Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Release: July 26, 2000
Release: July 26, 2000

Thomas and the Magic Railroad was the first time Thomas the Tank engine appeared on the big screen. The Island of Sodor is doing well and all the engines are working hard. Then Sir Toppham Hatt, the Fat Controller goes on vacation and Mr. Conductor from Shining Time fills in. When he reached Sodor the Magic was nearly gone and he was in trouble. Mr. Conductor calls in his cousin C. Junior to help him get the magic back. The lost engine is discovered and the magic is restored.

Thomas: "Little engines can do big things!"
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Diesel 10: "right Pinchy?, Ol' mcdiesel had a plan ahehehe with a pinch, pinch there here a pinch there a pinch... I crack myself up, help twinkle toes, I'll find the lost steam engine."
Lily: "do you want me to get off? (when she's with the dog)."
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