Be on the look out for anything suspicious. B: Dad, they're putting make-up on men in there. S: Bull's eye. -Stanley and Buster Stupid"
Sender: "No time to talk, I'm afraid. I'm taking over the heads of a dozen foreign countries. -Sender"
Late Night Show Host: "Host: [reading off a "cue card"] Give it up to the Fat Guy! -Late Night Show Host"
Chinese Waiter #2: "It's not our battle to fight, Johnson. We have enough trouble getting soy sauce into these tiny packets! -Chinese Waiter #2"
Joan Stupid: "Oh my God, it's true. The police have kidnapped my children! -Joan Stupid"
Stanley Stupid: "If my wife is my grandmother than I am her grandchild And every time I think of this it nearly drives me wild. -Stanley Stupid"
Joan Stupid: "As your president of Stupidia, I appoint Stanley Stupid head of the army. -Joan Stupid"
Stanley Stupid: "What are you doing you darn bee? Can't you see I'm trying to drive? OH MY GOD, THE DRIVE BEE. -Stanley Stupid"
Buster Petunia and Joan: "What if we formed our own army?' ' Then we'd have to form our own country.' 'We could call it Stupidia. -Buster Petunia and Joan"
graffiti kid: "Some people can be so inconsiderate! -graffiti kid"
Stanley Stupid: "Who is this Sender and what is he doing with other people's mail? -Stanley Stupid"
Stanley Stupid and Lloyd: "Stanley: Hail to thee, Oh Lord. Lloyd: Actually, it's pronounced 'Lloyd'. -Stanley Stupid and Lloyd"
Lloyd: "Remember: throw your gum in the trash after you get done chewing it. I spend a huge amount of my time cleaning up gum. -Lloyd"
Stanley Stupid: "That's a well-made shoe! -Stanley Stupid"
Buster Stupid: "(Lifts the toilet lid.) MOM! -Buster Stupid"
Stanley Stupid: "IN THE NAME OF LLOYD!!!! -Stanley Stupid"
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