Cartoons That Stole My Heart

Join me in my tour down memory lane to see the top ten cartoon hunks of my childhood!
June 19, 2006
I've seen that there's a lot of cartoon babes on here and top tens of the best blonde heroines and such, so I thought it'd be cool to take a look-see to check out the top then guys that rocked my Saturday Morning cartoon lineup and the ones I may have had a small grade school crush on! Enjoy!

10. Prince Adam/He-Man:

Ah, the ever buff He-Man. By day,meeker, worst dressed Prince Adam who was decent yet couldn't wear anything fashionable to save his life, but by mid-afternoon a buff, macho man He-Man (wow, what a great name selection, eh?) who had a kick-ass Battle Cat (also a cowardly feline when not battling super villains) and one high powered sword that could chop Skeletor into chop suey. While Prince Andrew was the average nerdy royal rich kid, He-Man knew how to work his way into a woman's, or did he? I wasn't the biggest fan of the tv series, but any show that could show a man with that much muscle definately has my attention! When I was little, I just seemed to notice how well he pulled off his super hero disguise. Surely no one would notice that He-Man and Adam were connected, dispite the fact that they had the same hair style...but I'll go into this in better detail when we get to the #1 spot! LOL But even with the girl bob hairdo, He-Man had the muscle to make me swoon!

9. Norbert from Angry Beavers:

Wow, if there ever was a show I could connect with it was the Angry Beavers! (Remember that show?) I could immediately identify with Norbert, the older of the two angry beavers, who had to constantly deal with the antics of his younger sibling, Daggett, who seemed similar in personality to my own brother. Even though Norbert was a beaver, I admit I had a liking to him. (No, I'm not into that whole animalia love thing, dur da dur dur dur, you sickos, heh heh) Norbert was cool and slick, and even when he freaked out, he did it with style. Daggett always got the shaft, and all the injuries, but did Norbert? Not as much, just because he was cool like that! Norbert and Daggett may be out of the picture at the moment on the tube (Seriously, what else are they showing that's better than Angry Beavers? Where's Daria? Where's Rocco's Modern Life? *Sigh* oh well, getting off topic...) but the show is still close to my heart, as is Norbert, the coolest beaver ever.

8. Link of Legend of Zelda:

Oh, my hero of Hyrule, my sweet elvish princeling, Link was awesome. Let's face it, as far as video games go, Link was one rockin' action hero. He could do it all, whether it was shotting a bow and arrow, swordfighting, throwing a boomarang, or just riding his magnificent horse around (If you had the N64. If not, I guess you couldn't ride the horse. Oh well.) Link also had a wide assortment of weapons, ranging from bombs, to red and blue boomarangs, to whistles and rafts, this guy was prepared! Strap on a 6-pack and we could go camping my little elvish buddy! ha ha, but it was this wide assortment of items he carried that I thought was cool as a kid. That, and he was the center of the second-most played game of my childhood, The Legend of Zelda. I stood up for Link, smacking around grade schoolers that often times thought Zelda was the true name of Link. (Seriously, come on...) Link also allured me in the fact that he didn't talk a whole lot throughout the whole game, which was cool, since we all know Actions speak louder than words do. Well, Link, you stole my grade school heart, so hand it back someday, and maybe I'll give you the last piece of the tri-force...maybe!

7. Luigi of the Mario Brothers:

Holy fettechini, Mario! Okay, to set things straight, this is Luigi at no. 7, not Mario and Luigi. Why? Well, cuz Mario never really attracted me as a kid. Let's face it, Mario is a squat, short and plump plumber with one thing going for him, and that is the fact that he can jump higher than Michael Jordan and absorb shrooms. Wow. Woot. I never really saw what made Princess Peach go for him, other than his "Good Personality." I'm not dissing Mario Bros. at all! It's my fave game ever, but Mario just never appealed to me. Luigi, on the other hand, was a different case. Remember when you played the two player mode on the original Nintendo and you could play as Luigi if you were number two controller? Well, I was the one that gladly gave up the no. One controller to do so. I don't know what it is about Mario's shadow, but Luigi just seems like a fun guy. I remember watching the actual Mario Bros. Movie, which by the way don't even get me started on that ridiculous piece of feces, because I could go all day long! And I saw Luigi and Mario in live action form and Luigi seemed like the younger more fun going brother, which I thought was much cooler than being the mature serious natured character that Mario seemed like. Whatever it is, Luigi just strikes me in an off way. When Luigi's Mansion came out, I was thrilled beyond all belief. Finally, I thought, the shadow of Nintendo's biggest franchise has his own game! While the game may or may not have done well, (I never owned a game cube so I never found out) He's so cool, that you can't help but love him as the taller, more carefree brother, and honestly. Doesn't he look better than Mario? Seriously.

6. Liono from The Thunder Cats:

Thundercats, HOOOOO!!!! Wow, if there ever was an action packed drama a kid could watch, it was Thundercats. The Thundercats mixed two of my favorite childhood elements: fun tv shows, and cats! The Thundercats went around dispensing justice to Mumra and other evil doers, but it was Liono that had me from hello. Another buff physique, Liono was quite the athletic cat-man. (What exactly would you call that?) Actually, ALL of the characters in that show had a very nice physical appearance. Well, except Snarf, whatever the heck that thing was, but anywhoo, they were all showing off what bow-flex had done for them. Liono was the leader of the Thundercats, which was very cool to me, a girl who likes a leading man. ha ha, aside from that, he had a wicked sword with the Eye of Thundara, that could give him "sight beyond sight." What kid doesn't want sight beyond sight? What kid knows what sight beyond sight is? What kid cares? The point was, that Liono, man-lion or not, was hot and cool, and leaderly, and an all around cool cat. (No Pun intended.) And maybe that's why I liked him.

5. MATRIX on Reboot:

Reboot, Reboot, Reboot, that was one crazy show! And I loved IT! I remember getting up every Saturday, tuning into ABC, and checking out What-a-Mess and Reboot back to back! Awesome show, and the first I do believe to incorporate CG elements that we see in a variety of shows today. Needless to say, Reboot was both innovative and also had some scary elements too. Anyone recall that crazy witch woman that had snake hair? Anyone? Well, I couldn't describe her very well, since I was curling under a pillow the whole time she was on screen. But one kid that gave her trouble was the little brother of main character Dot, who after being stuck in a matrical user box with his good girl-pal, emerged to be an older, macho-er, and stronger MATRIX. Now, I'll be honest, I had a crush on MATRIX. He was the ultimate bad boy of Reboot now, and not a stupid annoying little boy too. He'd grown up, and represented that desire to grow up I had. MATRIX was hot, awesome, and a prettyhard bad boy attitude bearer. Too bad Reboot left us at an ultimate cliffhanger at the end of Season Four. Come on! If you're going to stop a series, at least finish it! Or bring back Reboot to finish the story! If MATRIX came back, you think I'd be complaining? heh heh, not likely.

4. Razor and T-Bone of SwatKats:

Cartoon Network had some rad shows on the air during my childhood years, and the one duo that stuck out to me in those days wasn't the average Batman and Robin, or Heatcliffe and Marmaduke, but rather the more extreme and out of the box duo that was Razor and T-Bone of Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron. Now that was an awesome show! Set in a city populated by cat humanoids, these two day shift mechanics would become super heroes with super awesome gear and cruise the town fighting all sorts of scum, my favorite being the two mechanical android cats that loosely talked and dressed like 1900's mobsters. Very awesome show. The two characters were equally strong and their own unique talents harmonized with the other, like Yin and Yang. Razor was more serious and the thinker, while T-Bone, being more laid back and "Larger" Than life, took things more casually. If you can't tell from the pictures, T-Bone is the larger, blonde cat, and Razor is the skinnier brownish-red cat. Both were equally funny and while they were cats, they displayed human emotions that made them seem cooler in my eyes. I adored the two of them more than any super hero duo ever, and if you've seen the show, you'd probably agree!

3.Sonic The Hedgehog:

When I was little, there was one comic I collected, and that was Sonic the Hedgehog. To this day, I still try to get the monthly issue if I have time, but I LOVE SOnic. Let me say that now. I happen to own all of his Sega Genesis game except the one that's like Doctor Mario or Tetris, and that's only because I didn't connect wtih those games as well. Sonic was my idol as a child. I mean he can run fast, is super cool or "Way Past Cool" as he always said, but his voice was also played by Jaleel White, the voice of Urkel! HOw cool is that? Sonic embodied this independence and freedom we all aspire for and what he fought for in the series. I watched both shows, while the newer, more dramatic one was the one I like more. Sonic was arrogant and had a nack for trouble, but knew he could get out of it. Sonic is still my hero, but he's also cool and super courageous. Now if only he could find some pants and a new hairstylist....*sigh* oh well, we do with what we can!

2. Raphael from TMNT:

Well, we're at Number Two! YAY! Of course, this spot is generously taken by my favorite turtle on the half shell, Raphael! He's of course my fave turtle, because honestly, Raphael kicks bum and takes names later! I loved all the turtles in TMNT, but Raphael was always my favorite. Leonardo was always too serious and too much of a party-pooper. Donatello was just plain boring, and while I Love Mikey more than pizza itself, Raph holds the closest candle any turtle can to my heart. I remember watching the show thinking, wow, Raphael is so tough, no one messes with him! When the movie came out, I got the VHS and rewound and rewound so many times that I nearly broke the tape. He took alot of beating in that first film, (I mean they dropped him through a window!) but in the end he still came out swinging! A stubborn individual like me, Raphael was impatient, tempermental, and slap-happy with those triangular scythe things he had with him, but wow, I wanted a pair of those weapons so bad! He was cool on the outside and sarcastically cynical, but on the inside you could tell he had a soft spot. He also was the only turtle to cuss in the entire movie, and when I was little, that alone brought you to idol status! So take a bow, Raphael, this bud's for you! And here's a slice of pizza too!

1. Darien of Sailor Moon:

So, it's come to this. The number one hunk of my childhood is thankfully no animalia, but a human and what a fine anime human he is too! LOL, it's Darian of course! That's right, what girl would not fall for the Prince of Earth? I swear I watched Sailor Moon so much, I can still sing the whole song from memory..."Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight..." Okay, I'll spare you from the songfest, but seriously I watched that show nonstop. I loved it. I always thought Darien and Sabrina made the cutest couple ever. Sabrina was so ditzy and silly, and Darien was so strong and well natured, it's no wonder that opposites attracted here. And I was glad they did. Even when he turned evil, he was still handsome and gentlemanly. Darien always seemed to know what was going on, and he also played one heck of a super hero himself, Tuxedo Mask. Yes, the name is lame, but you know what, who cares? He was suave and sophisticated, tossing his red roses and swooning Sailor Moon right out of her sailor shoes. What girl wouldn't like him? Even the scouts themselves fought over him. And in the end, it was true love for his gal that brought Darian back to life and into his love's arms, and isn't that what a guy can do the best? Promise the perfect happy ending for his lady? Of course it is, and he delivered. Plus, he was the best anime dude out there, so you gotta love him! I do! I still love Sailor Moon, and probably will for a long while, and Darien will always have a special place in my heart! *tear*

Well, and there you have it! The top ten cartoon guys on my list! YAY! Next time, we'll do the Top Ten Live action hunks of my childhood...maybe! LOL Take care you guys, and I hoped you liked my article!

Romania Black
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