Super Mario 64

Some of Mario's most funny, weird, and stupid moments in Super Mario 64.
October 02, 2008
Hi! I am now on to my 5th article and of course, it is another Nintendo article. This time, I would like to share some funny, weird, and stupid moments in my all time favorite Mario game which would be known as Super Mario 64.

I first played this game in the year 1997 and I was only 7 years old at the time. We got this game as one of our Christmas presents along with a bunch of other things. All I remember was getting an N64 with two games and it was Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. I liked Super Mario 64 better than Mario Kart 64 but it was still a good game. Anyways, the point of this article is for me to talk about all of the best moments that Mario has had in all of the 15 courses. The names of the courses are Bomb-omb Battlefield, Whomps Fortress, Jolly Roger Bay, Cool Cool Mountain, Big Boos Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Lethal Lava Land, Shifting Sand Land, Dire Dire Docks, Snowmans Land, Wet-Dry World, Tall Tall Mountain, Tiny Huge Island, Tick Tock Clock, and Rainbow Ride. Note that I will have Mario talking in the stories just so you get the feeling of what he would be thinking when these situations happen. Lets start out the moments with

Bomb-omb Battlefield

Bomb-omb Battlefield would be the first course that you start out in the game but anyways, Mario goes into the battlefield and finds two red bomb-ombs. He talks to them and they say that they are in a war with the black bomb-ombs and King Bomb-omb has the power star. The red bomb-ombs decide to let Mario use their cannons to get to the summit where King Bomb-omb is at. Once Mario gets to King Bomb-omb, he starts talking to him. Mario: Bla bla bla yeah I get it now lets start the battle so I can get my star! So they start fighting and Mario picked up King Bomb-omb twice and threw him to the ground. When Mario was about to defeat him, King Bomb-omb grabbed Mario from behind. Mario: Hey, let go of me, uh wait, your not going to throw me off the summit, are you? King Bomb-omb says yes and throws him off the summit. Mario: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH CRRRAAAPPP!!!! He then lands on the ground pretty hard. Mario: OWWWW, that really hurt, now he is gonna pay! After that, Mario blew up King Bomb-omb and got the star.

Whomps Fortress

One day, Mario decides to go to Whomps Fortress and once he gets there he finds a tree. He decided to climb the tree and then an owl comes out of the tree. Owl: Mario, why did you wake me up, I should still be sleeping! Mario: Sorry, I did not mean to wake you up but now that you are awake, can you take me for a ride? Owl: Sure, why not. The owl then gives Mario a ride. While he was riding on the owl, Mario lost his grip and fell off of the course. Then you know it, Mario flies out of the painting backwards and lands on the ground. Mario: That a** of an owl just let go of me on purpose, oh well, guess I will try Whomps Fortress next time.

Jolly Roger Bay

Before Mario goes to Jolly Roger Bay, he tries to break the giant fish tanks that are filled with beautiful fish but he has no luck at breaking the giant fish tanks. Mario: Oww, now my head really hurts, but I really want a fish. (you gotta wonder why his head hurts). Anyways, he goes into Jolly Roger Bay and starts swimming around the course. He keeps on swimming until he finds an eel underneath the water. Mario: Ooooohhhh, pretty eel, must touch it! Little does he know that it is actually an electric eel. Mario touches the eel and gets electrocuted underwater. He is now at low health and he ends up drowning. Once again, he flies out of the painting backwards and lands on his back. Mario: Oops, I guess it is actually an electric eel, not a normal eel, how stupid of me. Mario now heads to the next course.

Cool Cool Mountain

Mario: Yay, now I get to play in the snow, I love snow! He enters Cool Cool Mountain and spots a baby penguin near the top of the cottage. He grabs the baby penguin and starts running around with it until he found the mother penguin. The mother penguin is very happy that Mario found her baby and rewarded him with a star. Just about when Mario grabs the star, he decides to take the baby penguin with him. Bad idea! The mother penguin gets mad and starts yelling at him. Mother Penguin: GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!!!!! Mario freaks out and starts running away from the penguin while holding the baby. Mario: AAAAAAHHHHHHH, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!! Mario was not paying attention at where he was running and falls off the course. For the third damn time, he falls out of the painting and lands on his back. Mario: Where is the baby penguin, I wanted to keep it. (he pauses for a moment) OH CRAP! I FORGOT THE STAR!

Big Boos Haunt

Mario found this outside area where it was surrounded with boos. He starts punching the s*** out of them until he punches a boo that had a course that looked like a bird cage. Mario: What is this, is it some kind of bird cage, why would a boo be holding a bird cage? Mario goes near the cage and gets sucked in. Before you know it, he is at Big Boos Haunt. Mario: Well, that was really weird but the good thing is that I get to punch more boos. He goes inside the haunted house and instead of fighting boos, he came into a room that looked like a library. But then the books start flying right at him. Mario: Damn books, what is wrong with you?! Then Mario comes to three books that he needs to hit in the right order. After being hit by books for 100 times, he finally figured it out and got his star.

Hazy Maze Cave

Mario goes into a room in the basement where it had this silver portal. He jumped in it which lead him to a course known as Hazy Maze Cave. He then comes to an area where there are giant rolling boulders that are falling into a big hole. Mario: I better be careful or else I will get hit by a giant boulder. Mario tries to avoid the giant boulders but ended up getting squished by one and starts to freak out. Mario: OMG, RUN AWAY! As he is running away from the bolders, he fell into the big hole and ended up losing a life. He then falls out of the portal and lands on his back. Mario: How many times do I have to die in these courses and end up not getting a star?! Right now, Mario is a little frustrated but goes on to the next course.

Lethal Lava Land

Mario: Well crap, there is too much lava here. Instead of being frustrated, Mario is now a little nervous about this course but he will manage to beat Lethal Lava Land. I hope. He travels along the course until he finds these bull like creatures known as Bullys. Mario: Hi fellow creatures, would you like to be my friend? The bullys got angry and started pushing Mario around. Mario: Hey, what is the big idea, why are you idiots pushing me, I said I only wanted to be your friend! Before you know it, they push Mario into the lava. Mario: OWWWWW, MY A** IS ON FIRE!!!!! He ends up losing a life again but manages to go on the next course where more trouble awaits for him.
Shifting Sand Land

Mario: Well this course does not look so bad. He takes a look around the course and realizes that it looks pretty bad. Mario: There is too much quicksand here, maybe I will be safe if I go inside the pyramid. Mario then goes inside the pyramid where it does not look so bad than what the outside is like. Mario: This looks pretty easy, I should get a star in no time. As he is moving on, he comes to a spot where there are little platforms in the sand. Mario: I wonder what will happen if I jump on these platforms. He jumps onto the platforms and as he gets to the last platform, an extra life mushroom appears. Mario: Oh boy, yummy mushroom, I must get it! He runs after the mushroom and manages to get it but he did not realize that he was sinking in the sand until it was too late. Mario: OMG, SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE!!!! Mario lost on this course and flies out of the wall. Mario: Well, I should think of it this way, I really did not lose a life since I grabbed an extra life mushroom, BUT I STILL SHOULD NOT HAVE RAN AFTER IT, oh well, forget about this course, I am going onto the next one.

Dire Dire Docks

Mario: I will have to admit, this is definently better than that stupid sand course that killed me all because of an extra life mushroom. Mario enters Dire Dire Docks and ends up falling into the water while spinning in the air. Mario: Weeeeeeeeeeee, CANNONBALL!!! While swimming underwater, he finds something that is swirling around at the bottom of the ocean. Mario: Ooooooohhhh, what is that? What he does not know that it is a whirlpool and stupid enough, he goes near it and gets sucked in. Mario: OH S***, THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! Mario lost for the 7th time and he only managed to get two stars.

Snowmans Land

Mario: Oh boy, another snow course! Once Mario entered Snowmans Land, he spotted a huge, and I mean huge, snowman. Mario: Wow, that is one huge snowman, I must climb it. As he climbs onto and gets to the top of the snowman, he slipped off on top of the snowmans head and lands deep into the snow but he manages to pull himself out. He then spots a star in something that is known as the deep freeze. Mario: How the heck am I supposed to get a star in the ice, oh wait a minute, I see holes in it. Mario got through the holes in the ice and got his third star.

Wet Dry World

Mario: Um, why is this town all flooded? Mario would now be in a course that is known as Wet Dry World and it is basically a course that can be flooded at a certain level. As Mario moves on, he comes to some enemy that is all purple (sorry, I do not remember the name of the enemy) and decides to go near it because he thinks it is not an enemy until the purple thing comes right after him. Mario: Hey, put me down, someone help! The purple thing threw Mario to the ground and goes after him again. This time Mario manages to get away from the purple thing and gets his fourth star.

Tall Tall Mountain

Mario finds a very small painting other than he has trouble getting into the painting. Mario: Ok, now my head is really starting to hurt now just because I am trying to get into this stupid painting. After hitting his head about 200 times, he finally gets into the painting which leads him to a course called Tall Tall Mountain. The good news is that Mario is now in Tall Tall Mountain but the bad news is that Mario cannot think straight after hitting his head on the wall so many times. Mario: Oh yeah, I see a huge mushroom, YUMMY!!! He runs after the mushroom but it turns out to be a Goomba since he took damage after running into it. Goomba: Hey, watch were you are going, you almost squished me! Mario did not care and squished the Goomba anyway. Now he comes to an area where there is a cannon that takes you to a giant lonely mushroom out in the distance. Mario decides to jump into the cannon to get to the lonely mushroom which is where the star is at. He shoots out of the cannon but went over the star and the mushroom and lost a life. After leaving Tall Tall Mountain, he says this: Wow, I can think straight now! LOL.

Tiny Huge Island

Mario enters a room where there are three paintings, a small painting, a painting that you cannot jump through, and a large painting. Mario heads for the wrong painting and hits his head on it. Mario: Ow, I guess that painting does not work, I think I will go for the large painting. Mario heads for the large painting and he is now in a course called Tiny Huge Island. He finds himself with three giant goombas and kicks the crap out of them. As he goes through Tiny Huge Island, he finds a few warpipes and jumps into one of them and finds himself in the tiny world instead of the huge world. Mario: I wonder what is on top of the mountain. Mario gets to the top of the tiny mountain and decides to do a ground pound on it. He goes back into a warpipe to get back to the huge world and goes back to the mountain and finds a hole in it. He jumps in the hole and finds a very pissed off Wiggler. Wiggler: Why did you dump water all over my damn house, now you are going to ask for it! The Wiggler starts running after Mario. Mario: What the heck is wrong with you, I did not mean to ruin your house! Mario defeats the Wiggler and gets his fifth star.

Tick Tock Clock

Mario: Oh boy, a giant clock-like course, this should be fun! Mario runs into the clock and realizes that the clock was not moving. Mario: OMG, I THINK I JUST BROKE TIME!!!! Mario starts to freak out because he thinks he broke time even though he really did not break time. Mario runs into a Bomb-omb which blew him off of the course and lost for the ninth time. Mario flew out of the clock and landed on his back. Mario: Wait a minute, the clock still works so that means that I did not break time, I could have got a star if I did not freak out so much, I only have five out of fourteen stars which is not very good, this time I will get a star.

Rainbow Ride

Mario: This is a very pretty course, I do not think it will be a problem. Mario is now on the last course which is known as Rainbow Ride. As Mario is riding on the magic carpets, he comes to a boat that is flying in the sky. Mario: I am not going to ask why there is a flying boat in the sky, they should be floating on the water, not in the sky. As he gets on the boat, it starts to get very windy and he almost fell off of the boat. Mario: I wonder if I will even get the star, it is too windy on this boat and I almost killed myself. Mario was able to get to the star and ended up with a total of six out of fifteen stars. Mario: Wow, fifteen courses and I only got six stars, hey Toad, how many stars are there total? Toad says there are a total of 120 stars and Mario is like WHAT, 120 STARS, Wow, I must really suck at this game!

This concludes the story of Mario in Super Mario 64. I hope you liked this really long article (this was actually the longest article I have made so far) and I will make another article soon. Bye!
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