Top Ten Best Nintendo Games

Looking for the best nintendo games? Here they are!
April 17, 2006
Hey everybody, this is doa_luver and I'm going to talk to you about my picks for the top ten best Nintendo games. So just sit back, relax, and take a walk down memory lane with me. (The games are in order. 1 being the best game, 10 being the 10th best game!)


This game is the next game after "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time" but definitely not as good. Majora's Mask was a good game, but it could've been better. First of all, Zelda wasn't even in it, which I thought was really stupid, and also Link was a kid the whole time! I like Link better as an adult. He looks better, he sounds better, and did I mention he looks better? I hate looking at him as a child. He just looks so childish. The story in this game is basically how Link who leaves the land of Hyrule to search for his friend (I'm guessing Navi, they never really tell who) in a mysterious place called Termina which is familiar to Hyrule yet different. I personally liked hyrule better. A thing a really didn't like about the game was that it took place in a 3 day time period, and everytime you stopped playing and saved, you would start from the first day. There were about 40 different masks to choose form including the Deku mask, The Goron mask, and the Zora mask, which pretty much sucked! The other masks were okay, but only ok. Overall, this game wasn't the best (that's why it's number ten) But was definitely better than other Nintendo games, and did keep you interested.


I love this game! The graphics were pretty bad, and there really was no story but there wasn't really supposed to be! It was fun to play with your friends or your siblings over and over again. Sometimes I thought the computer was really unfair though. I know that sounds babyish but I got really frustrated with this game sometimes. You have to understand, I was younger back then! The world's in this game get pretty boring after a while and so do the mini-games but that's exactly why they made a Mario Party 2! If you want to find out about that, just keep reading..........


I know what you guys are thinking. Diddy Kong Racing? That game sucked! But if you think about it, it was a really fun game! I just beat it recently and I found out that that game expects more out of you than a lot of games! I mean it never ends! After I finally beat Wizpig, Future funland, and Wizpig again, I found out there was an adventure 2! I also finally unlocked T.T. Woohoo! I thought the silver coin challenges were hard on the original adventure but on adventure 2 they're just murder! But that's why I like this game. It makes you work hard to get what you want. Which is the satisfaction of beating a game. I know this is just a simple video game but it feels good to beat it! (Did you know it won Best Racing game of the year fo 1998-1999. And it was a million seller. I guess more people liked it than I thought!)


Now this is what I'm talking about! Mario Party 2! I really love this game! Way more than Mario Party. MP 2 had better graphics, better worlds, better mini-games and was just more fun! I never played MP 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 but I don't really want to. I'm just fine with Mp 2. The story is the same as the original, which is basically no story at all, but like I said before, there really isn't supposed to be. This game is great fun, and can be played over and over again! I actually still play this game sometimes, if Im really bored or xbox 360 or xbox I just go to my Nintendo and pop in a game. I don't think I'll eve get tired of Mario Party 2 or the Nintendo in general!


Banjo Tooie DEFINITELY wasn't as good as Banjo Kazooie, but was still a really fun Nintendo game. Banjo is a bear who just recently finished his first adventure: saving his little sister Tooty from Gruntilda, the ugly witch. It's now 2 years later and Banjo and his best friend Kazooie (who lives in his backpack) have to stop Gruntilda again. Once and For all. The thing I didn't like about this game was that it was too long. I never even finished it! There was too much stuff to do, and I eventually stopped playing. The worlds were really interesting and I like all the music but this game just wasn't as exciting as the original. Banjo also looked different and sounded different. And did anyone else notice how in Banjo-Kazooie Banjo's backpack didn't bounce up and down like how it does in Banjo Tooie? Also the notes and the honeycombs looked different. This was obviously a good game, but the originals are always better. It's just the way of gaming life.


This game is soooo fun! This is the first DK game that I've played (I never played dk country) so I don't really know if it's the best, but I thought this game was really good! The graphics were pretty good for Nintendo! Donkey Kong (as you all know) is an ape who lives in a tree house on dk island. In this game, the evil King K.Rool is trying to destroy DK’s island. Before the adventure even begins DK finds out that K. Rool captured all of his friends (Diddy, Tiny, Lanky and Chunky) and hid them in different places on the island. After you rescue all of them, you work together to finish all of the worlds, and then successfully defeat K. Rool himself. I thought fighting K. Rool was really hard but, I got through it! There was also a multiplayer thing on this game. It got pretty boring after a while so I just stuck to single player! This game was a really popular and I’m sure it’ll be remembered forever. But it obviously wasn’t the best. Cause it’s number 5! (I always loved the rap at the beginning of the game! I think I memorized it for a while!)


Who doesn’t love this game? Super Mario 64 was really popular back then. It was a million seller! I can see why, it was really good. The story was pretty simple. Princess Peach invited Mario into the castle for some cake. Mario, being the idiot he is (just kidding!) goes into the castle expecting Peach to be waiting for him. Instead, Bowser tells Mario that he’s captured Peach and he has to rescue her. And that starts the journey of saving Peach. I never actually finished the game (I think its kind of long. A little too long) so I’m wondering, do you ever see Peach? But even if you’ve only played a little of this game, it’s really fun and entertaining. Sometimes a little complicated but I didn’t expect it to be a breeze. The graphics aren’t to good (but come on, it was made in 96) but who cares, the game more than makes up for it. Even though this game was extremely fun, it’s not the best. But you knew that already!


Now this game is one of my personal favorites. Some people might think Super Mario is way better than this, but I really love this game. The story is really complicated though. I can’t even explain it. I understood what was happening while playing the game but the background information was kind of confusing. But it’s mostly about Joanna Dark, a secret agent nicknamed “perfect dark” who goes on missions and saves the day. But of course it’s way more complicated than that. This game is soooo fun! The story is good, (if I could explain it I would tell you about it) and the characters are good too. The single player is really fun! You get 9 different missions which are all creative and interesting (plus bonus missions), unlike the new Perfect Dark Zero which recently came out on Xbox 360. The multiplayer is also really fun to play by yourself and with your friends. The game was rated M, but I think it could’ve been rated T. It wasn’t THAT mature. Some people probably think it’s just a simple shooting game, but I think it’s much more than that and people will still be playing it years from now. (If their Nintendo’s don’t die!)


Well this is it! Banjo Kazooie. The game that started Banjo Tooie. The story as you all know, is that Tooty, Banjo’s sister, was kidnapped by the evil Gruntilda. Sounds easy right? Wrong! This game is actually pretty difficult! The worlds are creative, colorful, sometimes frustrating, but always fun! I can’t even choose a favorite! I liked how at the end, they showed what that silver key meant. I always wanted to know. But anyway, you can also do some pretty good moves in this game. Sometimes collecting the hundred notes got REALLY annoying (especially on rusty bucket bay and click clock wood) but it was better than what you had to do in Banjo Tooie! I liked how they made you work to finish the game. Like at the end when, oops! I shouldn’t give that away. Some people out there probably haven’t played this before! (Shame on you!) This game is one of the best on the nintendo, and one of the best games ever (million seller). But there’s still one more that’s better. And I’m sure you all know what that is……………..


Yep, you guessed it! I swear, out of the 15 nintendo games I have, this one is the best. It’s probably one of the best games in the world! Everyone out there who’s played has to agree with me. This game beats all of em. The game is about Link, a kokiri boy who is chosen by the great Deku tree to embark on a journey to save hyrule. (with the help of princess Zelda of course. This game isn’t too long, but not too short either. There’s so many different places to see and temples to go to and people to meet. It’s amazing! Also the music. The music was really good In this game. And the story is way more complex than what I just told you. If you haven’t played this before, go get a nintnedo (if you can find one) get this game and enjoy it because the experiences will last you a lifetime. I think I’ve played it 10 times! Even though I know exactly what’s going to happen, every time I play it. it feels brand new! And that’s what makes a great game! Did I mention it won game of the year for 1998-1999. and it was a million seller. Yeah, it's that good.(that shows how much better this game is from majora’s mask! number 10 , to number 1. wow)

Thanks for looking back at all those great Nintendo games with me. No matter how old they get, I’ll always love these top ten. This is doa_luver signing out! Peace
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