Space Invaders

Yes, Space Invaders is "Space Age" Technology.
November 01, 2005
Space Invaders-

This was the Space Shoot 'em up of the 70's.
Space Invaders was released in 1978, but gained popularity in the 1980's by being released in three different platforms originaly: Arcade, Atari 2600, and The Nintendo NES. When you think of a retro space game you think of instantly Galaga or Galaxian right? These games were far popular then Space Invaders, But Space Invaders is the true retro space game if you think about it.
I mean seriously, think about it. Space Invaders debut year was one year before Namco's Galaxian, and several years before Galaga.
Space Invaders was released in four different countrys, Italy, Germany, Japan, and US. Taito was the main Japan company for Space Invaders, and Midway was Germany's, Italy's, and US's. (A few exceptions for the US, they had Taito as another Space Invader company.)
Okay, now your probably wondering, "was it really only released on three different consoles if it's that great?" Well really, no. It was released on several different consoles but I know only few of them. They are,

Arcade- 1969
Atari 2600- *1980
NES- *1985 - 1990
N64- 1999
Sprint PCS- 2004
( NES and Atari 2600 dates are best guesses.)

Check out the wide array of charecters.. yeah... (that's sarcasim.)

This 2-D side scroller was Da Bomb ( i couldn't think of anything else..) In Japan. Infact, it caused Japan to Quadruple there supply of Yen. It was also one of the top three most hacked, bootleged, and most duplicated game along with Pac Man, and PONG. Also many people stole money, or stuff they could sell, just so they could play Space Invaders.

Now that you know the history, wanna play it? Go to this site-

Or you can play an updated version. Go To this site-
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