Debut: January 01, 1984
Ended: January 01, 1984
Debut: January 01, 1984
Ended: January 01, 1984

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Optimus Prime: "*seeing the Decepticons fall apart in mid battle* Hold it! Stop fighting! What in the universe is going on here??"
Jazz: "Scrap!"
Prowl: "Springs!"
Hound: "Junk!"
Optimus: "We've been had!"
Megatron: "That's right, Prime. Do you think you can fool me by allowing Ravage to escape did you?"
Optimus: "Go on Megatron, your in the driver's seat."
Megatron: "While you've been fighting a bunch of loose screws, the real Decepticons have been at the real rocket site, you've lost Prime. The Decepticons have won! *cackles*"
Optimus: "This race isn't over yet Megatron!"
Megatron: "Oh it's over Prime, you just don't know it! *cackles as he flies off*"
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Sideswipe: "Say "Uncle!" or I'll shove your nose in your afterburner!"
Starscream: "Uncle!"
Optimus Prime: "Amazing, a booby trap that actually catches boobies."
Soundwave: "Cries and screams are music to my ears."
Soundwave: "Ravage eject, operation destruction."
Soundwave: "Lazerbeak eject, operation surveillance."
Soundwave: "Rumble, Lazerbeak, Ravage eject, operation warfare."
Soundwave: "As you command Megatron."
Soundwave: "Soundwave superior, Constructicons inferior."
Soundwave: "Prepare for.....OBLIVION!"
Optimus Prime: "Amazing. A booby trap that actually catches boobies."
Rumble: "Hey, get down Soundwave!"
Optimus Prime: "I may only have one arm, but I can still transform!"
Megatron: "Do Not fail me again Starscream!!"
Megatron: "Decepticons, retreat!"
Beachcomber: "Relax, we're all one with the universe..."
Bruticus: "Brutius angry, Bruticus devastate Devastator."
Optimus Prime: "Talk about a bull in a china shop !"
Optimus prime: "As the Humans say..lay it on me man"
Powerglide: "And awayyyy we go !"
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