My top ten games of all time

Some of the best games out there that I played in the 90s era.
March 14, 2007
10. Megaman X4 (1997)

Not only was this an acceptance to the series because of the gameplay and level design, but but for the first time (and sadly last time) Capcom had made anime cutscenes for the game, also helping tell both X and Zero's story throughout the game. The action was intense, the bosses were unforgettable, and it had a ton of replay value.

9. Rocket Knight Adventures (1993)

Ah yes, rocket knight. In Rocket Knight Adventures, you play as an armored possum named Sparkster and beat over 12 huge levels as you slice, jump, and rocket to make it at the end of the levels. The gameplay was phenomenal also, as it was a sidescroller with lots of action and some tight platforming segments. As a bonus, a super hard mode could be unlocked for pro-gamers to play.

8. Brave Fencer Musashi (1998)

This little known gem from Squaresoft was also known as a sleeper hit from game magazines such as Gamepro and Game Informer, but it's certainly an adventure worth taking. The story is simple, a hero from long ago has been summoned to another world to save a princess. That's just it, right? Wrong! Throughout the game you had many obstacles to overcome, such as making it to another area with an elemental power, racing a villain to make it up a mountain, and even surviving from a group of vampire zombies! As far as the gameplay went, humor was put in also. The characters you meet in the game are named after food, also the princess, who's named Fillet. As a result for how you got through the game, there were also some rpg elements added in, such as leveling up and holding items, but you could only go up to level 30 in the game. You'll spent weeks playing this game and want to come back for more. There was a sequel made later called Musashi Samurai Legend.

7. Kirby Superstar (1996)

I got this game a little late, as a matter of fact I got it around '99. This game was pure fun as you got to play 8 big games in one cartridge. A few are platformers (one is Spring Breeze, a remake of Kirby's Dreamland for the Game Boy) and the rest are minigames, such as samurai kirby, which you time a button press to beat an opponent, and megaton punch, which is a more intense button press game where you have to press the B button just right to score a higher point than your opponent. As far as the other games go, this is platforming goodness.

6. Zombies Ate My Neigbors (1993)

Made from Lucasarts and Konami, This was one of the best genesis games I played. You play as either Zeke or Julie and go through 55 levels fighting popular monsters from classic monster movies such as dawn of the dead, tremors, and friday the 13th. Throughout the game you also collect a variety of items that will only work on certain enemies, for example, there are red blobs that you have to face and the only way to destroy them is to throw popsicles at them. And for an easy kill with enemies, you could use the trusty bazooka, left by some soldier victims. Also there are items you can use, such as the first aid kit, the decoy clown, and the powerful monster potion!
5. Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Now THIS was a sequel. Capcom added more horror, action and puzzles as a result. This time around, there's no bad voice acting, and certainly moments that'll actually make you jump out of your seat. You play as either Leon or Claire and make it out of Raccoon City once again while dealing with huge obstacles to overcome such as bosses and dealing with other characters. This is a game that'll keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat at the same time.

4. Super Mario World (1991)

Just as the speedy blue hedgehog came along to take the game platforming crown, Nintendo made a comeback with Super Mario World for their new system, the SNES. This was by far the biggest platformer I'd ever played, and has had me keep my snes for some time. You go through over 100+ levels while discovering hidden paths, and using a new power, the cape. This game also introduced the little prehistoric dinosaur, Yoshi. The game certainly had potential for it's time, and it was a very, very deep game.

3. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1992)

What came to be the abomination known as Link's Adventure had been conquered by the next Zelda installment, a Link to the Past. The game perspective changed back to the overhead view, and the game was ten times larger than the original. This time you go through vast and action packed dungeons, while venturing to the dark world, to take out the wizard, Agahim, and then the final showdown with Ganon. There were more puzzles and items this time around too, such as using the hookshot to make it across a gap, or using the new bug net to capture fairies.

2. Snatcher (1994)

Some may not have known about this masterpiece, but it first came out for Konami's MSX computer system back in '88, and then a remake for the TurboGrafx-16 at '92, which never saw a US release. Then finally, it was made exclusively for the US for the Sega CD. The same guy who brought you the Metal Gear series directed it, and the game is basically inspired by the movies Blade Runner and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You play the role of 31 year old Gillian Seed, who's job is to hunt down dangerous bioroids known as "Snatchers" who kill human victims, then disguise theirselves with the victims skin to look like normal people. The game plays out like a mystery game at first, as you have to talk to people, ask about them, and often interrogate them to know them better. When you come into contact with a snatcher, the game suddenly goes into a shooting sequence, which you have to kill the snatcher. The game also had some intense cutscenes, and some likeable main characters, and I still play it from time to time.

1. Metal Gear Solid (1998)

And my number one favorite game of all time is...... Metal Gear Solid!!!
When it first came out, it was never overlooked by any fans of the franchise, and even some new people got into it really quick. The Metal Gear series went back to its roots with intense action, stealthy situations, and the new action cutscenes to liven up the game a little. In the game, Solid Snake has to deal with his villainous twin brother Liquid, who also plans to clone Big Boss, leader of Foxhound, and then boarding the deadly metal gear rex, then leading to a final confrontation with Snake, fighting without weapons. The game itself was a true masterpiece, and really made you feel like you were playing a movie with it's 3d graphics making stuff in the game look as realistic as can be, along with the great story and deep gameplay.
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