Best Atari 2600 games

A few of the best Atari games around.
August 26, 2008
Hi everyone! In this article, I am going to talk about what I think are the best games to ever be on the Atari 2600. Keep in mind that these games are in no particular order and they are all done by my opinion. We will now start off with

Super Breakout
Year: 1978

Super Breakout is a remake to the arcade game Breakout. The purpose of this game is the same as Breakout, clear all of the bricks by using a ball. Super Breakout had three game types and they are Cavity, Double, and Progressive. Cavity is the game type that starts out with one ball but then there are two balls inside of the bricks. When you free those two balls, you must break all of the bricks with three balls. If you lose all three balls, you lose a life. The purpose of the game type Double is that there are two balls and two bats, one bat would be on top of the other bat, and once again break all of the bricks. You only lose a life only if you lose both of the balls. Progressive only has one bat and one ball but here is the bad part, the bricks will start to come down as you play. Try to clear all of the bricks with one ball as fast as you can!

Year: 1979

Adventure was inspired by a game known as Colossal Cave Adventure. In Adventure, your character would a little square (kinda odd for a character) and you are going through a maze in order to find the enchanted chalice and it must be returned to the gold castle. In the maze there are three pain in the a** dragons and they are Rhindle, Yorgle, and Grundle. Rhindle is the red dragon and he is the fastest out of all of the three dragons and he tends to be more aggressive. Rhindles goal is to guard the chalice and the white key. Yorgle is the yellow dragon. For some dumb reason he is afraid of the gold key and he will run away from it. (what a wuss!) He either guards the chalice or wanders around the castle. Grundle is a green dragon who guards the bridge, magnet, black key, and the chalice. For those of you who have trouble with the dragons, the dragons can simply be killed with the touch of a sword.

Mario Bros.
Year: 1983

Mario Bros. would be the first game to have Luigi in it and to ever have Marios name on the title. What you do in this game is that you either have Mario or Luigi and you must knock out all of the enemies in order to beat the game. There are only four enemies in the game and they are called Slipice, Sidestepper, Fighter Fly, and Shellcreeper. The Slipice (also known as a Freezie) does not do a whole lot except that it will freeze at any platform making it harder for Mario and Luigi to run on. A Sidestepper (known as crab in Japan) would be a crab that will run just a bit faster than the Shellcreepers and they only take two hits to kill them. Fighter Fly is a fly that only hops instead of walking. They are a little harder to hit from below the platform but you can still manage to kill them. A Shellcreeper (they are turtles in Japan and they are currently known as Koopa Troopas) only walk around in the game and they only take one hit to kill them.

Donkey Kong
Year: 1982

Donkey Kong was the first game to ever have Mario (known as Jumpman) and Donkey Kong in the game. In the Atari version of Donkey Kong, there are only two levels instead of the original four levels in the Nintendo version. The only levels that are in this game are the first and the last level. In the first level, you must avoid barrels that Donkey Kong is throwing at you by either jumping over them or using a hammer (note that the hammer can only last a limited time while you are using it). The next level is where Mario has to run or jump over eight rivets in order to defeat Donkey Kong and save Marios girlfriend. After you beat those two levels, the game will start over with the same two levels but they get harder as you move on.

Year: 1978

This would be one of my favorite games because bowling one is my favorite hobbies (the highest score I ever got in real life bowling was a 222, that is if you wanted to know). The purpose of this game is the same as real life bowling, you bowl ten frames, knocking down all of the pins on the first throw is a strike, and knocking down all of the pins on the second try is considered a spare. There are three types of games that you can play. They are known as Game 1/2, Game 3/4, and Game 5/6. In Games 1 and 2, the bowling ball only moves in one direction. In Games 3 and 4, you can move the bowling ball up or down and in Games 5 and 6, the bowling ball only goes straight and it will not change directions.

Year: 1982

The original name for the game Burgertime was Hamburger which was originally released in Japan but then it was renamed, what is now, Burgertime in the U.S. The purpose of this game is to control Peter Pepper (which would be the chef) and get all of the food continents onto a plate while avoiding enemies in a course with a lot of ladders and some platforms. The level ends when you get all of the hamburgers onto a plate. The really screwed up enemies in this game are known as Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle. The good news is that you can kill the food enemies by dropping layers of food on top of them but the bad news is that the food enemies will come back to life. (that really sucks!) What you can also do to the food enemies is use pepper on them to stun them for a few seconds.

Year: 1981

Frogger was first released into arcades and was originally made by Konami. The original name was going to be Highway Crossing Frog but was later changed to what we know now as Frogger. All you must do in order to win is cross a road with alot of cars and trucks and once you cross that street, you must cross a river by jumping on logs and turtles. You start out in the game with 3 frogs (lives) and you must get five frogs across the road and the river. If you manage to get all five frogs across the road and the river, you will move on to the next level but it will get harder as you go. If you lose all of your lives, the game will be over.

These games are what I think, in my opinion, are the best Atari games that were made for the Atari 2600. I hope you enjoyed my article and I will plan to make another article sometime soon.
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